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    Breast Implants, botox and really want my lips done
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    The cosmetic institute
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    164cm/65 kilo 12a before hoping I will be at least DD too early to tell
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    Full time mum

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  1. My experience was the same as DCPL, I was at TCI and it was amazing!!
  2. My hubby didn't want me getting mine done at all but luckily he always puts me first and just wants me to be happy. His only request was that I didn't get them too big. So at the consult I respected what he wanted and decided on 400cc. I sat there through the entire consult with the chicken fillets in quite content with the size but secretly thinking I would love bigger. Then at the end of the consult hubby says 'your not going to happy are you?' And asks the doc what the biggest size is he would recommend without making me look ridiculous. 520cc so that's what I got and I love them and so does hubby. Mum not sure what size I will end up but I'm happy and as far as worrying you will look to big and people will notice, when I'm dressed I can hide them easily or show them off depending on my mood!!
  3. I have to agree the older you get the higher the sex drive I'm heading to 35 and ever since late 20's I want it morning and night. I drive my man nuts sometimes, he works long hours and gets tired so sometimes and can't keep up with me and my need for twice day lol.... The poor man!!! I tell him it's his fault for being so god damn sexy!!! Donatella your cracking me up, go out and find yourself some good crack girl!
  4. Oh you poor thing.... I have a similar situation but not quite so extreme. I have 3 children my eldest from a previous relationship she is 12, then I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old to my hubby. He has a 7 year old from a previous relationship. He suffers massive anxiety be ause his mother would have no idea how to encourage or be supportive. (Her own family tell me how much of a **** mother she is). When I first starting having him he would ask for everybody for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that's what he got at home. Then would demand a hot milo before bed. All because his mother was too lazy to prepare real food. I set the ground rules very early on that I wouldn't allow such unhealthiness in my home. I had to take it slowly and do the whole star chart for when he ate something new etc etc. It has worked and he now eats what we eat with a few exceptions but all within reason. As I said not as extreme as what you are dealing with but I can understand a little. If I were you I would actually seek counseling and try to get your partner there and maybe if he hears from a stranger howabnormal and unhealthy his daughters upbringing is he might realise he needs to make changes. Good luck
  5. Just keep in mind also that the pill will not work as contraception when you are on antibiotic's!
  6. I had a lot of concerns about twighlight sedation but I found it much better than general. When I arrived in theatre the anesthetist said to me he was pulling the trolley over and it would be the last thing I heard and he was right. That is the last thing I remember. Then I woke up in recovery greeted by a lovely nurse who told me I should get a little more rest which I was more than happy to do and once I was ready she moved me into a chair to have a Lollu pop and drink of water and when I was ready I went home.
  7. Can someone please tell me how to post photos using my iPhone
  8. Hi Lillie, Can I ask what your friends didn't like about the after care at TCI. I'm not even one week post op yet but they called the day after my surgery and I'm booked in on Monday for my first of 3 follow up's? And you can call them 5 times a day if you want and they help. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi, I had my implants done on Friday at TCI by Dr Tang. My experience was so amazing and I was up and about yesterday. I could fly today if I needed to. My boobs already look great. I am 164cm 64kilo (size 10) and I got 520cc I'm unsure what cup I will end up but I really don't care I could not be happier! Good luck and I highly reccomend TCI.
  10. How do I post pics on iPhone?
  11. My daughter is having an op next month so it was either bring it forward or cancel so I could be 100% to look after her. But they had a cancellation so lucky for me it was bought forward. They really fantastic there! Just looking forward to seeing my boobs when they are not so squashed behind the muscle 520cc not feeling so big right now but I know they will be great I just need to be patient!
  12. Hello!!!!! So my surgery was yesterday and I can not reccomend Dr Tang or TCI highly enough. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left every person was amazing. I am already in love with my new boobies and so far so good with the pain. But I'm thinking maybe it will be worse tomorrow. I will post before and agrees as soon as I'm up to it but seriously ladies I never expected such amazing service and to be made feel so comfortable. I actually have major anxiety issues and not once did I have an anxious moment!!!!!! I could not be happier!
  13. I was thinking 550cc but all good I can't get any bigger than 520cc I found out today when I rang to pay. I'm actually glad because now I don't need to work anything out I just need to turn up whoo hoo!
  14. Hello Ladies, So my breast surgery with Dr Tang has been bought forward by a few weeks! So far I have loved everything about the cosmetic institute at Parramatta and when I called to see if I could bring it forward they were once again extremely helpful. The only decision left is 520cc or a little bigger both implants will be a available to me on the day to make my final decision. I will keep you all posted about the surgery and post before and after's!
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