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  1. Hi im 4.5 months post op I still swell every night. i find my swelling is linked to activity as well. i had a big muscle repair and hernia done. My knot is sticking out and I'm getting it fixed at the end of feb as it causes my grief. I assumed my swelling was worse because the knot problem? i had to stop Pilates and was told to take it easy till I get it fixed. Not possible with 2 yo twins!! I didn't realise swelling would be do bad. I have to change my pants most days in the afternoon because they get tight. seems like it's going to go on forever...
  2. Hi tanyia I may be also going in for a tweek. As you've probably read my knot is causing me grief. I just wanted to see if it's better though after I stop swelling as it means a scar at the top of my stomach muscles. So I'm giving it 6 months. Mine is getting corrected at no additional cost although I'm assuming I may have to pay the excess in my phi? I had bad puckering afterwards but it's flattened right out. I'm happy with the appearance of my scar now. I have also considered a tattoo but I'm too chicken. Plus I remembers c-sect scar was hardly visible after 2yrs so I'd be reluctant
  3. Thanks In my mind I was expecting to swell for 6 months to be honest. Deedee I read your post you recovered so well. Did you have a muscle seperation? I think my recovery has been quite harrowing because I had a 10cm split in my abdominal muscles, the incision itself has been no trouble. Assume your same boat as me mummy?! One day we will stop swelling!!
  4. Hi I'm 10.5 weeks post op. Every night I'm as swollen as the Goodyear blimp. I started normal activities last week. Pushing my two year old twins up hills where I live and Pilates twice a week. I'm not really sore (sometimes I do because of my knot sticking out at the top if my muscle repair) My surgeon said I could go back to normal activities. And I'm sick of it all do I just decided to push on And medicate as needed. So when did you actually stop swelling? X
  5. I had a big muscle repair- it was around 10 cm gap. I'm 8.5 weeks post op I still have to monitor my activities or I swell up terribly I was pretty much useless for 5 weeks. The actual incision repair has been no trouble at all for me.
  6. Hi First grippster sorry to hear you are separating hope you are ok. Jj you sound fabulous!!! Awesome news!!! Me 8 weeks post op. Swelling is settling but like you I still swell at night. The pesky knot is bothering me on and off but I have definitely noticed an improvement, so still hoping I won't have to get it repaired. I've started back at Pilates but very unfit . I'm dying to get out walking with the pram but just can't do it as area is so hilly and I get so swollen. I had a fight with a shopping trolley last week and could barely move for two days! I have my cup outfit as well Jj. H
  7. Hi Yes I same the same sensation. I'm not running running but like you running after my kids. To me it almost feels like it's tugging . I also find if I overdo it I get a burning sensation in my stomach muscles. I suppose it will just take time for that pulling sensation to clear up. X
  8. Nup.., It's the walk to kinder very steep. Looks like I'm out of walking action for months!!
  9. Bit of a hijack- sorry.. Jjmelb you're ahead of me. I'm dying to get back to walking I live in a really steep area. Ps said 8 weeks. Do you think in a weeks time you'd be up to pushing 2 toddlers in a pram up a massive hill? (Say 35kgs of weight?) I'm thinking I won't be walking for months... Have booked into physio on sat to get some guidance on what I can do. Thanks! X
  10. Hi I'm nearly 6 weeks post op. From what I've read, everyone recovers differently. Unfortunately I felt like I was hit by a bus for the first 3 weeks. I was like jaddles couldn't possibly imagine negotiating an airport a few days after. I had a massive muscle repair though and I think that impacts the recovery. Shocked the day lights out of me because I usually bounce back really quickly. But some of the other ladies on here have spoken about running at 3 weeks... Are you taking someone with you? Perhaps you could go for a few weeks and get it done right at the start? Although after yo
  11. Hi ladies I'm 5.5 weeks post op and need new clothes! I've lost a few last pesky kgs I've wanted to budge and am at 56kgs (168cm tall) and with my tt have lost a few inches off my waist. All my clothes are too big. I saw ps last week and she said I'm still swollen and to hold off. So question post tt ladies when did your swelling settle enough for you to shop for new clothes? I went dress shopping last week and had so much fun without my roll. I was able to put fitted dresses on I would never if dreamed of! Thanks!!
  12. Kas- glad you got it sorted out. Jj- hugs me too! Had more fluid yesterday than at 2 weeks post op. Are you taking it easier than usual? Honestly I think it's going to take months to be 100% better. When I think back to csect I would swell and ache when I overdid it for about 6 months. Next week things are back to normal around here no mum 1 daycare day. Hope I cope! How are you with kids now Jj?
  13. And I forgot to say I am more swollen now than I was 2 weeks post op probably because I've jarred myself. Grrrrr None of my clothes fit me they are all too big around my waist. Asked her when she thinks I would be back to normal told me to hold off for a while. Give it another 3 weeks surely back to normal then??
  14. Hi Saw my ps she is back today! She said I've jarred it. And actually I remember earlier in the week I was twisted right around trying to reverse and did something. I jumped out of my skin! I only remembered when she said. I have to take voltaren /Panadol regularly for 5 days . Apparently very common! Knot-she said won't improve. It's settled a bit so going to try to wait 6 months until scar fully healed then if there's any puckering she will fix at same time.
  15. Thanks everyone. Mummy - yes it is a new issue. It's been about 3 days. It's very painful I'd say about a 5. I was thinking about going back on oxy contin last night but back on voltaren. Wondering if it's related to the knot.... I will give my ps a call this morning I think booked into the gp at 1030 not sure he will have any idea but didong know what to do with ps away. When I googled quite a few hits came up with people describing a burning sensation so maybe it is all healing. Who knows????? I'm getting pi$$ed off its 5 weeks I should be in this much pain should I??? X
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