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  1. Firstly luv, you need to change the way you think about yourself. You are not a plain jane, you are you, as unique as you are. Your surgeon placed the biggest possible implants in your chest, so know that is all that he could do. It helps to look at your pre-op pics and compare to what you have now, it will help with your negative thoughts. I understand its not what you expected, but give them time its still early days in recovery and when you do go proper bra shopping im sure you will love them. If you are concerned speak with your PS, he may review you and speak about future options, but for now enjoy them and give them time. It might be best not to tell too many ppl about your surgery, it will only fuel your insecurity. You didnt mention what size you went? overs? unders?. All the best, give it more time. x
  2. Thanks ladies, i need to go out and get a good sports bra before i start !!
  3. Ok cool,. its killing me i need to tone up my thighs !! Im going to start a few squats and see how i go and start walking. The weather has been terrible so havent been outside but my gym membership is suspended until im ok to go for it again !
  4. Hi Girls, Im about 4 and a half weeks out from my BA. Morning boob has gone and sometimes it can feel a little stingy / stretchy from the nerve ends but all in all generally OK. Did you girls slowly start tolerable exercise like walking / stretching/yoga etc and when? Did you wait till 6 weeks to do anything? I was hoping to start a few squats here and there but no running and weight training for a while ( which im dying to do ! ).
  5. Ok thats good to know, which health fund are you with?
  6. so out of curiosity ladies, if you had CC was this covered by medicare / health insurance?
  7. You girls are so brave ! Im a few weeks PO and i didnt tell my family at all, and i have 2 small children i needed help with ! I just worked around it and hubby helped me when he got home. The kids were at mums all day for the first week, i told her i was working all week. Its not nice to lie to your family who support you so much, but i know i did this for me. Literally only 4 ppl know i have new boobs, and they are easy to hide in clothes. Recovery isnt too bad its just the lifting. Everyone knows i have had back issues off and on so i just asked them to carry my baby here and there. Sounds harsh and i do feel guilty but the alternative is too stressfull. I come from a very traditional european family and they would never accept or understand. I mean my mother in law has never even waxed for vajayjay her whole life and shes 70 ! When i cut and dyed my hair my dad was like " why cant you stay your natural colour" ha ha. Im independant and married with 2 kids, if i want something ill go for it, but still dont want to upset anyone, so ive chosen to keep this to myself...
  8. I think cotton on body has them for 20bks
  9. Hi Love, no i went under, yeah it is my right one and im right handed so maybe thats it. Im just so impatient ! I had small boobs after kids so now i want to enjoy being a woman again ! Ok.. ill give it more time ! love your name change Btw ha ha
  10. Hi Love. You will be fine. You definately cannot lift bubby at all for the first week. My son is about 9 months old and i didnt lift him until the 9 day mark and it was a very quick lift. Make sure when you lift your arms are beside your body and you use your legs not your upper core or body. I would try wait 10 days at least before lifting. And keep it to only in and out of the cot. If they are upset sit with them on the floor. I think small lifts are fine but no carrying.
  11. OK, So i wont worry just yet, i guess all i need is time... i have noticed it is on my dominent side, so maybe the muscles are tougher on that side. Thanks so much, i just want them to look fab !
  12. uum yeah that doesnt really put my mind at ease ! I dont mind if they arent 100% identical, its just the one that is fuller up the top as i dont want one to be up high and the other with lower upper pole fullness if that makes sense ! I know its early days but im so impatient ! Are yours noticeable to other ppl or just you? I also wonder if the bigger one is just swelling up top. I cant tell !!
  13. Hi Taniya If you dont mind me asking, which health fund are you with?
  14. Hi All ! Im about 2 weeks post op and one of my breasts is bigger than the other. The one thats bigger is a little softer and has upper fullness and my other one is very rounded and still quite hard ( the one on the right, im right handed ). You can definately notice a slight difference when you look side on as the softer one is higher than the other!! My surgery experience was awesome and i wasnt in much pain at all... SO i am being so impatient i know because so many ppl tell me dont worry give it another month yet its too early, but i want them good now !! Should i worry? Is the one thats bigger and softer already "fluffed" so to speak and the other one just hasnt caught up yet since its on the side where im right handed and the muscles are harder?? im so confused ! Has uneven breasts happened to any of you and did your breasts get bigger and even out as time went by? Im doing all the right things and im being so carefull so i just hope everything is ok. I know 2 weeks is early but come on boobs show me what i paid for !!! Love to hear your experiences !! thanks !!
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