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  1. Thanks! It’s been a while so I’m not up to date who is good these days!
  2. Who is a good brisbane plastic surgeon these days? I had my implants 4.5 years ago and went to a CS, think I have CC so looking for a PS now!
  3. Hey there’s no way I’m going back to the place I had them done. I’ll see my gp then book a consult with another plastic surgeon! So unhappy with the place I went I won’t go back there! I’ll see the gp and then go from there after an ultrasound! Did the ultrasound show anything when you had it done?
  4. Got my implants in April 2015 (390 hp overs), the left side has been tighter and harder since late that year but not enough to concern me! I had a baby in December 2018 and ever since the left side has felt really hard and firm, fairly sure I have CC and unsure if it’s sore from muscle issues (carrying a 10kg baby around a lot). I’m not in a position to replace at this stage financially but would I be best to get an ultrasound, does this check for ruptures and CC?
  5. Do you know if ultrasounds just show ruptures or CC as well?
  6. What’s the risk here? I’ve got textured implants but not Brazilian!
  7. I had a consult booked with him over 2 years ago, his receptionist called me an hour before my consult to say my appointment was cancelled which would of been an inconvenience because I took the day off work, however I left them a voicemail a week earlier cancelling because I booked elsewhere. Good luck with your other consults!
  8. What do you mean they all looked good at first? Mine aren't exactly new and still look good but like I said, I wouldn't recommend him nor see him again for future surgery/revisions! I guess I just got lucky that mine don't look like *****!
  9. Hey! I had surgery with him in April 2015! My results are pretty good, my scars are sh*t and I honestly feel he didn't recommend a big enough implant! I went from 10b to 10dd, 168cms and was about 62-65kgs (can't remember exactly). They are big but no where near the size I showed him! Feel free to message me for more info, I'm hardly on the forums anymore! Also when I get them re done post babies I won't go back to him to get them re done, I'll see a plastic surgeon for sure!
  10. Amazing! So happy you finally got them, worth the wait!!!
  11. Could you please let me know roughly what he quotes you for a revision?
  12. I've had niggling little pains in my left side for a few weeks but yesterday I had stabbing pains in the side of my implant for a few hours. This morning my implant feels harder then the right side and it's also sitting a little lower (could of been like this for a while but I haven't noticed) . I am unsure whether I should go see someone to get it checked or just wait and see what happens. I actually don't want to contact the surgeon who did my op as he was a CS and now if I had to have something done then would rather see a PS. I am praying it's not CC as I just booked a USA trip
  13. I had this at 9-10 days post op and it was the most horrible pain I've ever felt. I couldn't move without being in agony! I used a heat pack and rest and it went away after 3-4 days
  14. What size did you tell her you are getting? Your going 800cc still? I spoke to member natsin from on here and she showed me hers which look keloid except they aren't, his just done a ***** job, she was looking at getting them redone! Mine aren't terrible however they aren't in the crease as much as they should be. A friend showed me hers from Dr Richardson and they look so much better, I guess it's true that you get what you pay for and it's CS vs PS.
  15. Exactly, go for it. That's why we go to work, so we can have all the things we want. Oh I don't think kids are soon but they are in the future and I would rather have a revision post children as there's nothing wrong with my implants I've got, just like them to be bigger and also I would like my scars re done as they are pretty ***** and I know I'll need them re done after kids. You getting them done again is enough for me to read the forums more regularly. I've dropped off here heaps lately because I've been a bit bored lol...
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