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    Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand
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    BA 400cc moderate profile 'overs' mentor silicone (gummy bears) smooth gel
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    Dr Amorn Poomee, 8th December 2011
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    171cms 63kgs pre-op bra size 12A post-op bra size full 12D

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  1. Good to hear from you girls! Blondee, your boobs are fabulous as they are! But you make me feel better about going back for revision myself - not that I don't want to go back but I feel a bit guilty spending all this money when I have a family. Oh well, what can you do? I would still like them a bit bigger anyway and I said to my surgeon if I got cc I'd just come back and do it again - he laughed! There's no point worrying! I really had the most amazing time in Bangkok that I'd love to do it all again - it was a bit of a fairytale (something you've always wanted and you finally get it!). Blondee, how big are you going? What size are you now? My surgeon was wrong about my size - he said I'd be a D at the most but I'm a double D at least. Chacha, how big are you goin? Is your hubby onboard or what? It's so damn exciting! Wanna hear all about it! Best of luck, Girls!
  2. Hey Chacha! You're getting your much-wanted BA finally! That's so great 'cos I remember you saying that it wasn't a popular notion with your hubby and you might have to settle without. So good for you! It really is a fun time anticipating your BA. It's weird but I've read a lot of the girls on here say they wish they could go through it all again and it's so true. It's such an exciting time. Probably that's why I'm not so bummed I've got CC! I always said that if I got it I'd just suck it up and save up and go bigger! So yeah, I'm not too bummed or depressed. We know the risks we take and I still love my boobs! They still look awesome in clothes and swimmers and the hubby doesn't care at all that one's a little more shrivelled than the other! HOWEVER, the left one is perfect and the desire to make the other the same is there so I will probably go back in a year or two (depending on how much cash I can save) to get a revision. Hope you're excited and good luck with your ba!
  3. Hey there, I'm 8 months post op and I know I have cc because I've done enough research to know what it feels like so I don't need a diagnosis from a surgeon. Besides, my surgeon is in Bangkok and I'm not! He was a wonderful surgeon - I insisted on overs and unfortunately bled excessively then ended up with cc. It's not all bad - it's not noticeable in swimmers or clothes so that's a plus but I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with cc and what they did about it and how successful it was. I'm massaging and whatnot but I"m thinking I'll have a revision in a year or two and either go under the muscle or maybe just have a capsulectomy because my left boob looks amazing and I still have full use of my pectoral muscle which is what I wanted. Undecided. I doubt the massage is going to work but you never know - I will keep trying. Any info would be hugely appreciated!
  4. Arrrggghhh! Blondee, you're kidding. Can't believe you want to go back and go bigger! Your boobs look fab - but, hey it's not what I think of them - you're the one who needs to be happy. I have CC in my right boob so without clothes on my right one looks smaller than my left. Luckily with clothes on you can't tell - even with a bikini top. It's weird actually. I'll go back for revision eventually but I'm not too worried about it - I did insist on overs afterall! But when I do go back in a couple of years or whatever I'll probably add a hundred or so ccs and go under the muscle!
  5. Hi Lizbeth! Sorry about the late reply. Haven't had the internet for the longest time. I hope it's not too late to answer your questions - you might've had your ba by now! I got round smooth silicone 400cc but I'm 171cms tall and I weigh 65kgs (not fat though, just heavy haha). Overs give a bigger result so if you get unders you need to add 50cc or thereabouts. So I think mine are the equivalent of 450cc under the muscle. But it only took me to a 12DD and if I lose a few kilos (which would be more my normal weight) I imagine I'll lose a cup so I'll be a 12D. But everyone's cup size ends up looking soooo different. So I've decided it's best for me not to focus too much on size but rather appearance because I get disappointed when I think about the size but I love how they look. So it's a win-win! Good luck Lizbeth!
