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  1. Hey Gals, great to see some traffic on here ) I've missed it . Little_E - yay to you on getting back into it, sometimes you just need that little nudge to get you going again. I loved reading your post and we just need to take one day at a time and not beat ourselves up about it. Latisha - Sweetie, sorry to hear you have struggled in the last couple of weeks. I have struggled, but I'm lazy. At least with you, you can recognise your ED and I think that is huge! Keep up your good work lovely, and you photo is amazing!!! Kts79 - Go Thailand, I loved and miss it (home for a week now,, lol). I love your enthusiasm, and 2 weeks is totally going to fly by and you'll have you new boobs and you won't be able to stop touching them, oh wait that's me,,, lol I love mine every day - they are great!,,, lol Elle - welcome aboard, Day 3 AWESOME, Hi 5!!! I'm thinking you will be okay have more than on tea a day if it's black with no sugar?? I have green tea about 4 times a day (on a bad day that is - keeps me from straying from my plan), its also another way I use to stay hydrated Georgia - did you make me giggle!!! LOL Love the pole work, I have to admit I'm a dab hand on the pole under the influence,, alot of fun!! I believe we need to have a release from time to time. Great work on the run and reading what gear you put on for the run, I would have been surprised if anything moved,,, lol I am hanging out to put my running shoes on and get out for a run, but I have to wait a little longer yet. So in general, these last few days have been pretty good. I decided to join the local gym at work. I was to do this today, however my month end is fairly full on, so I emailed them asking about the deal they have for work employee's, I may not be able to get to them but I started the process. Roll on Wednesday when I can sign on the dotted line - I'm very excited! Nothing wrong with the bottom half! Yesterday (Sunday) I made the choice to support a friend in raising 10K for breast cancer research - so if our donations reach 10K I am shaving my head, yep a No.1 all over,, crazy, but I'm stoked to be doing it and while it is something I have thought about many, many times, it is only now that it feels like the right thing to do. Ladies, hold your head up proud and start each day how you intend to complete it - take one day at a time and the path will stay true, loved reading everyone's posts tonight and I totally get the 'always on the computer or phone thing' we need to get the balance right where we can support each other but also not exclude those loved one's who are so very important to us day in and day out. Positivity coming your way to use how you see fit (actually only for good though, not evil,,,, lol) - love your work
  2. Hey Inde, I'm with you, I have generally been eating very well other than the slip ups over the last few days. However I had contemplated quitting the challenge too, but after a rather grueling thinking session of what I am doing I realised that I am making excuses for not being able to exercise. So the outcome of my thinking was that I am joining the gym tomorrow and I can do the lower half at least. I tried crunches last night and that was not a good thing, but was able to hold an ab position for 3 x 1 minute. I liked the Muscle TV facebook page and there was a girl who has her leg in a brace and cannot go to the gym, she is doing the challenge and it show's her set up at home on chairs doing shoulder press with dumb bells and I thought, 'you know what, I can do this and I will do this' I always knew it was going to be difficult have my BA at the beginning, but damn it my legs are not broken!!! and sucking in my abs will work wonders to toning up when doing legs or holding ab positions,,, I can do this and I can make a difference, maybe not a massive eye popping change, but a change non the less and I will be happier for it,, so I cross off the last few days and wake up tomorrow with a renewed enthusiasm to be fit healthy and happy Sending, hugs, kisses and positive energy to all who may need it at this time - we all need it from time to time Stay strong and true to the reason why we all wanted to travel on this path together. We can do anything we set our minds too - majority of the time it is mind over matter, once we can master that, the body follows
  3. Thanks Little_E, I thought as much with the gurgling thing,, very weird sensation,,, lol And I'm like you at the moment. I have slipped off the wagon a little also and been slack with my food preparation. Over the last 3 days I have not been a very good camper. I have kept to the nutrition plan but have added things like a few arnotts biscuits at work and a pizza last night. Although I have made the decision that I will join the gym as I will be able to at least do legs at the gym and I have found I am able to bicep curls with very light weights, so it has given me a little boost of motivation. Even though you are at home you can still do some exercises, like lunges and squats, crunches, skipping, push up's step ups or tricep dips etc,, Don't be too discouraged there are plenty of alternative's, they may not have the intensity, but you will feel better for doing a little something while you're unable to get to the gym. I've not join the gym and up until my BA I was just doing basic stuff at home, but we have 6 weeks to go and that is plenty of time to make a difference and from memory the photo of your abs was pretty sensational, you should keep up the good work Keep strong lovely you will be okay
  4. So the last couple of days have been sensational for my eating. I did get hungry this afternoon and had a piece of toast with some homemade plum jam. I have managed 20 sumo squats, 12 lunges each leg and that was it, but I'm counting it as a win for being 2 weeks post op - I have been very careful and made sure I listened to my body. Also has anyone had a gurgling sensation in your boobs? I not searched the forum yet and will do, but thought I would ask the question, it has appeared today and I have been pretty much resting all day. I'm not too worried about it as I have read something prior to surgery, and will need to find it again just to put my mind to rest. Hope you've all had a great start to the week
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm home and ready to get back to this. I have done my shopping and today prepared all my food and am ready to kick off week 5 of the challenge.
