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  1. Sorry haylzybabe but how do you go about skipping the chest track? i dont want to attract attention to myself!
  2. Bras N Things at Parramatta were great also! A younger lady helped me out on the floor and an older lady fitted me and ran around grabbing more bras for me. Excellent and friendly service.
  3. Hi Sydneygal, Congrats. How is the recovery going? Did you get overs or unders?

  4. Oh MayneGirl i feel for you. I hate anaesthetic so much because of the vomiting afterwards but i just happened to mention it to the anaesthetist when he asked if i had ever had any reaction to GA (not thinking he could do anything about it) and so he said he'd give me something for that which he must have done in the theatre and i wasn't sick or nauseas at all. Absolutely unheard of from me!
  5. Well i survived yesterday! I was going to post something yesterday before my op as i didn't have to be at the hospital until 12.30 but i found myself compulsively tidying up the house and packing my bag (i've come to stay my mums) until it was time to leave! I had got up at 6am and ate some avocado on toast and had a cup of tea and brushed my teeth as instructed. I then went back to bed (fasting began at 7am). My dad drove me to the hospital at 11.50am and we waited around in admissions for 45 minutes until we were both getting nervous, but was eventually called and went upstairs to day surgery. Not long after arriving there i went into the interview room and had my observations taken and went trough admin papers (again). Then i was called into my bay (bye bye dad!) where i changed into my TED stockings and awful gown. Before long i was being wheeled to theatre by a lovely male nurse who whistled and made little jokes the whole way which made me smile. I was put into the anaesthetics bay and finally got to see Dr Lim. He did all his markings on me and told me not to worry that they'd look after me (it helped!). Then i met the anaesthetist who was also lovely. He put the cannula in and a minute later i said something about my new job and we both laughed and i was gone! I woke up in recovery to a lovely nurse who asked me what was wrong as i was shaking, i was freezing my temperature was 35.4 i think. She put the thermo blanket on me and i was much better. Then she gave me pethadine for the pain which wasn't too bad and it worked really well. I fell back of too sleep again. When i woke up i had a little bit more pain relief and was then wheeled to my room. I was thrilled it was a private room as i realised i'd never asked what to expect! My dinner was brought and some water with a straw so i could drink but i was too scared to move and kept falling asleep. Eventually i asked for some more pain relief and after that i sat up and ate my sandwiches AND my custard! My mum came to pick me up and couldn't believe how well i was doing..i came home and sat around talking to her, my brother and his girlfriend until about 11.30 when i went to bed. I woke up about 3.30 a little uncomfortable and needing to use the bathroom and took some nurofen and now here i am writing this! I have peeked at my boobs a bit but they are under a bra and stabiliser with pads over my stitches but can't believe they're there! I have gently touched them just to be sure! Hahaha. It's an amazing experience and i feel so lucky to have been able to have it.
  6. You both look amazing! I cant wait to go swimmer shopping:)
  7. You look totally hot! I'm so excited to have one of these bittersweet moments:)
  8. I havent but what about all the drugs you take post op? They could have disrupted your stomach flora and brain chemistry..not sure that would be long lasting though..take some pro biotics and a good multi vitamin and be sure to support your body with a good diet. I hope you feel better soon.
  9. Haha. Love the blatant advertising.
  10. Yeah i'd thought of Laser Clinics Australia. Ill check out the facial rejuvenation clinic in the city though! Thanks so much Chinchilla!
  11. Thanks Cupcake85! Do you know what type of laser you had? And did you have pitted scars?
  12. Yay! Yeah me too! Haha. I hope its enough time, whilrwind month Novembers going to be:) Least we have 2 weeks of nothing to recover from it all:)
  13. Does anyone have any recs? I have had these scars for a long time but i would really love to be rid of them now. What would be the best treatment and where would be a good place to go? I live in the inner west of Sydney.
  14. Does anyone have any recs? I have had these scars for a long time but i would really love to be rid of them now. What would be the best treatment and where would be a good place to go? I live in the inner west of Sydney.
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