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  1. Seems reasonable to me my quote was around $14 000 including an overnight stay here in Perth that is with anatomical implants which cost more than rounds. I think for peace of mind and local aftercare it is worth every cent!!
  2. Funny Indie re the jeep.... as I told you I was hit from behind a month ago car totalled and my thoughts exactly about wanting a bigger car. I had a forester and it was destroyed from the impact. And I got a jeep ha ha. Love it just for the record it's a beast!!!
  3. Well done that is a great start to happier times, keep strong and follow up with some counselling and you may just pull through!!
  4. Got to love the girls!! Best people to share your woes with and Mum's are pretty great as well!! He is trying to make you doubt yourself and make you feel worthless figuring if you walk away you will believe him and try to get nothing. Court would be his worst nightmare as he knows deep down it's lies. Just the fact he says you haven't contributed when you do is a big red flag he is trying to erode your self worth don't let him!!! So glad you shared we've all had shitty relationships but the worst is to suffer alone and to be abused whether it is physical or mental talking about it will make you stronger. That is what bullies thrive on the fact that their victims keep it to them selves. Stay strong.
  5. He might be able to make you believe you would need to pay him back but no court is going to make a wife who has worked and contributed pay a wealthy husband a cent!! Their interest will be that you both walk away with a fair deal. He no doubt with a lot more as no kids involved (blessing) and he had a lot more to start. Get advise and go from there.
  6. I really feel for you and it seems the more you open up the worse it sounds. I would say stop paying him any money and start saving your 1K a week just as a back stop, but I worry about his anger if you do this?? You are married and you have contributed so you will be entitled to something especially if no prenup. I would be seeking legal advise on this just to be informed. It doesn't sound like you are going to stick around for money but you also shouldn't sell yourself short and walk away with nothing!! I'm jumping the gun a bit here as both willing you can work things out but I just don't get the impression he will change.
  7. No that is sooooo not normal it is the sign of an arrogant pig!!! I couldn't cope with that behaviour from his Dad at all in fact I'm pissed off just reading that. I don't want to put all Croatian men in the same box, however an old boss of mine was Croatian and her Dad and Brother sound very similar. They were pigs and total sleaze bags as well!!! They used to come in to my work sometimes and check all us girls out and try to order us around. The Dad would just say coffee and look at you. No please no would you mind just coffee. I firmly believe in respecting elders but refused unless he asked properly as he had to respect me also. I worked for his daughter and not him!!
  8. He sounds to me like a very selfish and controlling man who is very unlikely to change but what chance did he have by the sounds of his own father!! Communication is key for sure so he needs to know how you feel but that may not necessarily change anything as he sounds very set in his ways. I am blown away by his control of finances and making his own wife pay her way it's not a business deal it is a marriage!!! I would talk to a professional and maybe alone to start with to work out how you really feel. If you think it's worth salvaging he should come at some point if he is open to it (some me aren't). At least then you know you gave it your best shot and if you walk away you can feel good about your choice. The whole set up sounds very odd to me I could never marry a man who wanted to marry me but keep our money separate!! Definitely don't start a family until you are sure you will stay together would be my biggest advise as having babies puts a strain on even happy relationships. You will also forever be tied to him if you eventually did separate, at least if you don't have kids as a tie you can walk away and never look back. I wish you the best.....it sucks being unhappy in a relationship and trying to work out what to do as it changes the course of your life.
  9. I have been getting it done for the last couple of years brazilian, armpits and now legs. I find it completely painless apart from right down between your bum and vagina that is a little flick as others have said. I think I have a good pain threshold though. You can get numbing cream if you are really worried they usually sell it there. It is so worth it though the results are awesome!!!
  10. Sorry just read some more posts, they do numb the cervix prior with local but I believe in that area it's not much fun. You should ask for light sedation thats what I had and I remember nothing and no pain after by the time the local wore off!!
  11. I had the same cin 3 at age 30 I am now 40 and have a 4.5 year old (only one by choice). The biopsy is pretty minor it's like a pap smear but a little pinch where they take a sample, you may feel period like cramps after and have some spotting or a little bleeding. I went on to have laser surgery also a fairly minor surgery in the grand scheme, light sedation and no pain after. I had to have pap smears more regularly for a couple of years but then went back to two yearly and no problem since. I also fell pregnant the first time I tried I wouldn't get to worried yet. You do need to abstain from sex for a couple of weeks just to minimise the risk of infection but once you are healed it should be business as usual.
  12. Dr Kate Morelet-Brown at the Rose in North Fremantle is great. She is renowned for her conservative approach and goes for a natural look if that is what you are after. She is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and national trainer for Botox and Juvederm. They don't do specials like other places but you get what you pay for I know I'd rather pay more for peace of mind.
  13. I just googled it and the general consensus seems to be that your breasts need to return to their pre baby state. This would normally take 3 months from the time you stop breastfeeding. I haven't had my surgery yet but I have had a child and I would imagine it would be quite taxing to recover from surgery and also manage a newborn unless of course you were blessed with a dream baby.
  14. Hi Jessk, I am on Facebook have sent you a FR. Thanks X
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