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    Dr Harwood/15 Oct 2013
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  1. Hi ladies, just a quick question. Im 16 days post op, got fitted yesterday at bras n things, i got fitted as a 8D. There is like hardly any 8D bras around (gonna have to look online i think) anyways, the shop assistants keep suggesting i t a 10A. Wtf!!! I dont want to wear a 10A!!! So my question: is 8D similar to 10A? When i tried on a 8C my nipples were visible, so why are they saying 10A? So annoying!!!
  2. I had twilight yesterday morning for my BA. The first dose made me feel tipsy to drunk pretty quickly, but the room wasnt spinning or amything. I kist wanted to shut my eyes, they tied my hands to my undies to stop me moving etc. Dr jarwood asked how i was doing since they put a sheet over my head n i said 'im still here' he replied 'i know sweetheart, the next dose is coming now' i told them all nigj night, see you on the other side. Next thing i know im awake in a recovery chair, fully dressed. He said i pretty much dressed myslef n walked to recovery but i dont remember a thing. I dosed off again n when i actually woke up properly he was asking if i wanted another tea. I dont remember drinking the first one. I had also eaten half a biccie, which i also dont remember. Another girl came out to sit next to me- she was still off with the fairies lol. All in all it went great. I was mostly nervouse about the canula thing, but it really wasnt anything. I hate needles with a passion so it was prob the best one ive ever had. I def didnt watch it though!!! Lol!
  3. Hi girlies , so i had my consult monday arvo. All the normal stuff, got weighed n measured, asked what i wanted to achieve etc. It all went smoothe n well we agreed on 305cc round HP brazzies. Could have fit 330cc in but that would make my nips out etc so 035 it was. My was pushing for 250-280 cc but i just ignored her haha! Artived at the clinic at 7 on tuesday morning and the fun began. We tried on implants again to be sure. Went through to the surgery about 5 mins later, filled out paperwork (not much of it) and tjen took some pics. Dr harwood started doing his drawings on my itty bittys, and then put on my gown n loser 'shoes' and it was time to lay down. Lafy put thing in arm which was fine, all of a sudden felt tipsy- then drunk- they sprayed me down, put the secpnd lot in n i told them 'night nigjt- see yous on the other. side' they started to laugh abit . Then i woke up eating a biccie, and a jelly bean.y was there n a blonde girl. Took me awhile to focus n understand everything. Took me ages to send a simple text... went back to hotel, had a nap for an hour. Then went sight seei.g for a while. So gpod so far. Once i woke from surgery pain was 2/10, mostly discomfort n tightness. Stayed that way all arvo/ night. Just woke ip at 3 n was abit sore so ive had more meds n a valium. So far i jave taken 6 pain killers (4 digestic n one mesonyol) i tjink its called, taken 1 sleeping tablet n one valium. Sorry about spelling and my grammer (i can actually spell) lol just my phone is too much effort to play with atm. Feel free to ask questions or whatever lol! Good luck to the next couple girls up. Its so worth it! Ps. O havnt seen my boobs yet, will when i have a shower tomorrow morning before my check up. Bit of blood on dressing but figured its pretty nornal haha! Peace put ladies
  4. My bf gets hep needles for his work coz he works with garbage n they make him feel **** for days. His last lot of shots was friday arvo and since he has had no energy, run down, hot n cold sweats, bit of loss of appitite etc. So its prob normal. He had to get 3 shots over 3 mpnths, then they wait afew weeks, give him a bloodtest to make sure his levels are enough to protect him. Not too sure how ot works going over seas though. Goodluck darl
  5. Hey girls, i just got home. Feeling good. Bit light headed and very tight around my boob area. Ill write some more later on, coz i keep making spelling mistakes etc n taking ages to send texts etc.
