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  1. Thank you Minnie :)

  2. Hi, thank you for the Fr. Your photos are amazing.

  3. Thank you for your reply. I have just sent a Fr request to you.

  4. Hi Minnie, very happy with my results. Had a breezy recovery and no complications. Scars are great. Would highly recommend Dr Rastogi as for my opinion he is one of the best CS. As for getting furries...it's a personal preference. They do take a long time to get softer. I had no time to post more resent photos but will do this weekend. If you want send me FR. Cheers M.

  5. Hi, I am sending a FR request please, I have a consult with Dr. Rastogi and I have similar stats to you, trying to research as much as possible about him. Did you have a good recovery .

  6. I had furrys tear drops from Dr Rastogi almost nine months ago and very happy. They look very natural and I get so many compliments. I would recommend Dr Rastogi to anyone as my whole experience was great.
  7. Panache sport bra which you can buy at Mary Holland shops in Sydney are the best supporting sport bras for my opinion especially for bigger boobs. Not cheap but so worth it.
  8. I have nuance high profile brazillians 295cc. Very happy with shape and size. They do have a fair bit of projection but also better upper poll. Sapphire also has nuance but bigger size.
  9. Well said Inde!!! Exactly why I've chosen brazillians and love them. I would like to stress another point - once adhered they don't rotate. So vital for girls who work out and have tear drops.
  10. I am a 10DD or 8E (which is almost impossible to find), Libby. I asked for a C. Can you imagine my surprise when I couldn't fit them in a D cup bra? LOL so glad they are the size they are now. Furries change so much over time. Don't buy too many bras at this moment. They will get bigger
  11. I am 6+months and mine gotten bigger. I bought couple of D cup bras at 6 weeks but they were too small by 4 months post op.
  12. What being not happy with Brazillian implants has to do with Dr Rastogi??? He is great and I would recommend him to anyone. I am 6 months post op and couldn't be happier with the results. I have exactly what I've asked for - natural looking breasts which are getting better and better. I agree Brazillian are not for everyone but that's where the research is coming handy. It takes at least 6 months for them to get softer and another 6 months to get soft. But they will not rotate (vital for tear drops implants) and have low CC rate. It all comes to your personal preference and your life style.
  13. I am almost 6 months PO and sleep without bra and I don't wear bra around the house. Love it
  14. Firstly empty your bladder. You need to be very worked up and feeling horny (watch porn if you need to), then do what you usually do to have an O (I presume that you know how to please yourself). When you are about to climax, push. You should feel like you want to pee but you won't. It's impossible to pee while you are having an O. I would suggest to practive first on your own - less pressure
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