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  1. Hi I am travelling interstate for Breast Augmentation andLift and wanted to get my hair fixed up on day 6. When I spoke to the hairdresser she said it would take 4 hrs. I would love to get it done but wondering if I would be recovered enough to sit for that long. Sorry its such a trivial question, just trying to cram things in. thanks so much
  2. Hi Gemma, thanks for your reply. Was the difference in your legs noticeable after the lipo? Did you think it was worth the money? thanks Smile12
  3. Thanks Sasha. Imlike you. My weight loss is always in the top half. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Thank you so much. There is so many horror stories. Would you mind if I had a look at your before and after pictures? I will send you a friend request. thanks
  5. Hi I am stressing out once again re liposuction. I have booked it in with my BA but now having serious doubts. It seems so expensive and dangerous and I just cant seem to find a lot of positive reviews about it. Im having it on my bottom half as Im quite bottom heavy. Has anyone had it and regretted it or loved it? Has it actually worked? thanks so much
  6. Hi thanks for your reply. My husband was thinking of going back earlier than the 10 days and I was going to try look after the little ones by myself in the hotel. Did anyone do that? Its just such an expensive operation, I feel so bad about costs. Thanks for your reply. Hope everything is all good.
  7. Hello I am hoping I can ask you all for some advice. I am looking at getting a BA with lift and liposuction. I will be traveling interstate. The surgeon wants me to stay for 10 days after the surgery. My husband and children are coming with me. The question I am asking is, after this surgery when will I be able to look after myself and fhe children? My husband is keen to leave early and go back to work due to financial constraints. We don't really have anyone to help take care of my little ones and my youngest is very dependant upon me. We will be staying in a hotel. thanks so much
  8. wow that such a long time. Were you ok after that much surgery? Im a bit disillusioned with it all. I would love to get it done but want everyone to be happy .
  9. Hi yes I just checked and was told that this 6 hours is actual anaesthetic time. So I just don't know what to do.
  10. Hi I am looking at getting BA with lift, liposuction and wedge operation ( removing my Caesar scar) In my quote the operation time is 6 hours. Im so worried about the length of anaesthetic time. Has anyone had 6 hours of anaesthetic time? Last time I had anaesthetic i woke up not being able to breathe so Im very worried about it. I sent an email to the surgeon and his assistant said that he wouldn't recommend the operation time if he wasn't comfortable with it. I am travelling interstate for the operation and it will be the only time my husband can have time off work to care for my little ones so I don't have the option of having separate operations. Im very worried as my youngest has some problems and she gets into a state when Im not there. It sounds so dramatic but I don't want anything to happen to me because she is so reliant on me. Sorry for the big ramble.
  11. Hi I am looking at having my operation with Dr Layt. Im looking at having a BA and lipo. A friend of a friend recommended him and I saw some recommendations from here. I felt comfortable at the consultation. I would love to find someone that has had lipo from him. Anyone with any experience ? thanks
  12. smile12

    Botox in Darwin

    Hi Vee Im sorry I haven't managed to find anyone. All the best
  13. smile12

    Botox in Darwin

    Hello can anyone recommend a good Botox injector in Darwin? I cant seem to find any reviews. Thanks so much
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