  6. Hiya ladies so i fly to brisbane early tomorrow morning, then surgery tuesday morning. Im first up for the day gonna be sad to say byebye to my baby girl (3 whole days ill be away gonna miss her crazy arse) but om very excited to finally be having my op. Just finished all my packing n now to wait the long hours until take off! Maynegirl- i will be def asking for maximum pain killers too! Hope all the other ladies are dping well take care everyone xx
  7. Hi ladies, havnt been on the forum for awhile now, been trying not to think about all things boob! (Which is linda impissible) lol! Congrats to the ladies that are now on the other side i hope your all doing well. I will having a browse through all the threads ive missed lately. I have 8 days to go super keen! Just started to feel abit nervous but im mostly excited. On a funny note : i always use my rice sizers to check out what i will look like after my op, i even have them in my bag when i buy new clothes, i use them in the change rooms so i know how ill look etc haha! Yesterday my 2 year old daughter walked out with them down her tshirt bahaha! What made it worse was the fact my dad n sister were over i guess that goes to show how much i check out myself 'with boobies' haha! Shame
  8. Umm im not actually sure, i got told i could shower from the next day so assumed i could hit the water. Was planning on wearing my support bra (not bikini) lol! The instructor told me he would help out with lifting etc when needed. Theres four kids per lesson so i should be okay, shes pretty good 'normally' lol. I might ring n check with dr harwood about the swimming thing though thanks for your help though, and i hate it when they run off too haha! Little shits (hehe)
  9. Hi all just wondering if any post op girls could give me some insight about attending toddler swimming lessons? They cost me 200 per term and wanted to start about the 1st of november. My BA is 15th oct. Is this long enough. Not sure whats expected of me during the lessons but i know i need to participate to some degree. Ive never gone to them before, will i be lifting my baby? Throwing her? Lol!!! Dont wanna pay all that money n have to cancel them. My surgeon said no lifting for 6 weeks, but i know its kinda unrealistic for mothers not to pick up their baby for that long. Water also takes abit of pressure off yeah? Sorry for my rambling- thanks ladies xx
  10. Im in the same boat. I live in cairns and my surgery is in brissie. First i had a phone consult with my surgeon, sent photos of me and photos of what i want to look like after BA. We then decided a date for surgery. I fly to brissie monday morning, have a consult in the arvo, surgery first thing tuesday morning and then fly home weds arvo. I also emailed my surgeon many questions and had afew quick chats with him. Goodluck
  11. If you want big boobs, not just average id go with the bigger size. Try making rice sizers and wear for afew hours while at home, try on different clothes etc and take pics. Lots of girls say that the size scared them but after a week they were so used to them they werent 'big' anymore just normal to them. Def trust your surgeon though, if the bigger size was gonna look stupid im sure he wouldnt reccommend them so i think your safe and youll get used to them quickly i originally wanted 250cc (or approx that size) and when i had my consult he suggested 330cc which kinda shocked me since im tiny but ive been wearing the sizers for awhile each night and now they seem great go with your gut xx
  12. Google 'profile' pics of breast implants, or even utube it. Ive seen videos about them that help explain it as for the placement of implants, thats decided by how much tissue you already have. My surgeon says im basically a blank canvas, i have very little boob fat, so going behind the muscle is ideal for me. If i went in front of the muscle, theres a big chance people will be able to see the edge of the implant :/ which would be abit yuk haha! If you already have enough boob than you can go in front without the edges visable. In front is also a quicker recovery, with apparently less pain. Going behind the muscle will lose abit of size so for example 330ccs will look like 300. Well thats what ive been told. Hope that helps, def checkout utube though. I think dr craig layt has a great consultation video ehere he explains heaps of this stuff
  13. Yeehaa so excited for you septemeber sure is zooming past pretty quickly! Now you only have two weeks to go! Bet your super excited. Hope the days go quick for you cant wait to hear your story once your on the other side xx
  14. Wowee a week earlier! thats so awesome ladylumps! Haha. Glad he's thinking about you sugarV- i havent done any research on cereform, but u should trust your PS opionion. Just do some google research and try to get some feedback. They must be safe enough if theyre available but i would still listen to a professional. I am getting the brazzies, i had already decided they were right for me and then i found my surgeon. Goodluck in your research 35 days for me now!
  15. Soo ladies 39 days until my new boobies haha! So motherFing keen haha! I started my count down at 126 days so im nearly there lilbeetle so jealous you get new boobs and a holiday have you decides on any activites your gonna do over there? Like ride an elephant etc? Hopibg everyone is doing well with their upcoming surgeries.
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