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    Breast Augmentation/ Lift
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    Dr P 5/10/13
  1. Hey Tia, Ill be there in Oct and Im going with Dr Piyapas Ive heard such good report about him. So excited cant wait to get there and have my BA done Thanks Laura
  2. Im Having my surgery done 5th October Bangkok International Hospital Phuket for BA. I just went straight through the hospital you dont need to go through the middle man.
  3. Hey There, Im feeling so much better now Ive read your story and looking forward to your up dates. Im also getting my boobie done by Dr P in Oct and was so nervous about it. Thanks Heaps now I can relax Laura
  4. Hi Racheal B So your friends have been to Dr Pipapas? Were they happy with his job? I'm just bit scared as my friends keep telling me not to do it in Thailand. Have you heard of any bad jobs from him? Im trying to do as much reaserch as I can Im booked in for Oct am having a lift with implants? Let me know how you go? Thanks Laura
  5. Hi Sexymuma, How did you go with your surgery? Im booked in October this year and so nervous would love to know how you went?
  6. Im also booked in for Oct this year just so nervous about it. Im requesting Dr Pipayas hope he is good.
  7. Hi Im also thinking of getting my breasts done in October. Dr Pipays is who they have put me too can anyone else help? Im bit nervous??
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