  6. Hey girls! Thanks for your replies. Sooo much. Chacha, I am so chuffed you've had your tt and you're getting your BA in just a few months! Awesome. Good for you. Once you have the idea in your head it's impossible to let it go, isn't it? So congratulations on your new look - well, the first part completed and the second to come.... YOu are right, moving's a bit of a nightmare. The kids are ok. my aspie is okay with change luckily. So she's settling in pretty well. She goes to a school now where she's in the smarty pants class (I'm sure you know how aspies are weirdly intelligent!) so she doesn't have to do the same repetitive work that the regular kids do which is less boring for her so that's a win! MBB, I have considered your theory as to the right boob because it has a more dominant muscle under it. And I am now starting to rethink the CC. Because the implant moves freely when I move it. I think maybe where I had the burst blood vessel there might be a bit of scar tissue but it isn't encapsulating the entire implant but it is still a little hard spot (not THAT hard) But I can live with that. And Nikbri, I am so glad you've mentioned that one of your boobs moves more freely than the other. This has added to my relief now, reconsidering that I have a CC. What a bummer I haven't been able to get online before now to get all you girls' opinions - it would've eased my mind no end. But better late than never! How's the freestyle going with unders? I know some girls find it weird while others find it ok. Even now when I swim freestyle there's a pull below my right boob which is really uncomfortable but I've persevered and it seems to go away after a few laps but then I'm sore under the boobs afterwards. Why can't things just be straight-forward!? How are you finding your new girls in general, Nikbri? Was it worth it? Are you happy with the outcome overall? I found myself wishing last night that I could do the whole trip again! I had 9 whole days away, lots of alone time and time to just walk (which obviously kids hate) and soak up the atmosphere of Bangkok. I think I'll have to think of some other surgery to have in the future just so I can go back and experience it all again! Great to hear from you all and I will post some update pics very very soon ....XOXO
  7. Hey everyone, just wanted to say sorry to all those wonderful ladies who sent me FRs and sent me messages. I have actually just moved towns so it was a huge undertaking and I haven't had internet for about 6 weeks now (have resorted to the local library service which is where I am now). So I am very sorry for not answering your questions - I haven't ditched you all, it's just been a matter of difficulty. In any case I guess you might be wondering how my recovery went. Well, i am 12 weeks post op and things are going great. I just started swimming laps which made me glad I got overs. HOWEVER, my right side does not move the same as my left and has not dropped as much as my left which now looks pretty much natural. I had a burst blood vessel in my right side during surgery (it was apparently difficult to stop the bleeding) and there is a sore sport where it was and the sore spot is not going to go away, I don't think. It's not bad, just present. So my theory is this: I have a capsular contracture in that boob. Bit of a bummer but not all bad. Only I can notice it. The difference between the two boobies is very subtle and the hubby said they feel exactly the same. They still look awesome but are not completely symmetrical to my eyes. They do feel the same to touch and the right boob still moves but doesn't bounce quite as much as the other and sits about half a centimetre higher than the other. All in all though it still moves easily and if this is my final result I am very happy. I will take photos and post them as soon as I get internet at my new abode. (Public library not really the place for it!) Also the boob with the suspected capsular contracture has a sort of firm spot where the burst blood vessel was. So just something for you all to consider if getting overs. This may have happened if I had unders, given that a burst blood vessel like mine was unusual in any case. So I'm still glad I got the 'overs', just hoping that if this is CC that it doesn't get any worse.
  8. Hi Lizbeth, I was a 12A before my BA and I decided to go with 'overs' because I prefer the look of them - I don't like the muscle separation with unders but that's just me - most girls don't mind it at all. I also like to exercise (although it's been distinctly missing in the last month since BA) but it was mostly swimming laps that prompted me to get overs. That and the look of them. Take a look at my album and see what they looked like 3 weeks ago - they've dropped a tiny bit but look pretty much the same. Perky! I'm just trying to keep them moving constantly so as to avoid CC. If I get CC at least I tried with overs - that's my theory. And if I don't, which is more likely, I will be very very happy I went with overs. But most girls want unders so I'm in the minority. I guess you just have to do your own research and make your own decision. My surgeon also recommended unders but I resisted and went with my gut feeling. Good luck with your decision making!
  9. Hi Kath, I had a BA (okay, I know it's not a vag-reno!) but I had Dr Amorn Poomee at Bumrungrad and he answers all your emails personally and within 24 hours. He is very experienced (25 years in America and 16 in Thailand) and I imagine he would know something about this. You can get his email if you google him - it's easy to find. I really recommend him and it would be much nicer if you could find someone who has some experience in this. You don't go through an agency to use him - he works only for himself, hence answering all his own emails. You could just make an enquiry and if he doesn't have experience I'm sure he would know someone who does. He was a fabulous surgeon and a great people-person. Good luck with collecting info!
  10. I think I agree with you LilyM about the companies suggesting MRIs every 3 years. It's like the washing instructions on clothes - they almost always recommend hand-washing in cold water - it's all just to cover themselves when the shitty garment breaks down and then you admit you didn't handwash all the time and your warranty is suddenly void! The companies are bound to suggest this just to cover themselves. As far as mentor gel implants - they have a lifetime warranty claiming they won't rupture and they are pretty new in the way they don't leak - they're more the consistency of gelatine, solid enough so that if one does rupture the silicone is unlikely to travel anywhere else in the body. That's why they are supposedly so great. The stories about the leakages and whatnot are coming from a time when implants weren't as advanced as they are now so I reckon it's not worth worrying about it all now. We have to live in the moment and enjoy our new boobies! I have had enough stress in the last month worrying about CC and the shape of my boobs and everything else that now I'm just enjoying them happily! BTW Lisa74, my boobs are also numb and I had over the muscle whereas blondee has all her feeling back and she's only 3 weeks post op! You just never know how your body will react.....
