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  1. Hi Sunny106, how are you feeling? Hopefully your recovery is going well. Are you happy? I’m 4 weeks post op now and loving my new girls. I’m sleeping normal although haven’t had the courage to sleep on my side or stomach yet. I’m healing well and very happy with how my scars are looking. They have softened up heaps already. I can’t wait until they’ve fully dropped and fluffed though.
  2. Crabi570 that’s awesome you are doing so well. I am day 4 post-op and still a little stiff but making progress every day which is good. It’s nice to hear that you are going really well at 2 weeks, gives me hope that I might be back to normal by then too. RubyJadeDiamond, I found the couple of days before surgery my excitement turned to nervousness. I’m so excited for you though, I’m sure you’ll love your results!! Like Crabi570, my recovery has been better than expected. More discomfort and tiredness than pain, it’s just a little odd having to get used to my boobs again. Mine are really high and square, not a great look but I’m still in love with them. I can’t wait till they drop and fluff. This forum has been great because if I hadn’t have known half the stuff that was going to happen right after surgery, like frankenboob etc, I’d probably be freaking out. Good luck for Wednesday, you’ll do great xxx
  3. So It’s now Day 1 post op (although not even 24hrs yet) - sorry for the long post. So, got to the hospital for 6:30am admission. Went through all the appear work and then went to my room to change in the sexy hospital gown, shower cap thing and the compression socks. Met the anaesthetist who was lovely, asked if I had any concerns or questions( which I didn’t cuz we went through it on the phone a few days prior). Then after about 10 mins I got wheeled into the, I guess, pre-op waiting room and was in there for about 45 mins. Had a few nurses come check on me, my details, allergies etc. then Dr Lee came in and marked me up. He was so lovely and went through some post op stuff, asked if I had any question. He was really reassuring and just felt really comfortable with him. Between then and getting into surgery was about 5 mins. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 8:15am. After they wheeled me into the operating room, I swapped onto the operating table, got hooked up to the IV and was under in I reckon, 2-3 mins of entering the room. It was really quick. I then woke up at 9:10am with the nurse next to me. I could talk and see but was still a bit out of it, I tried looking at my boobs and I could see them but then not remember what they looked like, so would look again - I did this a fair bit while trying to wake up, it was so weird. The nurses were great and kept telling me they looked amazing etc etc. and because I was so alert they sent me staight back to my room and brought me some food and water. It was great seeing hubby in the room when I got there, I kept asking if they looked ok, we they too small, were they ok, did they look weird etc. etc. lol. I couldn’t eat but just nibbled on a few things, water was my main concern cuz I had a really dry mouth. Felt great with no pain, just a little bit of pressure or a really dull ach. If anyone has had kids it’s like the engorged feeling. Dozed off and on for a couple of hours in my room. I asked if the Dr would come in and see me and the nurse said generally he won’t, unless there is something particular he is wanting to discuss. If all went well in surgery he usually won’t come in. At about 11am the nurse asked me to got to the toilet. I didn’ Feel like I needed to go cuz I had only had a small glass of water or two, but I had had I think a litre of IV fluid. Getting up was different, I couldn’t open the toilet door and the nurse had to help me. I was eventually able to do a wee, but it was hard to go at first, for some reason, it took real concentration to start peeing (sorry if tmi). I think that is due to the anaesthetic or drugs or something. By the time I got back to the bed (maybe 4m away) I was nauseous and had a hot flush. I had to concentrate on not vomiting, it was horrible. Prior to this I was feeling great. Over the next hour these waves of nausea would come and go. Eating more helped settle my tummy which was good. We had to wait for all of my medications to be ready but eventually got dressed and packed up the room. We finally left the hospital at about 12:30pm. Felt pretty good most of the day- I’ve been eating all day to stop the nausea and it’s working, haven’t eating this much for ages. My boobs look a little weird at the moment, really high and hard, definitely got frankenboob and they look square. Can’t wait for them to drop and fluff. Also started my meds that afternoon, haven’t needed the hard painkiller yet, just on panadol, anti inflammatories and antibiotics. I rarely take any meds so the panadol is working for now. Managed a bit of a walk around at about 6pm which was good as my legs were feeling funny (still had the leg compression socks on due to not moving much today - advised by the nurse to keep these on). Before sleep last night I took 2 panadol (previously just been having 1 every 4 hours) and slept through from about 10:30pm to 5am being propped up on pillows. I tried lying down completely flat for about an hour, fell asleep but then couldn’t get up. Hubby had to lift me as I was stuck lol. Definitely going to stay propped up on pillows for a few days. This morning I was slightly stiff, feeling better than expected though. Had my meds first thing too. Going to try for a shower and get in some fresh clothes. Definitely happy with my results so far, no signs of bruising or incisions bleeding. I’m more sore around my armpits and along the side boob area, it feels more muscle movement that causes discomfort though. Every now and again I do get a gurgling sound, it’s usually when I’m moving around getting up etc. it’s so weird, but not painful. So far, really happy with my results and coundn’t be happier with Dr Mark Lee. Stats: I got 450cc HP smooth silicon, 164cm, 63kg, started off as a deflated 12b,
  4. Ahhhh, you ladies are a god send. Thank you so much for your support and advice!! It’s so encouraging to hear from others that have gone through the same thing, especially when I’m over here freaking out about the anaesthetic, that’s my only concern right now. Tbh, I’m not sure if it’s excitement or nerves. I’ve been thinking and wanting new boobs for years and can’t believe the day is finally here I have just arrived at the hospital, will probably be a few hours until I’m in surgery though. I’m sure I’ll be out of it for a few days but will try and keep you posted on how I’m going. Thanks for the love ladies xxx
  5. That’s really exciting Sunny106, congrats Yes, I’m booked in for Thurs, Feb 15th. I had my final consult last week just to check size and go over a couple more questions I had. I was so excited up until about 2 days ago, now I’m just nervous. I can’t believe it’s actually happening.
