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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Tang booked for 29th November 2013
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    157cm/50kg/pre pregnancy small C now B
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    Mum and Pole Dance Instructor
  1. Hi Raven, I had my consult with Dr Tang yesterday and am booked for 29th November. My breasts look similar to yours in terms of gap between except I have a 4 and a half month old so I feel I have a bit of sag (Dr Tang said they where still a good shape, which I was happy to hear). Anyway, when he examined me he basically lifted them and pushed them together gently and determined that way that I would have between a 1.5 to 2.5cm gap. I sent you a FR, would love to see your results after surgery if you don't mind xx
  2. Hey Ladies, I had my consult with Dr Tang yesterday, he said I would be fine to look after her by myself after a week because she isnt very bug yet but will definitely need some help in the first week so I'm really happy about that. I'll have my mother in law helping a couple of days a week and hiring someone to help me the days that she can't!
  3. Iv had to postpone my surgery woth Dr Tang until 29th November due to finding out I'm a finalist for a big dance competition! This kind of sucks in a way because I might not have as much help now, my partner will be with me the from surgery day and over the weekend then I'm hoping his mum can come around and help me in the mornings, and he will be home to help me in the arvos. My partner will probably sleep in the spare room and my daughter can sleep on his side of the bed so I don't have to lift her in and out of the cot (she only sleeps through half the time) I'm hoping this works. I'm so excited to finally be getting this done, I was supposed to have surgery with Dr Lim last November but ended up finding out I was pregnant. My mum has been trying to talk me out of getting it done until we have another baby but we want to wait 3 years for another one and it'd be even harder with 2! Orchid how did your consult with Dr Tang go? I haven't been yet but have booked my surgery date already so I didn't miss out on a date this year. I was a bit worried in case I don't like him but so many people have seen him and have good reviews so I have my fingers crossed
  4. Thanks ladies. I'm probably going in on the 10th October now and will probably have help for 10 days then I will be on my own. Hoping that's enough time and the dr will understand and be okay with it. My partner gets home from work around 1 or 2pm so he can take afternoon shift.
  5. How were you feeling at 2-3weeks post? Do you think you would have been able to look after bub on your own or still needed help? I am also planning on surgery with Dr Tang, I have my consult in September. There seems to be lots of great reviews on him and TCI, how did your surgery go?
  6. Hi I am looking for advise from any ladies who have had a BA with a baby or small children to look after. My daughter is 4 months old now and I am looking at booking my surgery for late October/November so she will only 6 or 7 months. I know they say at least 4-6weeks before any heavy lifting but In your experience How much help will I need and how long for?
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