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  1. Good luck bookedin! Let us know what he says/suggests (although I'm thinking 5 weeks is still pretty early). Fingers crossed for you!
  2. What type of outer shell did you get? I.e smooth or textured?
  3. Hey Samantha. Do you mind posting pics on how squishy they are like fox did? I'm so happy I'm going with mark after seeing your results. Hopefully mine look as good. I'm only going around 400cc

  4. Hi Samantha. I am booked with mark Ashton. Do you mind if I send u fr so I can see pics? Are u happy?

  5. Hi Carine. FR accepted :) My implants are over the muscle. 400cc High profile Smooth rounds.

  6. Hey little e. we are similar stats and I'm getting similar implants to you. Did you go over or under? I sent u a fr

  7. Had my consult with Mark today and it went really well. Will be asking for some time off work and then confirm my surgery and final consult date. It was so funny because I hardly had any questions because of all the research I've done on here, but I'm sure I will have more closer to the date. Mark started off by wanting to know my reasons for getting implants. He then spent quite a bit of time explaining the different types of implants and the textures etc. he used pictures of real patients to explain how each one would look. He then said it was really important for him to understand the look I am going for before he can suggest what type of implant/placement I should get. I then showed him the pictures I wanted. He was very happy because all the pictures I showed him and what I was saying was all consistent. I then tried on some sizers (best day ever to see yourself with boos!!) and I was left with 2 different sizes which equated to around 380cc or 420cc. I was EXTREMELY surprised that I could fit so much from the other comments. I am 5ft3 and around 50kgs so quite petite. I decided that 420cc might be a bit too big. I was happy with the 380cc so I thought to add a bit extra and we decided on 400cc. My BWD is 12cm so we decided to go with a high profile implant. So 400cc, high profile, smooth shell under the muscle. He said that he is a perfectionist so all the post op appointments are with him. There was no mention of fee waivers for any revision surgery (ie if its their fault) but then again it was only the first consult, but I will ask the nurses tomorrow about that. Mark told me to read through the info they gave me and not to rush into anything. I thought that he might've thought I was rushing because I had no questions lol but really it's because I've been lurking on here for so long and am 100% sure that this is what I want. The receptionists and nurses are really nice. The receptionist went through all the pricing (around $15k in total) and then went through all the available dates in September and wrote them down for me. Very very friendly. I feel comfortable spending the extra money going with Mark as he is such a perfectionist and I know that if anything did go wrong he would be very supportive in correcting it as he has an image and reputation to uphold. Will keep you guys update as to my surgery date. Very excited.
  8. hey Carine, no problems at all :) FR accepted, you will love Mark, honestly he is amazing. There are quite a few of us girls on Facebook that have had Mark, i think most of them dont come onto the forum much these days

  9. Hi sezzy. I am hoping I can add u as a friend as I have my consult with mark on Thursday (9 aug) and i haven't really heard much about him and would love to see your pics.

  10. Hey fox. I have my consult with mark on Thursday (8 aug) and I just wanted to see ur pics as he doesn't have many people giving him reviews. Thanks!

  11. Hey Danielle. I have my first consult with mark Ashton next Thursday. So excited and hoping to book in for the procedure in early sept. will let you know how my consult goes.
  12. Hey gone south. I have a consult with prof mark Ashton on 8 August. I'm like HURRY UPPPP!!! I want to get the op done in late August early September. I am spending the extra money for the extra peace of mind and I heard he's really good.
  13. OMG that's hilarious! I am single and I remember the last time I was seeing someone whenever we got hot and heavy I would run to the bathroom and put my chicken fillets in my handbag or wait til he left the room and quickly took them out. Lmao. If only he had secret cameras. In saying that all my bfs have loved my boobs but I finally want to do something for me. Ps: I too only have 3 bras that I wear - white, black or beige double push up from La Senza!!! Lmao
  14. Fair enough. I know they're so much cheaper but after speaking to the nurses and hearing your story I have made my mind up that I'm going to spend an extra $5k and have it done here in melbourne. I'm thinking its a massive operation and will stay with you your whole life so it's not something to be taken lightly and I would feel more comfortable having all the options presented/available. If you know what I mean. I am looking at booking with Mark Ashton...hopefully I won't have to wait too long I was hoping to get it done and dusted before summer!!!
  15. Thanks so much for posting this. Has made me reconsider booking at TCI and look at paying a bit more here in melb
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