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  1. Yes me too. I get the full on shakes if I get too cold lately! teeth chittering and all!
  2. Aww sorry you feel that way hun, I think its easy for anyone to think like that. I chose the smaller size and I knew its possible to want them bigger, mine are a full C and i was told they would be at least a D. I was fine with my boobs until I measured them! So a cup size is just a number .. or a letter really. I measured them my self and they were 12C but I have a wide back so this size on someone smaller is DD most likely. I feel mine aren't huge but I look proportioned. they look bigger naked!I think no matter what size you go of course there is always going to be a bigger size you could of have. I just look at my old pics and thing they are waaaaaay better than what they were and I just be grateful that I have new boobies! I cant believe people are asking if your pregnant, thats so rude! Once the bloatyness goes down you will feel much better I think Also have you tried a bikini top on? that makes me happy ha ha xxx
  3. I've just had a BA only and I'm finding I'm colder than before BA. not sure why though! I need some hot weather asap!
  4. Thanks Kts79, Ive still got them, hopefully they will start wearing off soon!
  5. Hey everyone! Hope you are all recovering well. Im still in a bit of pain. Morning and sleeping are the worst. but the last three nights i have been waking up in night sweats. They are so gross, I had them after my last pregnancy. Is anyone else getting this?? Like I have to get up and change and put a towel on the bed cos I'm soaked. Its not nice! Im only on panadol so i don't think its medication.
  6. Hi BrisbaneBA, I was adamant in getting rounds in the beginning, my surgeon said that I would suit the teardrops as well. I went with all my surgeons recommendations as I thought he would know what looks best and have a good idea on how it would turn out. I got 345/375cc anatomicals. I am 166cm, 52kg and was a deflated a-b cup. If your surgeon has a fair idea on the look you are wanting to achieve it may be worth while You can check my photos if you like
  7. Oh sorry to hear kitty hawk. Have u got a neck pillow.? I have 2 euro pillows then my regular pillow. And one under my knees as some one else suggested. Then the neck pillow. I'm sleeping like a baby! R u waking from pain or just not comfy?
  8. Only 3 more girls to go! It's been so good counting down with everyone! I'm so sore today! I'm still on all my strong pain killers. I slept all night and didn't top up and I'm so stiff this morning! Any others found that on day 3? When do you start feeling the pain ease off?
  9. No problem! Oh how exciting! You'll do fine! I should have got some more pics, but i just wanted to get my bra back on! It felt weird! Kylie
  10. Just added some pics, love how they look now!
  11. I wouldn't worry, I honestly thought the same and then I got to take off the bra and see in the mirror and they were bigger than I had thought! x
  12. I haven't watched and never wil, my boobs magically Appeared on my chest I don't want to think about it ha ha
  13. Congrats taniya! Glad all went well for u, I'm more sore today too. But sooooooo happy! Cheers to new bodies xxx
  14. Thank u girlinblue! Can't wait to see them properly! Hopefully can share some pics when we are not so sore! xx
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