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  1. Hey all, I am now 8 months post op wow time flys... I am still experiencing swelling mainly in the morning. My scar has faded towards the outer regions but is still very dark and looks bruised towards the centre. Im feeling so happy with my results I still look at my tummy everyday in the mirror in amazement.. I will try post up more photos soon :-)
  2. Hi my mother in law went to Sheree Moko and her augmentation looks great (btw shes 50years old). I had my TT through Sheree aswell and I am 4 months post op very happy with my results. I will say I didnt like the after care at John Flynn Hospital, but that has nothing to do with Dr Moko as a surgeon.
  3. My mother in law got her boibs do e last year for her 50th..! Ur a spring chicken
  4. Hi rubii, you will look fine I stressed out alot aswell and people kept saying its too early to judge. You really need to be patient Iam 3 months post op and my body is still changing every week. Some days I swell more than others. I looked at your pictures and you have alot of swelling like I did, are you wearing a compression garment? I had an indent just above my left hip it would go away for ages (2months) hang in there... xx lots of hugs xx
  5. Hi Jaddles welcome I totally understand what your going through I had Full TT 3 months ago my scars are still really prominent but I would do it all over again, Im not too worried about my scars at the end of the day Im happy I can wear clothes I wouldnt have been able to wear because of my huge belly bulge..I love my new tummy. I decided to separate my surgeries (TT and Lift w/implant) purely for financial reasons. I am wanting to get a BL around June? My surgeon said I would need the lollipop incision, Iam not at all fussed about my scars I mean seriously no-one has seen my boobs besides my hubby, so I dont think I will be flashing them around town or planning to become a stripper?? hehe
  6. Hi Bellabelly Iam 2months post op and I know how you are feeling. Wont be long and its something you will not regret. I feel so much more confident and can wear clothes I never thought Id be able to wear in my life. Goodluck
  7. Hey fellow TT'ucker!! great to be back, Iv been so busy lately. My swelling is getting a little bit better I dont have to wear my garment as much now, I did I weight training yesterday and I only had a bit of swelling above the BB. Yeah I was using an oil like bio oil but it has rose hip in it?? Iv run out so I might buy bio oil next. Just been mixing it up. I cant get the Kelo-Cote Gel until next year as my surgeons office is closed. Also my surgeon said it wasnt necessary to keep taping the scar as it causes it to become itchy. I was getting itchy after about 3 days. so I just change the tape, the it was all good again. I hope you enjoy the beach and yay no bulging belly to worry about...
  8. Hey Sydneymum I know what you mean about the compression garment at the gym I wore it and it was so hot gross and sweaty. Im still suffering swelling and it doesnt help with the festive season my eating regime has gone out the window. I cant wait till its all over i tell ya!! Instead of losing weight Iv actually gained a couple of kilos, so dissapointed in myself Anyway my BB is looking alot better one thing alot of ladies who want to go through with this procedure have to realise is that you really have to be patient with the results. My body is still changing, my BB has changed alot as well during the past 2 weeks. I want to perhaps purchase the kelo-cote gel for my scar and I may look at documenting the results so everyone can see how that goes? Im still wearing the tape and moisturising the scar morning and night I think my scar is looking great the tape really helps to flatten it out, I had a huge raised lumpy bit near the centre of the scar it is almost flat now. ha take care ladies hoppe recovery is treating you all well xx
  9. Hey TT'ers, Im going through the same thing, remember abit further up I told you I started working out well hrmmm lol that lasted 4 days and OMG I was sooo swollen, Like Cherry.Pie said at the end of the day my tummy looked so bloated...I did actually think I popped my stitches... I was so peed off at myself, I started wearing my garment and rested again, and now its gone down. Pheww I was stressing out abit. Ill try and post up some more pictures. My bellybutton hasnt changed very much :-( I hope it goes inn...
  10. Hi Sydneymu great to see you.. Marie I have to sneak into my childrens room and use their mirror as it is full length... I tried to do ab work at around 7 weeks but it was really painful, I ran for 5mins on the treadmill and did about 5 mins worth of abwork it felt fantastic I can see a little bit of ab definition (theyr popping out to say hello we've been hiding under flabby skin for so long) LOL I have one slight concern and thats my bellybutton my Surgeon said not to worry and it can take anywhere from 6month up to a year to see the full results. What I have done though is rolled up cotton balls and stuffed them into my belly?? and used the tape to hold it in place?? Yesterday I took the kids swimming and guess what Yes! I swam with them we all had the best time even the kids said they enjoyed swimming with me, I have never swam with my children as I have been so paranoid and really hated my belly.. I had the best day yesterday!!! Love Life x
  11. Hey ladies! Hi Marie welcome, good luck with the consult I bet your looking forward to that I couldnt sleep the day before felt like a child waiting for santa hehe... I am extremely happy with my TT and feel truly blessed I was able to afford it. I cant help staring at myself in the mirror. Sydneymum ur results are fantastic!! Im back to wearing my garment now felt weird without it and Iv been sooo swollen Ill try get around to posting some more pics up just upgraded the mac to Mountain Lion so trying to get my head around the new apps.... xx
  12. OMG whats up with all the spam? Thought admin would have picked this up by now...Cherry Pie sounds like you heal well, I had my appnt yesterday with PS all went well we spoke about my BL w/implants next year yay!! Im soo glad to burn my corset it was getting so hot I had to change it like twice a day..
  13. Hi SydneyMum gosh Iv been abit sick lately sorrry about the late reply. Yes I was referring to the micropore tape, Iv been using abit of everything as well, bio oil, vitamin e cream and I havent got around to buying the silicon sheets. I am going to wear the tape for as long as possible (3 months) I think my scar isnt that bad however I do have two red fleshy dots near the centre of my scar? Its not infected the scab came off when I took the tape off. 3 more days Sydneymum and its our 6 week mark. So many people have commented how different I look and happier?? I love my new body, I am sooo happy!! I still have swelling and a hard lump which is slowly getting smaller, some days its worse than others "SWELL HELL" .. hope everyone is doing well with their recovery x
  14. HEy Ladies! I was talking to a lady at the chemist today and she told me she kept wearing the fixomul tape for 3 MONTHS she stressed that as I was walking out the door lol she told me that keeps the scar nice and tight and flat and its a less expensive way of reducing scarring than the silicon sheets?? Also with my BB it was poking out abit, today I have noticed its starting to go inwards YAY! Naww Pisces I still have trouble laying on my stomach I can do it, but I cant arch my back up?? hope everyone is doing well x
  15. Hey Ladies, I think were on the same wave length pisces I saw a few good monokinis on ebay as well they werent too bad and the price was good. I liked one of them because of the bit that covers the belly button was quite thick I didn't like the ones where that bit is too thin, hope that makes sensse. Getting my stomach done really draws attention towards my saggy boobs Im hoping to get the lift early next year?? Im feeling so much better now and I can lay on my stomach which feels sooo good, simple things like that we take for granted.
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