  6. Good luck today Crabi570!!! Let us know how you go
  7. That’s so exciting Crabi570! What size are you going?
  8. Hi Juls Yes I’m all booked!! I’m first up for the day so need to be at the hospital at 6:30am. My PS has recommended 450cc HP smooth round silicone, however I have another consult on the 6th to confirm size. My max is 575cc but I think that will be too big for me. I’m currently a deflated B cup due to breastfeeding, hence the Round HP because I need upper pole (still looking for a natural look though). What has your surgeon recommended, rounds or teardrop?
  9. How exciting Juls!!! I am thinking of booking in for Feb 15. I am just needing to sort out time off work and then I should be right to go. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited and nervous
  10. Hi Sunny106, I just had a consult with him yesterday. I found him wonderful and answered all of my questions. I took hubby with me and he really liked him as well. Thinking of booking with him in Feb.. eeeek. It’s really close so I’m freaking out a little bit. I think having a consult with a couple of surgeons is really helpful too. good luck
  11. There is a really good book by Dr. Susan Kolb called "the naked truth about breast implants". Kolb is a plastic surgeon who specialises in breast implants and has them herself. She also has a practice in the US that specialises in treating the many health problems caused by implants, mainly auto-immune diseases/reactions etc. It's a really good read and a great resource. It might help explain what's happening. Good luck and hope you feel better soon
  12. There is a book by Dr Susan Kolb called 'the truth about breast implants'. I haven't read it but have seen a few TV and radio interviews with her and its really interesting. She has breast implants herself and runs a clinic for detoxing the body due to the implants/complications. She says the implants actually decrease the chances of breast cancer, but can increase the chances of other cancers. Google or YouTube her, I did and am still happy to go ahead with breast augmentation
  13. Hi one day, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I can't say I know what your going through but if its any consolation I do understand just what the 'not knowing' can do to you and those close to you. Late last year my best friend found a lump in her breast and it was highly likely it was cancer. She had previously (12 mths before) had a hysterectomy as she had cervical cancer. Luckily they got it before it had actually needed chemo/radiation etc. So you could imagine how heartbreaking the news would be that she has a lump (she hasn't had augmentation either- and getting implants doesn't even increase your chances). She is only 32!! Anyway, she had a biopsy and everything was absolutely FINE!!! Even with a really crap medical history, it can still just be a little harmless lump. I know nothing will come close to easing your mind like the negative test results, but I hope this story helps a little. We can't help but think of the worst. Try and keep positive, there is nothing that you can do to change the results. Sending you hugs and kisses xxx
  14. Wow, congrats!! Are they heaps softer after the one year mark? Im wanting brazilians but wondering if they really are better, softer etc after a year. I know they are firmer than others but do they now feel part of you? Sounds as tho you're really happy with them. Sending fr to check your pics if thats ok
  15. Hi Little miss, don't apologise, the great thing about this forum is that so many girls on here support and guide us. I'm still pre op but have gone through everything you are. My first thought was to go overseas, I have had a friend go over and have friends of friends go over too. All of which have come back very happy. For me though, I was so concerned for the aftercare if anything were to happen. That's why I decided to wait until I could have them in oz. If your concerned about $$ then look into The cosmetic Institute (TCI) in Sydney. They do BA's for just under $6000 and everyone on here cannot rave enough about all the surgeons there. I've only just started to look into them myself and I'm torn to go through them or a dr that specifically does Brazilians (TCI only do textured). When you have a consult the surgeon will be able to give you his/her opinion on what would suit your frame. Just be aware that complications can occur whether you have surgery here or overseas, but when things go wrong (even if it isn't the surgeon/hospital's fault) purely having surgery overseas can make it harder to get a surgeon to take on your case. I remember a few weeks ago there was a girl on here that was in hospital for over a week on IV antibiotics, as she developed an infection 4 months post op (she went to Thailand). She was lucky and didn't need an explant as the hospital surgeons thought the ab's would work- lucky because infectious diseases or something wanted it removed as she had them done overseas (do a search to get the full story, sorry but I can't remember who posted it). In saying that there are also girls that have had surgery in oz and had problems. I think so long as you do your research and are happy with your choice then go with it. Heaps of girls on here have had a great overseas experiences, have a read through them
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