  11. Hey Justright, I agree with Lisa74 about taking cash. It is just the easiest and best way to get the best exchange rate without stuffing around. ATMs in Thailand charge 150 baht for every foreign transaction now which is pretty much bang-on five dollars. Not a huge amount but if you get it out over and over again it does add up. Also I did get money out once via ATM right at the end of my trip and the exchange rate wasn't good either - for cash it is great. Also agree with Lisa74 about not getting money over here. DO NOT make this mistake. You only get about 27 baht here while over there you get 31. It's a huge difference. You can just take cash and get it changed as you need it, starting with the airport. It's really easy. I paid for my surgery with my credit card because after weighing up the options I decided that, for me, it wasn't worth the bother of getting another card. With credit card you get the best exchange rates because they work on the international one which doesn't include conversion fees. However this is why credit cards have started charging the 3% - because they didn't want the consumer to get all the cash! I could've paid in aussie dollars but took my chance on thai baht even though I knew I'd have to pay 3%. And it actually worked out better, hence the best conversion rate. I sounds like Lisa had it all sussed however so I might look into doing it that way if I was ever to go again. But personally I was very happy with the conversion rate I got even though it included the 3% fee. I think there was probably very little difference in the end.
  12. There's too much to worry about! It is driving my hubby nuts too - he's like 'stop looking at your boobs in the mirror'. And I keep panicking, asking him and my kids if one is bigger than the other, even getting them to touch them to see if one feels softer than the other! Then when I look in different lights one seems bigger one moment, then the other one the next moment! What a nightmare! Just for the record, I haven't worn a bra since my op. I've been wearing crops and bikini tops which offer no support at all but it's boiling hot up here in the north and everyone wears swimmer around the house. Now I'm starting to worry about sagging. Might be time for a trip to BNT I think......
  13. Hey Supergirl. I guess it's a matter of opinion but I don't think full submuscular would look that great. Your boobs wouldn't bounce at all like natural boobs. And my surgeon said he didn't think there was any difference between partial submuscular and overs which surprised me because most surgeons claim that in eliminating the implant edge visibility the boobs look more natural with submuscular. My surgeon didn't buy into that at all! And so I got overs (he recommended unders but I didn't partake) - take a look at my album and I'm sure you won't be able to tell what placement I got. The only real problem with overs, according to my surgeon, was the greater risk of capsular contracture. As for bottoming out, this doesn't happen very often at all and you can't safeguard against everything - I would rather not have my chest muscles completely cut (thus inevitably losing muscle strength) and take the small risk of bottoming out. I, personally, even chose to take the risk of cc. I think surgeons don't like to do full subs because it interferes too much with your anatomy and they don't consider it necessary. But each one has his/her own opinion so at the end of the day you have to make up your own mind about what's right for you. Try to listen to your intuition, I reckon because trying to decide based on all the information and opinions out there is just overwhelming. Good luck with your decision-making!
  14. This has me worried. I went for a run today - very slow (had the kids on scooters) and my boobs bounced all over everywhere! I just tried to push out my chest so they'd stay a bit more stable! I did have a sports bra on but it was uncomfortable. But I haven't worn a proper bra at all since my op which is just over a month. And I have overs too so no muscle support! My ps just said I could wear whatever I wanted. But my boobs seem to be staying put but now I'm thinking they might start heading south if I don't wear a proper bra. Boo hoo - so much to worry about just when you got your new puppies!
  15. Hi brooks! I also had a BA with Dr Poomee on the 8th of December. I went over the muscle because it was my personal choice - he recommended under. I'm a month on today and my results are absolutely fabulous! Dr Poomee is wonderful, a perfectionist, really gives a ***** about his patients, answers all your emails personally and promptly and his wife is also very lovely. She's also his nurse and helps you decide on implant choice. He costs about 50% more than many of the other surgeons - who are also good - but he was worth every cent. If I ever needed surgery of any kind again I hope he is still practicing. Brilliant experience! As for waiting till you've had another kid - personally I wouldn't. I have two kids and admittedly I got lucky skin or something because I didn't sag at all after 5 years breastfeeding. On the downside my boobs didn't get bigger while I was pregnant either! Having said that I'm much bigger than you! 65kgs and 171cms. (Amazingly I still don't look fat hahaha)! But you should still be able to breastfeed anyway and you'll enter life with your third baby so much happier. But that is strictly my opinion. You have to do what you think is right. But don't feel guilty for getting a boob job before you have another baby - your baby will be fine! I also agree with Lchan, you probably wouldn't be best suited to high profile because of your large rib cage - it sounds like you need a lower profile so it can spread across your chest. Dr Poomee, I think, always recommends moderate but I'm not sure. I got moderate - feel free to check out my album. And don't hesitate to contact Dr Poomee - he will answer your emails within a day.
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