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  1. Has anyone ever been here or heard anything about an injector named stephanie?
  2. what health fund is that? My surgeon said they've found NIB and Bupa the most cooperative
  3. Lol I just thought this should be a sticky post in the breast surgery forum to remind girls that almost EVERYONE's man seems to say this and the consensus seems to be - ignore them!!! Its normal for our guys to be insecure - don't let it become your problem. Look after you first and you can better a girlfriend / wife / partner. You only live once, get the boobies!
  4. Jealousy!!!! One of the most frequently typed words on this forum.
  5. I wanted to be a double D and I'm an E. it's seriously not as big as you think. I was scared of going too big and actually after I have kids I will go bigger. Also with tear drop they are going to look more natural so just go the bigger size.
  6. Now ladies... that is what we refer to as jealous hatin' ass b*tches lol
  7. My dr does it. He's doing my mums uppers in January. Ballpark $5500
  8. Not many surgeons in Sydney work with smooth implants. Initially I wanted smooth because I read they're softer. When I called a few of the top surgeon's offices to see if they offered smooth, they practically all said they go with textured for the lower cc rates.
  9. Yes, when I flex my chest it looks very ugly but if I turn on certain angles I feel that my old boob is mor obvious. I feel like my cleavage isn't round the whole way through and that it looks bulged and weird on the lower part. Today I think I'm just totally overanalysing and its not that bad but we'll wait and see...
  10. Thanks for your reply, my crease was lowered and i do hope youre right.. I thought this at first but i have become fixated on my nipple placement and thats whats freaking me out.i guess i can only wait til monday.
  11. I have unders. What did your surgeon say that confirmed you had it? Was it nipplr placement or how it looked underneath? Was yours from your skin stretching too much or pocket placement? How do they fix it?
  12. it appears this is starting to happen to me. I don't want to post photos because I will over analyse everyone's opinions. I'm only 2 months post op i notice my nipples look too high and I can see my old boob sitting on top of the new implant. It's subtle but I can feel the indent where my old crease was. i have an appointment next Monday. Hoping my surgeon will cover the revision cost if that's whats recommended.
  13. hahahahahahahaa love it!! My bf doesn't even care. He just goes "they're great" I'm like "$9000 and they're great is all you have to say???" But then again he is a conservative guy that isnt really one to salivate over me. You're lucky your man gets a little jealous!!
  14. My gap is bigger than yours, I had the same issue though. I think after maybe 6 weeks it looked normal. I used to put dark bronzed in between them to make it look defined though
  15. What brand is your sports bra? Does it stop you from bouncing?
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