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  1. Hey chickadee, Dr Tav in Sydney. He did an amazing job on mine. He specialises in TB cases. I flew from Darwin to see him and am absolutely rapt with my results. Worth every penny. If you go onto his tuberous breast info page you can see my case photos there. http://www.drtavakoli.com.au/procedure/procedures-breast/tuberous-breasts/
  2. I've been using Stratderm silicone gel that my PS prescribed but I'm not sure if I'm getting the best possible results with this. Has anyone else used this? Thoughts, comments?
  3. I'm 3 months post op and only started getting sensation in my left nipple yesterday. It takes time, patience is key
  4. Im confused? Doesn't bulk billing mean that medicare pays for it and its not at cost to you?? Your quote is for the expected procedure. Your surgeon may have needed to do extra work during surgery which he could not foresee preoperatively.
  5. Thats the one Bree!!!! Thank you so much!!! thanks for you other suggestions girls
  6. Hey peeps, it's a looong shot but someone posted a link to an awesome biniki website a while ago but I can't find it I'm pretty sure it was an american site and they did custom made stuff too. I can't remember the name of it or find it in any old threads, it's frustrating me so much
  7. Hey girls, Im two weeks post op with Dr T and I had moderate to severe tuberous breasts. I had anatomical implants, dual plane. Mine have actually dropped rather quickly however there is still further to go. As for recovery I'm nearly back at normal light daily activities started back at work today, can walk at brisk pace however I struggle lifting things overhead and am very conscious of what I carry and how I move. Hope this helps
  8. No worries girls before I was a 10B. I havn't had a fitting yet, but I'd guess I'm at least a D now which will probably change in the coming months. I got 350 and 360cc. I havnt been able to upload any photos as I'm only using my phone (which won't let me upload) while I'm still in Sydney. Once I'm home ill load some pics for sure
  9. Hey Mari, I'm 10 days post op (BA and BL) and I was a bit worried about this too. I'll tell you what though, the results I've had and the confidence it's given me completely overrides any worry I had about scarring. My surgeon told me that the longer I tape my scars for the flatter they'll be, and to also avoid putting them in the sunlight and this will make them red so I'll do this and even If I have noticeable scars after a couple years I can garantee I regret getting surgery at all.
  10. So exciting for you Seiboob! I went to east Sydney private, I only paid $700 for the BA part of my surgey (also had a reduction) with Bupa insurance, accommodation and the reduction part of the surgery were covered. Bondi would have charged me near $2000 for overnight stay if that's any help for you You only pay Dr Tav the surgeons fee, the anaethestist office and the post op bra people will contact you the week before for payment and hospital fees you pay on admission.
  11. Hey seiboob, I woke up with the post op bra and stabiliser on, then at my post op appointment was told to wear just the stabiliser during the day and the bra at night for 4 days and now nothing during the day and the bra at night. This has definitely helped them drop however I have to be extra careful when doing things like climbing stairs to avoid them bouncing. Hopefully you don't have to wear the stabiliser for long, it's annoying as hell
  12. Holy crap, just woke up and my shoulder is on fire, right in the AC joint! I can't work out what it's sore from, there is no way I slept on it since I've been sleeping upright. This has happened a couple nights in a row now but never as sore as this. Has anyone else had this? I'll ask the surgeon at my post op appointment tomorrow if it's boob related.
  13. Ok will do, thanks Mumxofx3
  14. Congrats littlemiss, lola and sandi! Welcome to the club It only gets better from here! xx
  15. Hey Seiboob, I'm a Dr T girl too, I had my surgery on Thursday last week. You're definitely in safe hands with Dr Tav, he knows how to do great boobs. I had moderate tubular breasts before hand (imagine old, droopy granny boobs, I could fit a hand and a half between them) and now they look so natural, its amazing! (Aside from the swelling and scars hahaha) I did the same as you, left it completely up to him, particularly as mine wasn't a straight forward case. You can trust him to give you the best results possible In terms of recovery, everyone is different. I was pretty much out of it while on pain meds, slept most of the day or talked smack while I was awake, and since I stopped taking them two days ago I'm finding I still have dizzy spells occasionally while walking. Listen to your body during recovery, I walked the harbour bridge today which was not a good idea. Things that you might take for granted before (like a couple flights of stairs and a slow incline walk) can take it out of you and leave you sore! I've taken two weeks off work (my office job) and won't be back to my PT and gym instructing for around 7 weeks. I stayed in overnight and wish I had stayed another as I wasn't feeling well when I left. It was so good to have a nurse on hand to be give you pain meds as soon as you need them and not place the burden on family or partners. Don't worry about the needle, it hardly hurts and Dr Tav prescribes valium to relax you once you have been administered
  16. Woah, might've drooled a little just then! I have a couple functions coming up in two weekends (three weeks post surgery) and I've got the go ahead to go to braless from the doc but would it be too early to try one of these?
  17. Hey girls! Agreed on the stabilizer, I want to sing 'let it go' at the top of my lungs when I take it off at the end of the day. Cloudbambi, do you have to wear the post op bra at night and the band during the day? That was my instructions by Dr Tav
  18. Definintely eating well. I got 330 and 350cc moderate anatomicals Vivian
  19. Thanks for the lovely well wishes ladies. I've been out of surgery and laying in my hospital bed for a fair few hours now however the anaesthetic is only just wearing off now and allowing me to think straight haha. Haven't had a proper look at my boobs yet but they look huge from what I can see! Thank god I know the swelling will subside, but I finally have cleavage which is amazing!!! Very little pain due to the meds, just tightness across the chest and the stabiliser band is annoying as hell, getting all up in my armpits. I've had no nausea at all, in fact I've eaten sushi, spinach cannenoli, tea, chocolate mouse, a pecan tart, jelly beans, chocolate freckles and a small baby in the space of 10 minutes. I'll be discharged at 1 tomorrow and then have an appointment with Dr T at 2 to take the drains out and have a peek at the new assets Woo
  20. Thanks heaps everyone just waiting around until it's time to go to the hospital
  21. Thanks Sandi! Just tried it myself and it seems to help
  22. Hey girls! My surgery is here finally! I've been in syndey for two days now, it's hard to believe I'm here and it's actually happening after years of planning and saving. I'm heading into East Sydney Private at 9.00am Woke up with a massive head ache though, anyone got any natural remedies seeing as im not allowed to drink water or take medication?
  23. Hey girls, I didn't ask my surgeon the question because I'm pretty sure I know what his answer would be and it wouldn't change my decision to go ahead with surgery but I was wondering if any girls out there have played full contact sports like rugby or afl after getting their BA's done? If so, how has it panned out?Have you had any issues?
  24. Hey gals Rosi 8th July Toasty - 17 July, Dr Tavakoli, 225cc anatomical mod unders Teardrop 17 July Dr Witton 225 or 250cc anatomical mod or high profile Mona88 - 17 July - Dr Richardson - 385cc MP textured under!! LindaT - 18 July 2014, Dr Harwood 425cc Xhp round brazilian. Sandi - 21st July round, silicon, under muscle, 365cc!!! Misslittle - 22 July 2014, Dr Dona 550cc XHp. Boobsneeded - 30 July 2014, Dr Layt 375cc round hp under.
  25. Hey cloud Bambi. I've only gotten the pack with my admission forms and check list, no times as of yet :s I'd better call the office and make sure they've sent it as I leave for Sydney next Tuesday. To be honest I haven't done much in regards to preparation other than making sure I have warm clothes to take with me haha (i don't own any as I live in Darwin). Should I be moisturising? I'm so excited too. Where are you having yours done? Xx
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