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  1. A lot of places won't give you a BA so soon after having a baby I think the minimum is 4 to 6 months. And I haven't had mine done yet but I was told by my surgeon no lifting for 2 weeks and after that I can lift if it is for only short periods and doesn't cause any discomfort. Talk to your surgeon
  2. Just wondering what brand implant you have and why did you decide to go with that brand?
  3. But a holiday with your partner would be a good idea and enjoy shopping alone while you can.
  4. Vitamin tablets are good and Lots of sex Hahaha have fun! If you ever need help later down the track I am a breastfeeding counselor and only happy to help
  5. They are $1000 cheaper then the allergen implants. I wonder if that means they are poorer in quaility?
  6. Has anyone heard of this brand and can give me some more info. The nurse from the surgeons office rang today and I asked her what brands does the surgeon use and she said Allergen, mentor and Surgiplas.... I have never heard of the last one.
  7. Sounds like you had a fantastic experience! Congratulations on the new boobies!
  8. Thank you for voicing your opinions - that's what a forum is all about. Am almost completed my study and soon I will be able to start up my business from home and hopefully save a bit more. Donatella i noticed you have cereform implants... i have been looking into this brand. they seem to be quite good. What made you decide to go with them?
  9. I do work from home but we have just moved so in another month I will be getting my business up and running again so then I will have more income. I read the last centrelink payment conversation so I know what you are referring to ladies. I only save half of what is left over each fortnight for myself the other $100 goes into my kids accounts. If anything comes up and they need anything it comes straight out of my savings no question asked. Kids will always come before elective surgery.
  10. I only have family benefits that we are living off so I manage to save $100 a fortnight. I want to save as much as i can and then apply for a small loan. But it's just taking so long. Can't wait to get a job and be able to save some real money!!
  11. Ladies how long did it take you to save for your BA. I am trying to save the full amount but things keep coming up and it comes out of my savings. Feel like I am going to be 100 yrs old before I save enough to cover my BA. lol
  12. I rang today and he said he wants to us natrelle 410 because he believes they are the best (also happen to be the most expensive) but has said he is happy to use either the mentor or cereform and that i have to do my research and make the decision on brands myself. So now i am even more confused...
  13. I believe as long as all the childrens needs are met then it is up to the mother to do what she wants with the money left over after bills, rent and what not. My kids have everything they need and I save a little bit from my payment each fortnight to go towards getting a BA one day. I have no other source of income and would love to work but at the moment it's just not suitable for me to do so. Bottom line is that my kids will always come first and anything left over is mine to save
  14. Thanks ladies I am going to do some research on sizing tonight
  15. Been given the choice between mentor or allergen anatomicals but don't know which to go with. They are both reputable brands. Which would you choose and why?
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