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  1. I asked my surgeon just yesterday as I wanted to get the brazilian implants and he said they have stopped production at the moment due to contamination in the factory they are made or something crazy like that... that was enough of a turn off for me I have a read of the thread and I hope all goes well for you xx
  2. I have just had a consult for a redo of my 450cc under the muscle implants and have been advised I will def need a lift to achieve the fake big look i am after. I am really worried about the scarring from a lollipop lift and was hoping to hear if anyone has not this done and what the scarring is like? I am going to be changing to over the muscle 620cc XHP textured implants does anyone have around this size i would love to see
  3. me too! I'm looking for a PS in Melbourne so it would be good to know!
  4. hey! i had mine with him but it was a few years ago so they have changed a lot (as i have had two children since). I do wish i took photos with me of what i wanted as I ended up with a very natural look where i prefer the faker look! in saying that i am getting them redone here in September if i had my time over again i would have just got them done here in as
  5. yep he definitely used Voluma.. he said ultra plus originally because he doesn't really use Voluma except in working girls because they "use their lips alot" in his words! but because i was persistent and he did, i am so happy now because they look amazing
  6. so just an update i went with 2ml of Voluma, which he was hestitant to do due to it giving that huge fake look but......... i got my way and love them so far! ill see how they look at 2 week review and if I'm happy ill leave them
  7. hey lovely yours look amazing by the way!! Anyway I personally would get the revision done here in Australia. I got mine done in Thailand a few years ago and never really loved them, and what made it worse was I couldn't go and speak to my surgeon about it so I just put up with them. I am looking into getting a revision done with Dona, but might need a lift etc and it starts to get up around 14-16K mark. Honestly I think its worth a few $$ extra to have the peace of mind of having them done in Aus. Good luck x
  8. Hi girls I am after anyone's experiences with Dr Dona? I am looking at going for revision of my 450cc HP implants as they are toooo small and natural looking for me after 3 years and 2 kids! I am wanting to go with much bigger implants and from what I have read he might be the best surgeon to do large implants? I have enquired with TCI as they seem to have great results but won't do revision of implants and sent me the details of Dr Dona instead. Obviously depending on what I can fit, but I am hoping to go at least 700cc and maybe XHP to achieve more of the "fake" look!!
  9. don't stress too much the day after and for a few days I could feel really hard lumpsbut mine evened up.. in saying that I can still feel where they injected in my top lip I'm not sure its normal but they definitely looked better after a few days I got 1ml also but I am going back for more because mine aren't plump enough!
  10. hey! are there any surgeons in Melbourne who are popular for using bigger implants? I am wanting to upgrade my 450CC implants as I have had 2 children and hate how small they are! I prefer the fake look and I know a lot of surgeons in Melbourne do more natural looking. I have already enquired with Dr Eddy Dona as I have heard he is a pro with bigger implants but I am kind of wanting to stay in Melbourne if possible
  11. Hey ladies! About 2 months ago I had 1ml dermal filler in my lips and it made no difference at all... My lips aren't really thin or anything but I am after that very full look.. I am going to go back but would like to know if anyone has had 4mls or more at once? My hubby said to get 5mls this time because 1ml did nothing also
  12. Hi Ladies, I had my initial surgery back in December 2011 with Dr Preeyaphas at Bangkok Hospital - 450cc round HP partials I have never been entirely happy with the results as they dropped excessively low and without a bra on they look awful... Since my surgery I have been blessed with a baby girl who is now three months old I am looking into getting a lift and new larger implants as I am now having to go back to wearing a VS push up bra which is padded to make them look good its very depressing!! I am willing to travel within Australia to see the right surgeon!!!! Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  13. hi newgirl! yes i got them too they looked terrible! i started using bio-oil and they have basically gone (well they aren't visible anymore!) you need to use it for a couple of weeks to notice the difference but it worked for me
  14. hi link01 i went with unders.. but if i had my time over i would have probably pushed my surgeon for overs as i prefer the way they look!
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