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  1. I started light exercise at 6 wks and built back into it. Im 10 wks now and only just starting to push. Its not something you want to rush!
  2. I wasnt allowed to swim for 6 wks after my cs so would presume similar (if not longer) after a tt
  3. Get some fibre drink from the chemist! And talk to them about what else you can take while you are there. You really need to go!!!
  4. What garment is it? Sounds like hell. I loved my binder...similar to this but I just wear it a bit lower: http://bodyplus.net.au/product/binder/
  5. Oooh i got my wax. I feel human again and it was fine re scar
  6. I just uploaded a pic of my scar (almost 8 wks post op) and a new dress Busso, I started off sleeping on my side - I actually just woke up like that one night! I can sleep on my tummy fine now
  7. I DESPERATELY need a wax. Do you think 8 wks post op will be ok if i say to avoid my scar? Also, 8 wks?? Wow time flies
  8. I could have got mine for free but waiting was over 2 years so i chose to pay. Although its not the whole amount, unless its medical or pregnancy related then you wont get the item numbers from your surgeon. I figure something is better than nothing
  9. I'll take a non tape pic too - I did a close inspection this morning and its a great scar and will just fade as time goes on. Ps, I was on the front page of the paper in SA yesterday hehe..will upload a pic of it
  10. I hope everything went well for your family yesterday mrsrosehip xx
  11. I would go longer for better results. not like its something everyone sees every day. mine is really low (he used my c/s scar) and goes hip to hip but perfectly covered by undies - my results are great
  12. Oh mrsrosehip, I will be thinking of you. My son had surgery as a toddler and although I held it together at the time, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Just remember they are stronger than we give them credit for, and the staff at childrens hospitals are AMAZING and very used to dealing with emotional parents. Still does not make it easy though! I will be keeping everything crossed that all goes okay xx
  13. You arent being a baby, it would be so tough! I really hope the injections work some magic for you. Please feel free to vent in here when you need to!!!
  14. twisty how frustrating make sure you are onto them today!!!
  15. I was calm even being wheeled down to theatre!!! Good luck
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