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    face/neck lift and upper and lower eye surgery
  1. Thanks lucylea, good luck to your mum as well..
  2. Thanks cen69, good luck and i look forward to hearing how the consult goes..
  3. Hi there, i'm a newbie too. Just wondering who you are having your facelift with in October. I have just started researching, but am looking at about that time frame as well...Sue
  4. Hi, I am new to the forum and am interested in getting a neck and face lift with upper and lower eye surgery. I have narrowed my research down to Dr Nond, Dr Poomee and Dr Chartchai. i would so appreciate any feedback on any of these surgeons as well as any suggestions on other ones. Also would be interested in anyones experience with global health travel. Thanks in advance for any info, these are definitely exciting times..
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