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    BA, 520cc hp round textured implants under muscle :) currently 10b hoping to be dd ...
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    25th july with dr tang at tci
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    170cm tall 63kg
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  1. Hey just seen this thread n thought I may b able to help I had surgery there in July and m extremely happy also I had dissovable stitches so I'm under the imppresion this would be on all patients so at your one week with your gp they just change the dressing ( taking off dressing and just placing on a steri strip across the incision). Hope that helps you
  2. Ouch I'm not sure about that I'd be getting straight on to surgeon just to be on safe side ... Hopefully its not a big deal..
  3. I dnt really think there has been a time where I'm shocked from pain its really more just the discomfort of it I think I to am really surprised by the whole recovery including my incisions which I may just have been lucky/quick healer but after 1weeks and dressing changed nothing but a faint pink line was there
  4. I'm also at day 10 and have the same problem my left is healing well swelling subsided but my right I get sharp pains of morning getting out of bed and for a few hours after top is still swollen and bruising only just starting to fade I have a side on photo in my album of righty and swelling if that makes u feel bit better
  5. Yea I'm like you kiddi got to tonight and was like **** I havnt massaged so just gonna try and do it 3 times before bed whoops I have a shocking memory...
  6. Hey I had/have Franken boob lefty only lasted 4 days and is looking pretty good now but 8 days later righty still looking scary lol
  7. Excellent thanks tci . I was pretty sure they said 1 week to and now you say bout clevage and tops I do remwber Dr tang saying that well guess I best start massaging lol...
  8. Hey guys just wanting to double check when I'm ment to start massaging my new assets at my post op appointment I thought my Dr said at 7 days you can start massaging which I thought was strange as I'm 1 week post op now and they still a bit tender then I looked at my post op care sheets I was givin and they say 3 weeks... Just wanting someone to confirm please...
  9. Oh tru might have to look into that I never really got to wear lingerie that I wanted caus if my boobs but now I think ill feel comfortable in anything
  10. What I'm so slow I was gonna wait till 4 weeks caus I dnt kno if my boobs are gonna stay round this size or not u thought u were deprivin ur man my man really been deprived lol..
  11. I kno exactly what you mean I was frustrated he asked 2 days after surgery I was like really are u serious lol but I to wouldn't mind gettin back to it n so glad i now can thanks to you haha now all I have to wait patiently for is new lingerie
  12. Your def weren't the only girl I'm real cautions to and going to still be real cautious but please at the same time now
  13. Omg thank you so much kristykiana my partner been hassling me and I told him probly not til 3-4 weeks I'm only 1 week post op today and thanks to your threadlooks like we can get back into once again thank you ....
  14. Thanks girls so iv delt with 2 days of pain hopefully only a few more to go really sucks to have gotten to day 4 with no pain amd minimal discomfort and lefty still behaving lol no bruising swelling is going oh well the joys I'm gonna have waiting for righty to catch up
  15. Thanks heaps for that

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