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  1. 3 girls on Dec 2 are all Bondi how exciting!
  2. Hi girls, I found a great instagram just search for: mycosmetic_diary She is posting photo updates pretty often, even a video of the 'squishy-ness' of her boobs. She had her surgery at TCI Parramatta with Dr Tang. Her boobs are great! 415cc after being a B cup.
  3. I have to be home for my little ones as well.. its also my birthday while I am away but there were just no dates available..which is a great sign!!!
  4. I am from Melbourne so having the consult on 1 dec and surgery on the 2nd.. trying to figure out when to fly back! I have patiently waited for boobies so I am so excited to finally have my date
  5. Me too! Can't wait who is your support person?
  6. Hi girls, as of just today I switched from Dr Lee to Dr Tang (no reason other then the original surgery date didn't work for me). I am now booked in with Dr Tang on the 2nd of December! So excited. My Stats are: 24yrs 12C - deflated 164cm 59kg is anyone similar stats? I am thinking at least 400cc unders... a little worried they will be huge!
  7. I'm booked for mid November with dr lee. Can I send you a friend request??
  8. I bought a nice bikini and I am going to continue to work out - I am a size 8 - my belly is pretty much just stretch marks but they are white.. You know what - I don't think I care enough to have major surgery... All I need is to build my confidence and accept my body and all of he work that it did!
  9. No they are over 3 years old and white.. Pretty thin but like I said so many it makes my belly button look like its frowning yuck any skin tightening laser treatments you know of?
  10. How was your experience with DB? Was the lady happy with her TT? Thanks
  11. Hi Girls! I am officially unsure of whether or not I want to have a TT and BA... I have been researching like crazy and would love your advice (size, type of implant, questions to ask the surgeon, recovery times) I am 24, 163cm, 52kg, petite, normally small C BUT I had very large babies.. My tummy has marks over the belly button not thick but a lot of them..and when I'm standing I can still get away with tight clothing it is just when I sit down I have that saggy skin look.. I also have a gap in my abdominal muscles 2-3cm. I used to love my bikini body and I hate feeling like I can only wear a one piece. on my short frame they all make me look terrible.. Are stretch marks that unsightly to you? What would you think if you saw a young Mumma rocking her marks in a bikini? Please be honest. I know I shouldn't care about what people think but let's be honest we all do.... It is a lot of money to spend on myself and I have seen photos where a tummy tuck flattened the abdomen but made the stretch marks SO MUCH WORSE I can't decide.. :/ any help is much appreciated!
  12. Thank you Meljewel! If you don't mind me asking how long did it take for you to recover from your c-section? a TT I can assume will be very painful.. Thank you for your advice regarding the group tour too
  13. Hi, I am wondering the same.. Did the cosmetic surgery registration board get back to you?
  14. Has anyone had a BA + TT with destination beauty?I have been told I would be having my surgery with Dr Narongdej. I have also been told that I need to arrive earlier for the group tour so I can still do all of the activities with the group, however I am concerned, how the heck can I go to all of the activities straight after a TT?.. Has anyone had a TT after natural childbirth? Can you compare the pain? I'm talking drug free natural labour! If I have survived that surely I can survive this!Thank you ladies xx
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