  6. Congrats KP87, Bangkok Hospital Phuket is great. I have just returned from having my BA and they were great. The days will fly by
  7. Hi Madeleini, I had this inserted about 12 months ago and have found it pretty good. I was told by my doctor that the first 3 months dictates how your period will be. I get a period sporadically and sometimes it is lasts for about 10 days, but then I may not get one for about 3 months, it's all very strange, but I am happy with it.
  8. Hey Kiddi, I imagine it would be a little daunting the first time out (so to speak). I have wondered the same thing as to when I get the chance to get to the beach etc,, Too soon now, but I look forward to it as much as it scares me too,,, lol Great to get a little confidence boost, each time it will get easier I'm sure
  9. So I am home now and glad to be home, but miss Phuket. Last night was a little uncomfortable sleep wise, so need to figure out how to adjust my pillows for a better sleep. I'm thinking because I am in my own bed I unconsciously reverted to the way I slept prior to surgery, and I tried to move to sleep on my right side - big mistake and one I hope I won't make again in the near future. It is a little harder at home than I anticipated as there are many more things that you have to do that you don't have to do while on holiday, like laundry (not so bad), driving - decided to do this only if I have to for the next couple of days, opening the garage door (not electronic) and I forgot to let go of the door,, hmm must remember that I have think about everything I do and to slow down. While my recovery has been amazing, I am now back in the real world and need to treat it as such. It's amazing how much you realise you did on auto pilot. Getting home to my dogs was great and they missed me as I missed them, and I had to be very careful on the excitement and jumping around they did, I did very good to shield my girls from them, but still great them with enthusiasm. So while things are reasonably slow, they will be fine. My incisions are getting a little itchy and they are looking good. I am glad for the compression bra, and if I can advise anyone, you should make sure you have one. I'm still taking photo's every day since my surgery and they don't appear to have changed at all, they still look good,, lol But there are many more days/weeks ahead for things to be changing, so will post up some more pic's around the 4 week mark to see if any changes are noticeable.
  10. this forum has been amazing, from understanding all the ups and downs. I also watched a couple of procedures online so I knew exactly what was going to be happening to me. Armed with the knowledge I was happy about the whole thing, and I love them so much and when the settle down they can only be better :-) good luck with yours and your time will be here before you know it :-)
  11. Hi Tessa, yes it was ashame we couldn't catch up, but I wish you a speedy, happy & healthy recovery. Enjoy the rest of your time in Phuket. ?
  12. So tonight is my last night here in Phuket, it will be sad to leave. The last 4 days have been amazing. I met some great people to be able to hangout with and generally have a great time. In the morning I get collected at 7am for my final check up before leaving. Things have gone really well and I'm very happy with where my recovery is at, at this time. I've said thank you before and I'll keep saying it. This forum has been a fountain of knowledge that prepared me for the up's and down's of having this procedure and I don't think I could have had such a great recovery emotionally without having the experiences, advice and opinions of all who contribute to this forum. So thank you all, again, from the bottom of my heart for being strong beautiful women xxx
  13. Great photo's Latisha, you are looking fab,, I'm looking forward to getting home, so I can get back into the swing of things, you are my inspiration
  14. Well said Latisha, kiddi, Little_E & Kts, I could not have said it better myself.
  15. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well and recovering well, or getting excited about being in Thailand. It is an amazing place and have been extremely happy with everything from the hotel to the Hospital to the Surgeon, nurses - everything. Recovery has been better than I expected and I am very well rested for being in such a lovely place. Happy and safe travels to those winging their way here shortly. Happy and healthy healing to those who are here Happy and excitement to those who are having their consults shortly.
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