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    Breast augmentation with Benelli lift - Nagor round textured 555cc XHP implant - Behind the muscle placement.
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    Prof Mark Ashton - 11/09/2013
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    Height 167cm, Weight 60kg, Post surgery 12E/12F
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    Mum Of Two
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    All things girly, Shopping, Beauty, Travel, Good food, Etc

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  1. Where is the best place to get nice bras that come in bigger sizes? Thanks
  2. How long after surgery did you wait to have a spray tan?
  3. When did you stop covering your incisions with surgical tape?
  4. Where would be the best place to get a plunge bra for big boobies to wear under low cut tops & dresses?
  5. Oh! Guess I'll have to hold off a little longer then. What about running?
  6. Exercise Help! What kind of weight can I start to lift after the 6 week mark after breast augmentation?
  7. Hi pru69, I only had surgery 4 & a half weeks ago but I had a benelli lift with implants. Mine seem to be healing well, though I'm told it's a long healing process. The thing I hate most is the puffy areola area which I'm told takes months & months to go down. i had a tiny lift to my left side which I haven't had any problems with & my right side had a lot more sag & more skin ect was cut out & lifted - my right breast is still swollen & bruised & still a little tender. I believe it made my recovery a little slower & a little more uncomfortable but well worth
  8. I think you will be fine with two weeks off. They got on the pain so quick it really wasn't an issue! Thank you! ? Xx
  9. I'm pretty happy as mine were a mess after breast feeding two little ones! The pain for me right after surgery was pretty high, they gave me a fair bit of morphine through the drip when I woke up but after that kicked in I was fine, for about two weeks I was pretty uncomfortable, at 2 & a half weeks I felt 100%. most other girls seem to be fine way sooner then that though, not sure if it was worse for me because of the lift & big implants & high under the muscle. Well worth it though!!!
  10. My surgery went well! Mine are still changing every few days at the moment & are still filling out, they also seem to look bigger in real life. First few weeks I didn't 100% love them but as time goes on I am loving them more & more! I went crop top & new clothes shopping a few days ago & bloody hell they look huge in some tops! I can't wait to see my final result after they settle & have healed...
  11. I started a C cup & had 555cc extra high profile , textured , round , unders. 167cm, 57kg, size 8/10. I'm only three weeks post op but your welcome to look!
  12. Thanks Girls! ? I had my three week check up Thursday & was told I'm right to soak in the bath! ??
  13. When is it safe to soak in the bath after Breast Augmentation surgery?
  14. stinging burning sensation in my incision sight around my nipple areola two weeks post op - benelli lift and augmentation, should I be worried? Infection or normal healing process?
  15. Thanks girls! I hope that's what it is & it goes away soon. I have a follow up appointment in a week & a half, so if it's still there I'll ask. Thanks Boobs Please for the FR, I'll check out your photos. Xx
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