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    TCI Sydney
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    Breast Augmentation, Nagor 360cc XHP, Round, Textured, Under Muscle
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    Dr Ali, 2nd July 2013
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    165cm, 53kg, pre op 10A, post op 10F
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    Mummy to a little princess
  1. Donatella why are you keeping this going..? She's saying her goodbyes to ppl who she has genuinely become friendly with & ppl that have helped her & she has helped.. Leave her be to say her goodbyes your only making things worse making comments like this.. I'm lucky to have met you on here Kate, you have been so helpful to myself & many other girls.. Your great value & will be missed by many.. Be proud of yourself because of all the great things you have done. Good luck with your recovery & the rest of your journey xx
  2. It was never a competition, it was a comment that was made jokingly on info that was given by myself that was taken the wrong way & now girls are being bullied because certain ppl can't take a joke or misinterpret things & feel the need to make nasty comments at other ppls expenses or directly at them.. Because of this valued members are now leaving this forum which horrible.. Just remember also ppl that do this don't know what repercussions this could have for the other person/ppl involved so maybe instead of publicly attacking them contact them privately & voice your concerns I'm sure it will be met with great appreciation & resolved quickly.. You are right Inde12 sizing isn't reliable & I believe in freedom of speech but no person should be treated the way we have because certain ppl don't agree with what others have written.. Just be happy with what you have girls everyone's different Now back to the real reason why this thread was made: Complete Comfort Bras
  3. This is ridiculous why has this been turned into a competition, we are all individuals who are all very different to one another & our results/outcomes are very different.. I thought this forum was here to give info & help & support other girls not bully them or treat them badly because se people don't agree I've got nothing to hide & definitely no reason to lie, if you would like you can come with me while I get fitted...? Im only telling you what the sales girls told me as I said I was shocked at what the first girl @BNT said so I went elsewhere as well & got measured.. Maybe if you stop & think or ask a question as to why I may have these results & you might find out why I've gone up in size before passing judgement or making rude comments.. Ive waited for so long to have this & have overcome a lot of health issues, some still ongoing & bs to get to where I am today so I'm not going to let a few people try to bully me or try to put me down & try to make me out to be liar.. I love what I have now they're not 800's but I'm more than happy with my overall results even though I'm sure there will be more changing to be done in the future.. Just remember we are here to help & support each other
  4. Hi loz89. 10G that's awesome!! I started as a empty 10A & now 10F I'm now back in a supportive sports bra because I can't get a wireless bra in my size hopefully I can find some today when I'm out.. I can't wait to get into a underwire bra just for that extra support
  5. Hi missblissbomb, I'm 5wks post op & have 360XHP unders I'm now measuring a 10F.. I'm happy to answer any questions.. Feel free to send me a FR
  6. Haha katems22 you make me laugh!! I have no idea how I'm now an F they just GREW lol.. I was so shocked when the girl at BNT measured me I asked her to do it again, then I went to 2 other places & they measured me a 10F as well.. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't find cute/sexy bras for when I can wear underwire but thank god I've found a shop that has heaps yay!!
  7. I was given the all clear to wear the complete comfort bra after my 1 wk post op appointment but I'm now 5wks post op & it's too small they're super comfortable.. Hope your recovery is going well x
  8. Hey maryvd, I'm so sorry to here this is happening to you also.. Other than the I hope you recovery is going well
  9. Hey ladies, I would be great to get some feedback or advice about this surgery
  10. Thank you ladies.. I thought I saw something similar but could remember who it was that started the thread & I tried searching everything but nothing came up.. I will definitely try these things to help with the scars I hope they will disappear in time because they're really ugly &I'm starting to get a little self conscious about them.. I was told by the nurse that removed some of the exposed stitches that my body was rejecting the stitches & all the stitches have or are being pushed through the incision which is why I now have these scars.. I have seen Mondor scars I have 2 in the crease on my left side which are a little painful but I was told that they should resolve itself. I might give my surgeon a call today & ask her about the things you all suggested & see what one she recommends.. Thanks again for your advice xx
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm now 4 weeks post op & my body is pushing my dissolvable internal stitches out through the incision which in most places were healed over.. Theres a few stitches exposed at the moment & I'm having to cover them with steri strips, the nurse removed a few stitches on Saturday & said because of this it will now take longer for them to heal & instead of having a very thin line scar they are now looking like the type of scar people draw on themselves for Halloween.. :'( Has this happened to anyone else? If so what did you do to help the healing process & scarring?? I've searched the forum but haven't been able to find anything on this, so any advice would be very much appreciated.. Thanks xx
  12. Hey Donatella.. Check out Your Tea... http://www.yourtea.com/ i sent a FR as well
  13. Hey ladies, have you looked at The Novotel it's not far from TCI & on one of the main streets of parramatta it's so close to shops & amazing restaurants .. My partner & his work colleges stay there while they have their yearly conference, it's quite nice & it was very clean but I'm not sure what their prices are
  14. @M10972 I'm coming from the Hills as well if you want I could drive you in if your partner can't.. I sent you a FR
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