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  1. I has anyone had surgery with doctor rushapol? I would love to hear your stories, or even some pictures. I'm a little scared as the hospital sent me one picture, and to tell you the truth it wasn't the best picture. I'm aiming for the natural look....
  2. Now that I am getting my boobs done, I have not stopped checking out girls tits, and I must admit, some are terrible, you can literally tell, how fake they are, they sit right on the chest and just look horrible. I am just wondering, if there is anyway, you can make them look more natural?? I have seen some really really great breast implants and they look amazing... I take it rounds are the ones I don't like, and tear drops are the ones I do like???
  3. That sucks .. Is Thailand really that bad to go to? I seriously think I should go over there. Does anyone have any bad reviews for Thailand ? Iv herd so many good things.
  4. Oww I have an appointment with doctor strandwick soon.... Why weren't you happy with him? Doctor ces seems to be the go what does everyone think of him. Thanks heaps for your reply guys means a lot.
  5. Reviews on GOLD Coast surgeons (sorry ) Hello, I think I am set on doctor Luke strandwick. Have any of you girls had surgery with him? How was it? Or do you think you could recommend me an amazing surgeon in Gold Coast area?
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