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    BA and lipo on arms
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    Initial appointments booked, undecided between Dr Timothy Hewitt and Dr Tony Connell
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    176cms/ 60kgs/ very Deflated 10C after 2years of breastfeeding my son
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    Mummy/ student

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  1. Hello Arismum, was wondering how your consults went with Dr Connell and Dr Hewitt? They're my 2 top picks too but I'm new to all this and still in research phase (no consults booked as yet). Andy feedback you can share would be wonderful. Many thanks in advance :-)

  2. Day three today, been a pretty rough recovery (also had lipo under my arms which was a killer) but on the up now, managed to make some food and walk around a bit. Starting to cut down pain meds but nights are really difficult. Very happy with my size, ended up with the 360cc mod profile anatomical. They definitely look like franken boobs atm though! Good luck to everyone waiting for their op, I hope your recovery's are better than mine.
  3. Im gowned up and drugged up, will have boobies in 20 minutes! Nervous excitement! Will update with how I go
  4. Looking great! And no scars on your boobs is a bonus Sending healing vibes for your recovery. X
  5. Thanks Jess My surgeon is Dr Timothy Hewitt
  6. I had my final sizing and pre op appointment today!my BA is next week >. < Decided on the Silimed anatomical 'natural' 320 cc under the muscle. I'm really happy with my decision and surgeon. Now to just fight this cold, find a cat sitter and the countdown is on
  7. I'm August the 1st!! Dr Timothy Hewitt, Subiaco Perth. Pre op appointment and final sizing decision tomorrow
  8. Thanks Diamonds And Starflower I accepted your friend request and yours look great! Makes me think I could get away with rounds but in a lower profile as I already have some tissue to begin with. It's such a tough decision but I guess I have to trust that my surgeon knows the look I am after and won't suggest something that wouldn't achieve that. I really do want my boobies to be soft as possible!
  9. Hi lovely women, I haven't posted much on here but I do check posts daily which have been immensely helpful in the lead up to my BA which is now so close, on the 1st of August! I do need to order the implants this week though and desperately need some advice! if using a 250-300cc round implant under the muscle, once it is compressed by the muscle + gravity does it then have a tear drop shape? I'm after a nice natural shape that slopes from the collarbone and full at the base and sides so originally chose the anatomical.... but they felt so firm in comparison to the rounds :/ My surgeon said a natural shape could also be achieved with a small round implant under the muscle but had no photos to show me of this nor have I found any online.. Seems to be a compromise between natural shape or natural feel? Has anyone here achieved a natural teardrop shape with the rounds? My favourite BA photos I have stored courtesy of google are all anatomical implants under the muscle but I would love to soft move ability of the round implants. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi wantbbs :) I have sent you a friend request as I'm booked in to see Dr Timothy Hewitt at the end of July

  11. Hi polishgirl, sending you a pm now that I have finally make a facebook account! Needed one to keep up to date with my sons day care anyway but think it would be a more private and easier way to share than just on the forum
  12. How exciting! I have only heard wonderful things about Dr Connell and the imagery tool sounds fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with when I have my appointment with him. Congrats on booking your surgery
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