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    Moore Park Beach
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    BA 485cc round brazilians EHP
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    Dr Harwood the 10th Dec
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    160cm/58kg/10 F

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  1. Just wondering if any ladies on here have been to the PIAC for a TT and if so how was it?
  2. I am 160cm 58kg was a 10 A got 485 EHP Brazilians and it has taken me up to a 10 F
  3. I honestly cant believe the blatant bullying/nastiness by grown women that I have seen on this show, they must be freaking idiots to behave that way and allow themselves to be recorded doing it.
  4. Hi I was ever told my breast width diameter if I ring my Dr will they tell me??
  5. OMG Donatella your boobs look amazing!!
  6. Congrats glad it went well hope you have a speedy recovery.
  7. Pregnancy changes your boobies heaps, I went from being flat chested to having cow boobies when I bent over it was freaking gross lol.
  8. Hey Mrs B I have sent a FR as I would love to see the 4 months progress.
  9. I am the same I got 485cc and wish so bad that I had of pushed for the 565cc have been feeling like this since day 3 after surgery and only told hubby last night.
  10. I regret not going bigger have since day 3 after surgery.
  11. So I had my BA 2 weeks ago and yesterday and today the skin on my boobs is so sore! Even just rubbing cream onto them hurts has anyone else had this and if so how long did it last for??
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