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  1. Hi I just read u had same doc in having next month can u tell me all about yr experience and advice and sizing etc. Would be a great help! I leave 14 July. Getting nervous re what my boobies will turn out like! My email is kymsquiddy1@gmail.com if u feel like sharing with me....thanku, kym

  2. So glad to hear all is going well. I'm counting down the days till I see him :)

  3. Hey kp87, he was so lovely. I actually pushed for that size, he actually suggested 300 mod + and I said I don't mind the look of the hp as long as they didn't look too fake and liked a little bigger than 300 so he said in the operating room he would try the hp 300, 325 & 350 and if they looked silly and too fake on my body he would use the mod + so yeah I trusted him to give me the right look I wanted
  4. Hey girls! Just thought I'd update you, I'm lying in my hospital bed atm in Bangkok hospital Phuket, had my surgery this morning. The whole thing has gone so smoothly and quickly, I'm so impressed with the hospital, the nurses, everything!! Dr Jib was wonderful, very nice and easy to understand, I really trusted him with everything. I had 350cc round smooth high profile under muscle crease incision and although I can't see them yet I'm very happy, they already feel like a part of me!! As for pain I'm surprised that I'm hardly in any! Just a tight heavy feeling in my chest and a little painful when trying to get up to use the toilet etc. I was expecting to feel like absolute rubbish but I honestly feel amazing! Tomorrow morning I get my drains out and get to go back to the resort. Yayyy I honestly couldn't speak highly enough of Dr Jib and the hospital!! And I have boobies!!!
  5. Hey!! Everything went amazingly! I'm still wrapped so haven't had a proper look yet but very happy! Had 350 hp. Not in much pain at all, more just tightness/ heaviness, can move my arms and everything pretty well :) dr jib was awesome! Thanks for checking up on me! :)

  6. Jyssika how did your surgery go? Can't wait to hear you story and see some pics, Dr Jib is fantastic and i'm sure you're super happy with your results!

  7. Thank you Merman!! :) will let you know how things go!!

  8. So excited for u! I'm sure everything will go great 😊

  9. Eeep it's my turn on Tuesday!!!!! I fly out Sunday night, so excited!!!
  10. No problems, FR accepted 😊 Dr Jib is great, very happy with him and his work. He picked my implant sizes and said nothing bigger would fit, so now I have a bit of boobie greed haha. At the end of the day, they know best!

  11. Hey there hope you don't mind the friend request, I'm having my BA with dr jib in 28 days eeeep! How did you go with him? And can I ask what size you were pre surgery? I'm looking at going around 350 high profile but will see what he thinks I suppose :) Thanks!!!

  12. Hey there! More than happy to keep in touch and let you know how things go. I've had trouble finding other dr jib girls too but the ones I've spoken to can't speak highly enough of him which is reassuring :) 28 days for me!!! Eeeep! Do you know what size/profile etc you want?

  13. Hi I'm having my BA with dr Jib but not till September. Would love to keep in touch and see how u go since there doesn't seem to b too many of jibs patients on here :) ur a rare find haha thanks

  14. Hey hays84, I'm having my surgery on the 18th feb with dr jib at Bangkok hospital Phuket. I'm staying for 11 days and my surgery is on day 2.
  15. YAY Congrats kp87 on your new boobies!! so happy for you. you'll have to let me know how everything went with Dr Jib & the whole process (if you dont mind)!! 48 days until its my turn to see him xx
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