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    165/47KG/10A after breast feeding, 325 cc mod plus, smooth, unders, BWD 10.5, 10 D
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  1. Hi i've just sent a FR! I'm having a BA with Dr Poomee in Nov and would love to see your pics! Thanks hun!

  2. Hey Maz1980, congrats on your one year boobie anniversary!! I can't wait until mine are one year post op! Bet your girls look great! We are always way more critical of ourselves than anyone else is. I'm only a few weeks post op but am already noticing things I don't love, my right nipple points outwards and the implant sits funny on my ribcage which was always going to happen. I just have to remind myself that it's far better than what I had before lol. xx
  3. Hello jess; what hospital did you have your surgery?good to hear it went well sent you an fr

  4. Hey amischke, it went well. I can't fault him or the hospital. My boobs still have a long way to go before I'll see the final result. They are higher and further apart than I would like still but are getting better daily. I sent u a FR so u can have a squiz at my pics. I'm about to post some more. I asked for a full C - small D and was told 325 cc mod plus under the muscle would get me there. I'm wearing a 10 DD now. They are getting bigger as they drop and fill a bra properly. I read that you're taking your boyfriend, good move! I took mine and couldn't have gotten by without him as u r so incapacitated for the first few days. I'm 3 weeks post op now and still have some aches and pains but I have a 19 month old I have been lifting when absolutely necessary so I'm sure that hasn't helped!! xx
  5. I was told 6 months for massage. 10 mins 3 x a day for 2 months, 10 mins 2 x a day for the next two months and 10 mins a day for the next two months. I think different surgeons recommend different amounts of time and whether u need to do it at all. No idea about the bra question, I read somewhere 6 weeks but I haven't asked my surgeon this.
  6. Hi Mishaplease, in my first consult I was told the max I could go was 285cc XHP and that would take me from and A to a full C. I'm a bit taller and heavier than you though, 165cm, 47kgs and my BWD is 10.5 cm. I have read on here that petite ladies have reached a D with under 300. Think it depends a lot on the person
  7. FR accepted Dreamy! Thanks pineapple kisses, I'm happy with them so far considering it's so early. They have to drop and come together a lot before I lose the ultra fake look. They are squishing together nicely though so hopefully they will look more like that in a few months. The width of the implant I think was 12.6?? Or around abouts. I had my boobs done in Thailand by Dr. Poomee. I had a consult here first and the surgeon said the max I could go was extra full projection 285 cc Natrelle Allergen implant under the muscle. I mentioned this to Dr. Pomee after he said I could go to 325 cc and he said it would look more natural if it came out on the side a little. This completely contradicted what the surgeon in Aus said, he was like ' If you go any wider you will see it on the side and u don't want that'. I'm partial to a bit of side boob so I was happy to go a bit wider. I also viewed my surgeons work and all the breast augs looked very natural and not too wide. So far I'm happy with them but it is still early days and I won't know how they will actually sit for a while. I defs wouldn't have wanted to go any bigger, I might get boobie greed down the track but right now I'm like 'Dam they are BIG!!! I was a 10A after breast feeding though so jumping to a D is a shock to the system (a nice shock of course!) being small also you'll prob find the same thing, what is considered a conservative size implant will look like quite a decent size on you. Xx
  8. Hey pineapplekisses, I have very similar stats to you. I have a bwd of 10.5 cm, size 6, 165 cm. I just had a breast aug on the 10th of feb. I got 325, mod plus, mentor, smooth, unders. I'm only 13 days post op so mine still have a lot of D/F to do. I'm bout to post some post op pics. Will send u a FR now
  9. Hi there, I am currently 9 days post op and lifted my 18 month old son for the first time today. He weighs about 12 kgs. I didn't hurt to carry him. I kind of made him climb onto my leg first then used my legs and balanced him on my hip and just used my arms to make sure he wouldn't fall. I also gave him piggy backs instead which didn't put much strain on my chest and I lifted with my legs and leaned forward a fair bit so the weigh was in my back. I'm not supposed to be lifting him yet but it was unavoidable as today was my first day without help. I was told at the minimum to wait 2 weeks to ensure the pocket has healed. I'm still sore generally but like I said, surprisingly it didn't hurt any extra to lift him.
  10. Thanks Alioop! Sounds simple enough but boy was I struggling to do this in my phone earlier lol. Had to switch to my computer to figure it out!
  11. Oh really? That's always the way though! Lol I'm sure he missed you loads :)

  12. Hi Erin, hope your surgery went well and you are recovering nicely. I sent you a friend request if that's ok? We have similar stats and the max implant size I can go with my BWD is the mentor XHP mentor 375cc. I'd love to hear what u think of them :)

  13. I'm from Adelaide too! Small world! My son had his first day at daycare today. Big day! Think I was more upset than he was lol.

  14. Oh, I just saw that you're from SA. I'm from Adelaide :)

  15. Hi Jess! Thanks for the add yes, our stats are very similar :) my little boy is a monkey too! He often wants me to pick him up, so it's going to be hard lol good luck with your surgeries! I hope you do have a quick recovery x

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