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    All booked in!! Can't wait ATM in a 12 b, hoping
    To be a 12 D or DD.. I live south of Perth
    So won't be having my consult until morning
    Of BA .. Not nervous at all just can't wait
    To get in there ;-) I have 4 beautiful kids so I'm need
    Of a little maintenance lol
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    Dr tang 9th of August
  • Measurements
    175cm/ 62kgs/ 12 b
  • Occupation
    Domestic goddess/ mum duties
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    Love catching up with friends at every opportunity. Going out on the motor bike with my husband, watching the kids play! Spending time with my family
  1. hi there just fr ,im booked in with dr tang in march,thanks :)

  2. Hi I'm booked with Dr Tang Feb next year I would love to see your progress as I'm using the same doctor FR sent

  3. Hi.. Im booked in for a consultation with Dr. Tang and would really love to have a peek at your results.. And I would be soo grateful for any advice or general info about your experience with Dr. Tang.. I have sent you a FR - hope thats ok.. :) Thank You..

  4. I had a great night! Thanks inde, plenty of Perves checking out the new girls lol it was fun, I had a dance but was very careful not to jump or go crazy (as I do )
  5. Hi, I've had 4 c sections and it is NO comparison ! For me it wasn't painful its more uncomfortable and pressure. Day 2 of recovery I went for a walk (small) and shouldnt of! I felt so great, but when I got home I was in alittle pain. Don't over do it just relax ! I'm now two wweeks post op. and feeling great.
  6. Thanks ladies, I did go out but I was extremely careful
  7. My girlfriends r in town and won't me to go nightclubbing with them, it's been 2 weeks yesterday. I'm feeling quiet capable of doing it as long as I don't go crazy. But thought if get your opinions.. IS IT wAY TO SOON?? And yes I was planning on having some drinks.. Any feed back would be great hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday
  8. Totally agree!! Don't over do it ladies, follow the rules for sure! I felt pretty sore after a few walks out of the hotel. But it's been 2 weeks yesterday and I'm feeling pretty great!
  9. Upload pics of your 520s already woman! Haha

  10. Wow 620!! I bet your sore, I haven't used I've packs or anything other than meds that the doc prescribed.. Pain hasn't been an issue though it's just pressure and getting up and down hurts abit. Hope your getting plenty of rest ! I was in abit of pain by the end of day 2 and day 3, it will get easier!!
  11. Go for it ninny! Never to old, wow imagine how great you would feel !! Did u book? Danijade no worries, I haven't got pictures up just yet
  12. Oh no sweet, thinking of you! I hope for a speedy recovery and no other complications!! Xx
  13. feeling good alittle tight, I'm still keeping in top of my pills which is making me feel bloated :/. I notice when I've done to much weather it be a small wall around the house or abit of cleaning I get very sore/ tight! Not fun, so remember to not over do it. I don't think this phone is helping me either to be honest, it's making me use certain muscles that is putting me in abit of pain. AAll of which I call handle but I've been trying not to be on in to much .. I have very long hair and i couldn't even atemp to wash it or brush it propley so today my hubby took me to the hair dressers and I got it washed and blow dried .. It was shocking!! So my hair advice would be to get a friend to braid it before surgery so it's all ran and tied back hope ssome of this helps
  14. Feeling good, boobies have already made slight changes!! Excited to see in another few days everyone that has seen them already ( mainly fam) have said they look very normal/ natural for my body. I'm not sure if I love hearing that or hate it lol.. And I've heard " jeez I thought they were going to be huge " :-/ heeeellllo there 520cc's haha, I'm very happy with them I guess it's because I'm tall and slightly have broad shoulders that they suit me.. And it's still early days )
  15. Haha reading that I sound alittle out of sorts lol, day 5 feeling pretty good. Just alittle tight !!
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