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    Dr Andrew Broardhurst 10/07/2013
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  1. Thanks September, I'm sure with time I'll sort it out. Maybe guilt over how much it has cost. At 31 152cm 48kgs Im old fat and haven't got much going for me so why waste the money? My 3 kids could have had an awesome holiday with that money or done up my hubby's classic car and so on for me it is like I've wasted that money for selfish deluded reasons. Nope boobs can't make me young skinny or pretty so guess I gotta suck it up. Hope it works itself out soon cause I don't think my family deserves my crappy attitude. I pulled them all away from a festival last weekend because I felt so ugly they really don't deserve that no one does, this kind of crap is a daily event in my family f&%k I'm over it. But really don't let my messed up head worry anyone about getting a BA im sure its just a me thing xo
  2. Thanks for that post. I'm 5 weeks out and hate everything about myself. I feel fat, ugly, useless, helpless, sad and everything in between. Quite honestly I dont konw what to do. Ive go no friends and my amazing husband doesnt know what to do anymore. He keeps telling me how beautiful I am but it feels like lies to shut me up. If I was him I'd give up on me! We own a business and Im unable to work still as Im a mechanic and cant do sweet FA! So yeah be prepared. I didnt feel that down about myself before my BA but now its like I expected boobs to fix and make me beautiful....what an idot.
  3. Mentor smooth round mod plus 375ml (I'm kinda small 152cm 45kg) but yeah really new :-)
  4. Just that weird torpedo shape goin on, just feelin a little crappy I guess. Hope they drop and settle sooner rather than later :-/ Glad to hear of your results Kate just awesome!
  5. Emzi sorry to hear ur so disappointed? What went wrong :(

  6. Wow, I must have the worst luck possible. I got my 375s on last Wednesday and they look like crap, I wouldn't dare go outside as I look like such a freak with my weird shaped ugly boobs! :-(
  7. That's gr8 Kate. Hope you get some sleep and somehow relax. I couldn't the last few days I was a wreck . It's weird that we have exact stats 152cm (2cm lol) and 45kg and my ps said my 375 will achieve an easy E. strang rib cage etc make such a diff? My pain isn't too bad,. Just keeping up the endone tonight? Good luck tomorrow, it's over b4 you know it geez end one and iPad are not a good mix, I can't see what I'm writing lol
  8. Yay but ahhhhh Im off to get my boobies now, good luck all the other girls today
  9. Thanks Whitneyjane, 12hours till I get boobies! And good luck to u 2!
  10. How exciting! Hope it went well for you :-).......my turn tomorrow at 11am XD
  11. Eeeekkkk 2 more sleeps!!!!!!
  12. Yep, me too! My ps will only let me go 375ml :-( I'm just so scared they r gonna b too small. Not long now I've got one more appt today to try on size again then Wednesday.....,,boobies!!!!
  13. Good luck ladies! I'm on Wednesday too.......eeeekkk! Freaking out. Hoping the size is ok and so on. Lucky it's one of my kids birthday on Tuesday so I can TRY to focus on something other than boobs :-/
  14. I don't think I will regret my BA, maybe for the first few days lol! And hey I guess everyone has their "fat" days I'm having a fat week, just sitting on 47kg......I'm usually 45kg but eating myself stupid just trying to take my mind off boobies! Would b interesting to see what replies u get :-) Have u had any worries about the actual op? I'm freaking the f$@k out! 8 days eek!
  15. I'm self employed, a mechanic kinda boring lol 1/ get to work on my race car whenever I want 2/ if u work hard u get paid well (financial security) 3/ get to work with my awesome husband xo Cons 1/ working on race car costs a lot! 2/working on s$@t boxes ppl think a service means they get a new car! 3/ PAPERWORK drowning paperwork
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