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  1. Apart from the czr troubles everything sounds like it went smoothly. Richard does an amazing job, i am glad you are happy with them! Look forward to seeing your progess!
  2. Pre surgery i was a 12c post surgery 12e with a 450cc round implant. I am 166cm and was 55kg but am not sitting at 65kg! Its good to be back jaddles! I went baby crazy for a bit, now I'll be boobie crazy again in no time. Good to see other members from my time are still around!
  3. they have possibly aaffected my milk supply slightly. I take a supplement for that though and pump 3 times as well as feed her. At first it was painful to feed from my right side because it has been super sensitive since my revision but now it is fine, better than it was before starting breastfeeding!
  4. nnow more than ever everyone is very for breast is best! Yes they are right, but you don't see formula hurting babies! People can be so judgemental as well and no one should jusge someone on the personal decisions!
  5. if you are still a while off having kids look good while you can! They are easily fixed!
  6. I remember all the nerves. Orignally we weren't planning on having another baby because between us we already had 3 children. I got clucky though and this is definitely it! Feel free to follow my progress, it may be along process but it will be happening eventually!
  7. I never intended to make anyone nervous as one persona experience isn't going to be anothers. I think size, placement and type of inplant are going to play a huge role in what your results may be after pregnancy. Mine didn't change much at all during pregnancy, it was just the feeding. Obviously the boob on the left is worse. It was also the one that CC was the most noticeable. They are bigger and saggier now.
  8. You could get away without a lift but for better, longer lasting results I personally would get a lift. If I could go back in time i definitely would!
  9. This was one of the questions i asked before surgery and could never get a first hand experience so I thought it might be useful for others. I am thinking that too. I think i will definitely be getting unders next time.
  10. It has been about a year since I was last on here. I had my original breast augmentation on the 18/7/2013. Only months after i started to develop CC, worse on the right side, then had them replaced the 6/2/2014. Since then I have given birth to beautiful, healthy baby girl. I wanted to share with you my experience with you all who haven't had children yet or plan to have more. Breastfeeding has been hard! When my milk came in it was excruciatingly painful. My boobs look like had double in size over night. My milk supply is low and milk flow is slow, so i have to supplement with formula. I developed mastitis and i suspect my CC is back. But worst of all my boobs look HORRIBLE. My implants have stayed in place and got harder while my breast tissue hangs below my implant. I have major snoopy boobs. I plan on getting them fixed once i have finished breastfeeding. New implants and lift! I'm not trying to say don't have an augmentation before having children, I am just letting you know my experience.
  11. I have only been without a bra once and even then the top I wore had wire that pressed my boobs together and held them in place. I still wear one of my surgical bras or a crop to bed every night.
  12. Happy to hear your surgeon is willing to help you out! You hear of a lot of surgeons brushing off peoples concerns on here lately! Best of luck with your revision, I hope you get a better result this time round xx
  13. I use one that also feels "thick" on my skin and I thought it was the reason I kept breaking out. I recently changed make up and my skin is clear for the first time since I was a teenager. It's called actinica. I don't go a day with out using it.
  14. I follow her on instagram! She has an amazing body and the results people get from her 12 week program are amazing! Best of luck!
  15. My surgeon prescribed zofran wafers for the stomach cramps from the pain meds! Absolutely amazing they are!
  16. Are you still on pain meds! If so hopefully once you finish the belly will go down for you. Part of it is also swelling it does travel down farther than just you breasts! It's not enjoyable but will all be forgotten soon enough! With the gap I can't comment from personal experience as mine were together from the start but I have seen photos other ladies have put up and theirs have moved closer together as they settle into place!
  17. Thanks everyone! I also hope this pregnancy is easier than my previous. It is still only very early days but I just had to tell someone other than my partner and parents!
  18. Go at a nice steady pace and try not to over do it (easier said than done I know) and you should be fine. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it! I went back to work in childcare a week after my revision. I got out of nappies for an extra week but there is still cleaning and lifting children happening throughout the day!
  19. I have a 12.5cm bwd and I got 450cc mod+ round mentors! Their width is slightly larger than my bwd but that has given me a little bit of side boob and awesome cleavage! You definitely won't look ridiculous with any of these sizes at all. Mine look so natural, you are welcome to have a look at my photos if you like
  20. I am glad it happened so easily as I was a bit stressed out thinking it was going to be hard for us to conceive!
  21. Thanks ladies! I knew what you meant Nadine
  22. My fiance and I weren't planning on trying for a baby until January but apparently the universe had another plan for us! I had bought a pregnancy test when my period was 9 days later than my last cycle (which had still been irregular since my mirena removal in june) not expecting it to come back positive but had this feeling that there was a possibility! We are so happy and thought I would share this with this amazing community! You have all been amazing through out the last year and a half that I have been an active member! Xx
  23. Thank you Jaycee! Very, very useful information! Luggage space has always been one of my main concerns! Can you have just one seat up at a time in most 7 seaters! It appears I may be needing one sooner that expected!
  24. Thanks whitey You are a gem for getting that information! If I spent as much time looking at cars as I do on forums then I would already have a new car!
  25. Whitey you are not wrong about the front being ugly! My boss has a cx7 and I hate the headlights! The inside of them is lovely though! I had a look at the kluger! I do like them, such a hard choice!
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