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  1. ...so, today's the day! Upper and lower abdominal Lipo with Dr Szalay in Brissy.... I'm a size 8 to 10 but have never had a 'bikini tummy'. I've always had a layer of puppy fat which just got worse after having my three gorgeous girls. I know that it takes up to 12 weeks to see the final result, but I'm impatient already. Hehe! This is stage 1 of my Mummy Makeover. Will go in later in the year for a BA, so I guess this first time will be the most nerve wracking as I'm not sure what to expect! (As long as recovery isn't as bad as with my c section, I reckon I'll be fine! ...now I'm off to get the TED stockings on....! Will let you know how it went!
  2. Hi ladies! I can answer my own question now!....Saw Dr Szalay this morning. He is lovely! Friendly, enthusiastic, realistic and explained everything incredibly thoroughly. His reception staff were also really friendly. Was very impressed. And excited!! Am going for 400s textured unders with high profile and abdo Lipo. Can get into surgery from the end of July onwards. Hooray!!
  3. Hello! I'm a complete newby on this site, so hello everyone! I have a feeling I'm going to be on here a lot! I have a quick question. I'm sorry if its been asked a lot before but I can't seem to find posts on it.... How soon generally can you have your BA after a consult? I have a consult booked with Dr Szalay in Brissy tomorrow. After years of researching etc, I just wanna get on with it.....hehe!
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