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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr George Mayson, 11/11/13
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    160cm 55kg pre op 12B/10C. 310cc high profile under the muscle, furry brazillians

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  1. FR accepted Sapphire19 ? on girls our hight you need at least 100cc per cup so 400 sounds spot on for a D cup. I think you'd be surprised how much you can hide a D cup, I'm tracking at around a DD at the moment ? will you be going with Rastogi? He's one of the vest in the business and does amazing work!
  2. Hi hj1201, we have similar stats and I was a 34C and got 310cc nuance implants. My op was only 4 weeks ago so I haven't been measured yet but I'm wearing a DD bra at the moment. I reckon I might be slightly bigger once they settle completely. I'll send you a FR so you can check out my photos ?
  3. Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your replies and recommendations! I'll definitely check out dermatix as well as siltape. Taniya I'll send you a FR. Thanks again lovelies! ?
  4. Thanks Kristykiana! Where did you buy the silicone tape and dermatix from?
  5. Hi lovely ladies, I'm just wondering what scar treatment you're using and what is most effective? I'm only using bio oil at the moment but I hear the silicone tape and mederma is suppose to be good? THANKS! ?
  6. Using drains is an older style of technique and usually means longer recovery because you need to stay over night in hospital. Dr's who use drains cut the pocket, put your implant in and stitch you up. Drains are then needed to get rid of all the fluid and blood. Dr's who don't use drains seal off the every incision so you don't bleed as much and can go straight home. My surgeon described it by saying every time they cut you, they close off the cells so they don't bleed. It's more time consuming and a bit trickier which is why not all surgeons do it. You're in safe hands with Dr dona, he has great reviews! ?
  7. Hi Kaytee88! I got 310cc anatomical under the muscles. I was told 350 was the biggest I could go on my frame but I'm happy with my choice. Feel free to FR me if you want to check out my pics ?
  8. Good luck Sophieschick! You won't regret it!!!
  9. Whoooo hoooooo! Not long to go now miss
  10. Congrats on the new girls!! I'll send you a FR
  11. Don't stress too much about what you wear on surgery day hun, you're only in it for a few minutes when you arrive and then you get changed right before you leave. As long as you're comfortable and you don't have to lift it over your head then wear it!!
  12. Hey hun, I forgot to ask you if you went with rounds or teardrops? ?
  13. Your photos look awesome! Congratulations, you must be so happy! ?
  14. Good luck Shan94, it will be over before you know it!!
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