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  1. Hi. Just wanted to tell you that i sometimes feel similar. Thou i feel like they are too small. It is the biggest I could go thou. And also I feel all anxious, sad, almost depression like (thou i ve never had one so don't know how it is supposed to feel), i don't feel like getting out of the house. Trying to think it will all change and it is just the meds. So cheer up, i am sure it gets better. In face, this post was a while ago… Maybe you feel better already? :-)
  2. same deal for me. I am 27 and haven kids at 30. Would love to know what happens. :-)
  3. Hi! Ok, so my perod was supposed to be all over by 2nd of November and it never came, then on the 9th (3 days before surgery I started getting spots. So was freaking out majority as my doctor said no surgery if I have periods I went to the local pharmacy and ask for something to stop period. They ll give you pills that would cost around 100baht (if you are doing this in Thailand). You have to take them three times a day. And well I was all sweet. I told the doctor on the day that I was taking them. So do that and you ll be ok.
  4. I had no problems either. But was fully prepared. Thanks for the tip thou!
  5. just send you a friend request!
  6. Hey! Yeah mine are swollen as! :-) I got under muscle and apparently muscle is super tight he told me not to dear to do anything with my arms at all for a week. I can feel the pain in my right muscle when I move. Also it has been 4 days I don't see any changes yet, can't wait to see some dropping. :-) Sounds like your recovery is going better than mine which is great. I can't get up from the bed by myself. :-( And hell yeah, i am spending a lot of time on here now, good to know that this is all normal. I only got 250. Its all I could fit. :-( he said even with 270 I would feel/see the edge of the implant.

  7. How good is this forum! I love knowing everything I'm experience is completely normal :) I got 310cc high profile tear drops. They're still really swollen but I don't have much pain which is awesome. How's your recovery going hun?

  8. Ho you going! Hows recovering? Where you staying at? What did you get? So nice to have this forum to talk to everyone who is having the same experiences. :-)

  9. Oh DSLR! That sucks about vomiting! I didn't have any thank god, but they kept asking me if I am or want to. Think it is pretty normal. And yip, my bf keep saying they are big but I didn't think so. Stll don't. Just bona wait and see what happens with time. :-) Its my third day so still are and its a pain if you have to get up from bed by yourself. Glad your bf is there for you too. keep me updated. lets help each other through this. :-) haha
  10. Jennys! Great job on keeping everyone updated! :-) heaps of december girls out there! Whoop Whoop!
  11. Than you so much Dslr. I ll try not to panic. :-) You are hopefully right. And yes I wanted natural and it is all I could fit anyway. :-) post-op worries i think!
  12. posted some pics. Worried tey are too small. i tried to get him to give me advice if i should go to 270 but he wouldnt. just said that it might snow on the side. i didnt want to be one of the girls who wished they have gone bigger but didnt want to see the edge of the implant either. grrrr. :-( help please and reassurance needed.
  13. Just sent you a FR hon :) I had my op 2 days ago. Hope you're recovering well!

  14. Would love to see your pics! So glad to hear your surgery went well

  15. Yeah I heard guys say that a lot. And think that it was one of the reasons I didnt get mine done till now thatI am 27. My bf was the first man that I met that supported it. And he simply said that if thats what I want to do he is fine with it. He can understand how much confidence it is going to give and that it is going to make me happy and it is all that matered to him. He has seen me upset way to many times after shopping for bikinis. And now i think if someone says something i wont care. I did it for me and I am happy about it. There is nothing wrong with getting BA. So dont worry about what other people think/ No one should judge anyone. It is not their place.
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