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  1. Hey thank you .....and sorry for delayed reply I think it's more the cleavage they seem so far apart ..I'm not completely dissatisfied but slightly bigger would definitely give better cleavage will pm you re personal life xx

  2. Hi NKT how are you going? sorry to hear youre not happy with your size. How much bigger do you wish you went? They look beautiful to me. Whats going on in the personal life? hugs I hope you're ok xxxx

  3. Hey Inde how are you? Looked at your 2 month pics and they are looking amazing! I haven't been on the forum for a while a few not so good things have happened in my personal life which has hasn't been great for me. Im really unhappy with my size at the moment I've been massaging but still not softening much been back to PS but he has said to keep on massaging. Hope they soften more soon

  4. NKT13

    How are you going?? x

  5. Good luck can't wait to hear how it all goes x
  6. NKT13

    how exciting don't be nervous you're in good hands :) I stopped taking any vitamins 4 weeks prior to be on the safe side. I started taking vit c and zinc after surgery which I'm still taking and my incision healing well so far. Look forward to hearing how you go x

  7. E.J.

    Next Tuesday! I'm so excited/nervous! Yay that's good!! Did u take your vitamins right upto surgery? They told me to but I read on the net about vit e being a blood thinner! X x

  8. NKT13

    Hi I'm doing well, really happy with the results can't wait to go bra shopping this week :))) When are you booked for again???

  9. E.J.

    Hey Hun how are u getting on? X

  10. Hi Girls sorry for the late reply I live and work near Kogarah... Count me in
  11. NKT13

    The gap

    Thanks for this, I've been really concerned about the gap thing...I'm 3 weeks post op and hope my cleavage becomes more prominent.
  12. NKT13

    June 2013 :)

    I'm also still sleeping on my pillow fort too... Can't sleep on my side yet I'm absolutely dying to, but I think I'm being a bit over protective I need to just do it as for the nerve pain finally calmed down I know what triggers it now so being careful. I think I need to still wear my post op bra for at least another 4 weeks but I'm going to call the nurse tomorrow and confirm how much longer I need to wear it. i haven't been told to start the massage yet only the cleavage area 3 times a day to bring down the swelling. The nurse said breast massage will be shown to me at my next appointment.
  13. NKT13

    June 2013 :)

    Hey all is going well apart from the nerve pain I've had to deal with for last 10 days. Finally today was pain free I can move around more freely but of course still being very cautious.
  14. Hi TCI called me Friday as my surgery day was Monday. Best of luck with everything x
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