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  1. Today I went to the doctor to have a booster vaccination and a pap smear as my husband and I want to try for a baby soon. During the pap smear I stated to bleed and the GP acted like this is big deal. I read online that it is normal, but the way she acted certainly didn’t make it seem like it was normal. Since then I have had lower back pain and pelvic pain too. I am absolutely freaking out. Please someone calm me down and say this is normal? Everything I read on google has my convinced I have cervical cancer and will be infertile.
  2. I'm now a 14E from being a 12B. 90% of my clothes still fit, I exercise often and wear a lulumelon sports bra and have zero discomfort and own a bunch of sexy bras! I also don't get any more attention than I did before, or if I do I don't notice it
  3. It does have a zip at the back. Goods new, when I told the girls up and in and have DH help, it fits!
  4. My friend is getting married April 4, and I purchased an Alannah Hill dress (new with tags) for a steal on ebay. It is perfection. Only one problem, it doesn't fit the girls. I tried it on and got it done up.. But it was uncomfortably tight. I just tried it again (same day) and I can't even get it up. Can this dress be let out? I have 3 weeks to try and lose some weight too.
  5. There is hope.. 6 weeks post op I measured a 14DD, I got measured again yesterday and am pushing a 14F now.
  6. I just wish people would stop judging other people, full stop. It is none of your business if someone is fat, someone is thin, someone has surgery, someone wants to remain natural, someone eats healthy and exercises daily or someone eats takeaway and never exercises. Unless it directly affects you, I don't want to hear it. /rant.
  7. Hi ladies, I haven't been on here for awhile, crazy how time flies on the other side of boobie land. I am now 3 1/2 months post op and couldn't be happier. My breasts are so soft, unless you know they are fake you can not tell. I started as a 12B, 6 weeks post up measured at a 14DD and am now pushing a 14E/14F. Scarring is still noticeable, but not to the point that it makes me self conscious. I cannot recommend Dr Doña enough. I'm very happy with me size, shortly after my BA I had regretted now going bigger but now they have dropped and fluffed I am thrilled with them and I wouldn't want them any bigger. So yes, that is my update - thrilled!
  8. Oh darling, stop being silly! My breasts were so droopy my nipples pointed to the floor! 1 lift and a pair of HP 560cc and I have big round beautiful boobs with so much upper pole fullness I can rest my chin on them!
  9. I know the feeling - I have 560cc and am a 14DD. They don't look fake at all, completely natural. I'm sure some people would kill for them but I had imagined them bigger.
  10. Within a month they felt normal and now, roughly 10 weeks post op I don't remember what it was like before having them.
  11. Ok, so this is completely off topic but it's been on my mind and you girls always give good advice! Hubby and I want to try for a baby in 12 months. My maternity leave will of kicked in and I will of finished Uni. The only issue is, we won't own a house by then. My man earns a really good income but we have a $25,000 loan + a $30,000 car loan outstanding. We have done our budget and will have this all paid off by the end of the year and then will start saving for a house. In our area, where we are very happy and settled, a two bedroom unit with a double garage will be roughly $500,000. This is in our budget, but I don't want to have a two bedroom apartment with a baby. A three bedroom rental will be $650 or there abouts. We can afford that, but that will affect our ability to save for our own place. How do people do this, seriously?
  12. I had a breast lift and implants (560cc round under the muscle) with Dr Doña in November. He performed both surgeries at the same time, but he did say that if there is too much breast tissue he will not perform both operations at once. I started as a 12B for reference. Dr Doña is amazing, I can't fault him and I have had the most perfect recovery!
  13. I am looking on his website now at the breast augementation gallery. There are a handful of natural looking implants on his site. If you are really concerned that he isn't going to give you what you want, save your consultation fee money and use it towards another surgeon who produces more of your desired result.
  14. I am 5'6 - was 72 kilos but packed on a few KGS having time off the gym - I have 560cc and am now a DD pushing an E
  15. I was swollen and sore for just under two weeks. I was not completely pain free until the 3rd week and at a month post op I would get swollen if I over-did it moving around too much.
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