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  1. Con grads Miss Isabella Glad all went well for you..... I'm looking at TCI also, they have many happy reviews, still deciding which surgeon there though??? Sounds like you had a great experience with them... Sending you a FR Nic xxx
  2. Hi Milly Great to hear all is going good.... Can I ask??.? Did you want to use tear drop shape or was that recommended for you?? My case just sounds similar to you...have breastfeed 2 babies and a bit of a sag after that but I wouldn't of thought that bad...but my surgeon recommended breast lift and implant or I could have just an implant if used tear drop shape but he still wasn't that keen on that??. He was in Thailand.... I'm pretty keen on Dr Layt so thinking of using him... Thanks Nic xxx
  3. I've been recommend Dr Layt??? Nic xxx
  4. My god that's shocking!!! I'm looking at PIAC with Dr V......wow making me think now??? Nic xxc
  5. Hi Ladies I've had a consult with a surgeon in Thailand but not sure if I will go through with it as they have suggested a lift if I want to use round implant or I can have a BA with tear drop...I really want rounds and would not of thought my bee stings would need a lift??? Now looking for a good recommended surgeon in NZ??..? Anyone heard of any?? As I haven't??. Thanks Nic xxx
  6. Perkier Louise do you have to usual scaring that comes with a lift??? Nic xxx
  7. Thanks for that Polishgirl....I'm in New Zealand and thinking I might have a consult with a NZ surgeon....just haven't found one I like in NZ???? Nic xxx
  8. Hi... Perkier Louise can you tell me what an internal lift is??? I have been told I need a lift if want round implant or just a BA if tear drop implant??? I really want round so not sure what to do??? I would not of thought I needed a lift but have had 2 babies so??? Thanks Nic xxx
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