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  1. Hi Catherine, The thing to understand is that Face Lift is major surgery. I met girls who had tummy tucks and breast enlarged and they breezed through the operation (not the case for everyone i know)not one of the ladies I met there had a problem. Face lift is 6 hours under anesthetic and it knocked me quite badly. I am beginning to feel better and am about to return to work after nearly 5 months off. I still have numbness which is normal but the worst thing is I really don't look any different than before. I wouldn't do it again.
  2. Im not sure if things will go back to normal. I emailed Lotus and told them my concerns and they spoke to Dr Rushapol who said not to be concerned that all would be ok. I will make an appointment with my local doctor in the near future and see what he says. I am trying to answer under each post, sorry this is not happening.
  3. Can I ask why you had 2 face lifts? I am to scared to every do it again.
  4. Yes I had food brought in and taken away untouched as I was unaware it was even there. I read up on the medication later and it really is important to eat when taking them.
  5. Charlie from Lotus is an awesome person and returned all my calls, reassured me but that is as far as Lotus would go. I was totally unprepared for how sick I was. I think for the $500 I paid them I did not get my moneys worth.
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words. 2shea you are correct. As I said I went there for one thing and at my consult I was convinced that I should have a full facelift and that I would look years younger. We discussed the operation and the recovery but there was so much I was not told. I am as much to blame for agreeing to the surgery without fully researching the facelift but it was made to sound so simple and easy. He actually wanted to do it there and then, admit me and begin that afternoon. The only reason I didn't is that I wanted to arrange my insurance first. I just wanted eyelid surgery. He said if he did the brow lift I wouldn't need the eyelid surgery. It didn't work. Dr Rushapol offered to do the eye sugary when I told him I wasn't happy as he could see the result was not satisfactory but apart from the fact I was flying out I was so ill I couldn't bare the though of more surgery. As much as Charlie was wonderful to talk to and reassuring he really didn't do anything. I rang them in tears from my accommodation but they said they do not do visits. There were a lot of satisfied ladies, mostly breast op's, I only met one lady who had the same as me and she was a complete mess. Her face was purple from the neck up but that has cleared now. We have stayed in touch so we can talk about our experiences. Im not really blaming overseas as it could have easily happened here as well but it is a warning not to change your mind at the last minute! One lady I met went in for a tummy tuck and the next day she had breast implants which she didn't plan on. I saw her at a follow up meeting and she looked great, go figure! Di and myself couldn't turn our head to the side and felt like total freaks!
  7. I had a facelift including brow lift in December 2013. I wanted to post here to warn anyone wanting a full facelift to consider it very carefully. The 2 week recovery period is not accurate. The anaesthetic required for this operation is 6 hours. I read recently that anything over 2 hours requires several weeks to recover from. I was told I could go back to work in 2 weeks. I had a discussion about this with Dr Rushapol and he said I would be fine to meet my friends in a months time in Phuket. This was not the case, I was still ill and in bed for most of the time they were there. I couldn't possibly go back to work. I was very sick, nauseous and tired all the time. I could not sleep despite all the pills I was sent home with. Learning to sleep on my back was a major contributor to this. My face was incredibly bruised and swollen as expected but took much longer to heal than the 2 weeks I was told. I am now 3 months post op and just starting to feel normal again. The Phuket International Hospital looked lovely but was actually a nightmare. The nurses left me all night alone with the blood drains hanging from my head. By day 3 they stunk so bad a nurse had to cover her nose when she came near me. I was not told to eat with the pills that were left on my table, in fact I was so out of it I didn't know the food was there. Taking the pills without the food made me so ill. No one told me that my neck would feel as if I was being choked and so I was ripping at the bandage to loosen it. I was having a panic attack as I thought I was going to stop breathing. Interestingly another Australian lady had the same feeling and asked her friend to watch her if she fell asleep. It was really scary for me being alone. The nurses ignored me and told me nothing. I asked a nurse if the Australian lady was still next door and she said the lady was strong and had left, not like you she said. I guess they didn't realise that all the pills and no food in 3 days was making me very ill. My face is still numb and my scalp is also numb. Unfortunately the scars are not in my hairline so I cannot wear my hair down anymore as they are very visible. The Australian lady I met had the same scars but she had short hair. At the time it was the last thing I was worried about but now it is very inconvenient and I look like Frankenstein. Three times now I have had purple sores along the scar line. Dr Rsuhapol says they are pools of blood and to just put the bruise cream on them. I still cannot sleep and will return to work next week, 3 months later. I know that a lot of people have great stories. I think was not well enough informed as I actually only wanted my droopy eye lids fixed and ended up having a full facelift including brow lift the next day! I am in contact with the lady I met and we both say that we would never do such a thing again. Its hard to explain as there is no pain due to all the nerves being severed. The numbness, tingles, nausea, tiredness, tightness all mixed together is painful to endure. If I looked years younger I might think it is worth it, but I don't. I had Charlie from Lotus Medical and he did speak to the hospital about my treatment. Charlie was great but there was not a lot he could do for me. One eyebrow is still higher than the other and my eyelids still sag. I told Dr Rushapol I was not happy at my last followup meeting and he said he could operate again. I could not go there I was still so sick and has to fly home the next day! So I left as I was. After everything Ive been through Im really disappointed. I actually don't look any different than before. Jus make sure you are prepared to put up with the after effects for around a year after the operation, not just 2 weeks!
  8. I just read your post with the story. That is terrible, puts a different twist to my thinking!
  9. Thanks so much. I have decided to go with Global. Would you mind telling me your story, what went wrong and where you had surgery etc? I would really appreciate it . Thankyou Moon
  10. Hi can anyone tell me why the cost of insurance for overseas surgery varies so much. Seven Corners quoted $1300.00 and Global Protective quoted $360.00. They seem to cover the same things. Does anyone have any advice on this subject? Im having a BL and BA in November and want to make sure Im covered if any thing goes wrong. Thanks Moondancer
  11. Yes they did. he is registered and a known plastic surgeon. he has been registered since 2000. And is still an active member
  12. Hi, after reading your posts I realise there is so much more to look into. Can you recommend a website or somewhere that I can find out the difference between the types of implants, saftey ratings, sizing etc?
  13. Hi that was very informative. Im starting to get all the info blurred! What are dual plane implants ?
  14. Oh and I am in the red centre so in the middle....of nowhere...
  15. Thankyou for that lead U will check it out. I will need the lift and the enlargement so it sort of doubles the price but worth looking at. Thankyou so much
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