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  1. I had dr val I think all up it was 6040 dr val is amazing
  2. Hi I had dr val he was amazing I think all up it was 6040
  3. I search before I booked and couldn't find one bad review I'm so happy I went with them ? I'm loving my results (boobies) , and love all the staff at TCI they are all very good at what they do and I also know one off the nurses there she loves working there , I wouldn't of had my ba anywhere else x
  4. I have seen girls that wear underwire all the time and they look like they have extra creases in they boobs and have to massage them out but I can still notice them ? I have spoken to my doctor and he suggested wait more then 3 months I have Tried a few on but haven't had them on all day
  5. Hi Chantel85 , There is no difference in price I didn't have either I had dr Val but I have heard great things about both dr Ali and dr tang I think both there before and afters on Facebook are awesome good luck and you will love tci they are all lovely x
  6. I had mine done 10 weeks ago with TCI and I'm so happy with the care and love love love my boobs so much I'm happy that I went with the implant Dr Val suggested for me
  7. Hahaha thanks girls yes the scales are not my friend ATM I normally stay around the same weight but I think you girls are right I need to give my body time I think I'm just a bit upset because I still had 5 kgs that I couldn't get off after having my last baby who is now 1 lol so that's 8 kg all up ? it seems like a lot.... I agree with dee envy I need to get back to clean eating and I could never do 500cals I have 4 kids and need to have as much energy as possible I would be dead!!! Thanks again girl it feels good that I'm not the only one xx
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one but I wish I could get the weight off lol I'm not sure how much my boobs weigh?? Iv been so warn out since my surgery
  9. Hi I was just wondering is anyone else have put on weight after getting there boobs done I'm 10weeks post op and have put on 4 kg and can't seem to get rid of it help!!!!!! (((
  10. You can always talk to dr Val the day of surgery did you tell him what look you wanted ? I said at the start I wish I went a little Bigger but in now 7 weeks post and am so happy with my size 400cc xhp round textured dr Val asked me on the day was I still happy with the size and If I wanted to change anything
  11. Does she have a bed time I would make sure there is no drinks for 2 hrs before bed I no it seems like a long time but it works with my son it's worth a try he has a small drink with dinner at about 5 and and goes to bed at 7-7:30 he hasn't wet the bed since iv been doing this for the last 6 months I hope she stops soon there is nothing worse then cleaning sheets and mattresses everyday xx
  12. You will need help getting up and down for the first few days but you will find your own ways to get out of bed and off the lounge........
  13. Iv had 3 c-sections and its way worse then ba and it's a different pain like the girls said its more uncomfortable but there is still pain don't get me wrong
  14. All up I think mine came to $30
  15. I was border lift and I only went with the implant but may have to get a lift in 5 or more years
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