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  1. oh dear! Daddy's little girl learning to shave! I wouldn't worry too much. At 6yrs old she wouldn't be swarming with the hormones that would make it a huge problem. If she has to go to a doctor at some stage, maybe ask their opinion but there is no point in going there especially for it. When she is a teenager she can look at hair removal but I highly doubt it will be an issue at 6 (unless you are quite a hairy family?).
  2. If you are really worried, look for another reputable orthodontist and get a second opinion. I had braces for 4 YEARS (not for an overbite) and if I could have just had an operation, I would have gone that way in a heartbeat. I don't know what kind of scarring there is - maybe the incisions are made in the mouth? Do a general internet search for more info on that - just make sure it is current. If you do opt for the surgery, make sure your orthodontist is clued in on the latest techniques - it is your face after all!
  3. I'm in QLD and will be going to Dr Miroshnik in Sydney I am not a mum but will have lost 50kgs (40kgs loss now) so I will need a bit of rebuilding!!! Dr M does mummy makeovers and has some photos on his website and facebook page if that helps
  4. Hey, I am in a similar boat to you. I am a 21yr old female and have lost 40kgs - 10 to go! I will be having reconstructive surgery at the end of the weight loss as well - it is a necessity. I will be looking at a TT, arm and thigh lift with some lipo on 2 areas of stubborn fat. I have chosen my surgeon, although I am yet to meet with him. I will consider others of course but I doubt it will be necessary. I want to make sure my weight remains stable before I blow $30K on surgery! In your case, I think you should research who you want as your surgeon and book a consult with them. Some doctors are happy to do a large amount of lipo at the same time as a lift or just in general. It really depends on the needs of the patient and the actual surgeon. Go to your GP and get a referral so you can claim some of the cost back though. I think most do minimal lipo during TTs and lifts because of sculpting. They already remove a fair bit of fat attached to the skin so they just smooth out the remaining parts, although I have no doubt more can be done with the right doctor. I did read somewhere that the maximum is 5L of fat can be sucked out in one go but I could be wrong. Without seeing you (or actually being a plastic surgeon), it is difficult to say what would be an appropriate course of action for you. Well done on your weight loss Good luck with the research
  5. Although I live in QLD, I will be going to Dr Miroshnik (Sydney) for my reconstructive surgeries. Really, all you have to do is type "Reconstruction Surgery *your city here*" into google and you will find a few names. Take those names and then research them My recon surgery will be due to losing 50kgs and I feel like Dr M knows what he is doing and has a great reputation. Make sure your surgeon has an eye for aesthetics too. As an example, many recon surgeons can give a breast cancer survivor implants, but not necessarily the shape they were hoping for (my 2nd cousin had this). I hope you are able to find someone to help you Best of luck with it!
  6. I actually clicked on this thread by mistake but I just could not stop reading. I am DISGUSTED by how you have been ignored by both the ******* and the slaughter house.Dr Pitch and Yahnee Hospital should be ashamed of themselves. Have you considered going to THEIR authorities? At the very least, they might be able to put you in contact with someone higher up the food chain there. They would have to have a health board or something. Being an international patient, you probably won't get much attention, but at the very least, you can annoy the crap out of them until they finally do the right thing... Seriously, do not let this drop. No contact for 2 days? Follow up email! They should not be allowed to think it acceptable to treat someone like this. Best of luck with your revision. Even when you spoke of your family, my heart went out to you. xx
  7. Hi Ang_ I am also a QLD girl looking to go to Dr Miroshnik and I believe that you pay at the time of consultation. I think it is about $250 and you get about $70 back. If you book your operation with him, you get the consult fee off the cost of the surgery (every bit helps ) Please let me know how it goes! I want to get my tummy, arms and thighs fixed by him so am very interested Good Luck!
  8. Dr Cockburn might be worth investigating. I have not been to him but have heard good things and I think he is reasonably priced. I have also heard (but not researched much) good things about Dr G Bailey and Dr P Belt. As far as I know both are reasonably priced too but don't quote me. I have been looking and researching for a TT and other reconstructive surgery not for boobies so I hope I have given some helpful names I am also looking at Dr Miroshnik in Sydney because I know he does an amazing job (for anything) but that depends on my available funds next year Would it be possible for the four of you to go to Sydney? Or for other family to watch the kids for a couple of days? Good luck!
  9. In my opinion he could get away with no work done but I totally understand that he feels differently - I guess that is why we are all here! If I were being picky, the only thing I would consider he might need is a rhinoplasty. I think he might be happier with the proportions of his face if his nose was altered. I personally don't see anything wrong with his chin. I too would be wary of too many changes. If he is 33 and has been thinking about this for years, make sure he gets several opinions and doesn't blow his money on the first person that will tell him they can make him perfect...
  10. Thanks for your reply Jess! I personally won't be going with a surgeon who doesn't shift my port as it will be very obvious when I have a flat tummy! I am a secret bandit so I would prefer things to stay secret and not have everyone point at the weird lump on my tummy. How did your consults go? I am very interested in hearing about Brissy surgeons as I would ideally like to get my op done there but right now, I am leaning towards interstate with Dr Miroshnik - but I haven't even begun the consulting stage yet. Do you mind if I send you a friend request? I would love to keep up with your progress
  11. Hi, Sorry, I am a newbie and have sent about 3 friend requests and didn't see where I could add messages. I am sorry if I offended anyone! I did try to send a message at the same time but that must not be an option? Or am I just not looking in the right place? Anyway, just letting people know I am not a creep and only added people who are having the same procedure as me or have used surgeons I am considering. I haven't gone through anyone's photos. Sorry again, I love this forum and didn't mean to offend B
  12. Thanks for the reply Jaddles I have only lost about 35kgs so far so still a bit to go but am fairly certain I will need some kind of fix up. I got a reply from Dr Miroshnik and he actually shifts the port during the operation so that is good to know. I am still waiting to hear back from Dr Cockburn in Brisbane. Congrats on your TT by the way, I read your story and it makes it so much easier for those of us in the research phase to have people's stories and recounts
  13. Hi everyone! I am a long time stalker but first time poster having joined your wonderful forum over the weekend. I am 20yrs old and was fitted with a gastric band 2 years ago. I have accepted the fact I will probably need reconstructive surgery as I will have lost 50kgs. I would be looking at getting the surgery early to mid next year to give me the time to finish losing the weight and stabilise but have been researching and saving the money for a while So, my question is: Has anyone had a TT with a gastric band and how did it look with the port? I have 2 surgeons in mind and will be getting quotes from both (Dr Cockburn - QLD, and Dr Miroshink - NSW). Does anyone have photos of their work that they wouldn't mind me looking at? I have seen both their websites and Dr M's Facebook page, I am just trying to get as much info as possible Thankyou to everyone who has shared their story on here, it has been so helpful! BeeBop
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