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  1. I booked back in August and the earliest appt I could get was end of November. But I think they have recently taken on not only Dr.Lee who is new but another surgeon aswell so the wait may be less for him as hes new
  2. I'm from NZ and had my BA at TCI in Sydney. Here is a bit of a cost breakdown: $5990 AU for surgery $150 AU for consultation $530 NZ for return flights $1200 AU aprox for 7 days accom in 2 bedroom appartment (had 4 people staying so split the 1200) $50-$70 AU for meds and $$$ on shopping haha.
  3. I'm 167cm 48kgs was a A cup and bwd of 12 cm and I was recommended 330cc hp round implants but felt I wanted a bit larger so ended up going 360cc xhp round and they looked ridiculous on me when I came out of surgery! But I'm a week on now so my swelling has subsided quite a bit and I LOVE them!! Still very high and tight but nice and full and ah I just am in love. And this is coming from a girl who at first wanted mod profile so xhp was a bit of a jump but it was the only way I could get bigger to fit my chest
  4. I'm 167cm and 48kg with a 12cm bwd. I had my hopes set on mod or mod+ but the implant was just way too small for my liking so he recommended 330cc hp to get a fuller look on my small chest but I sat there eyeballing the 360cc and he said I was welcome to go with 360cc if I wanted a bit bigger but had to change to xhp so it would still fit my bwd and that's what I ended up going with and I love them already. I was an A pre opp or 8B if the bra was one of those heavily padded 'adds 2 cup sizes' bras and I think I'll turn out an 8D possibly DD once they settle. At first I was scared they came out too big and that I should have gone 330cc or even 300 but now I'm a week post op and sometimes I'm even thinking hmm wish they were bigger but I'm completely happy with them
  5. November 21st!!! And counting down the hours haha
  6. Sophieschick my friend and I are also getting our surgery on the 21st with doctor tang! Boobie buddies!!!!!! I'm also going crazy. Have a countdown and seem to be talking about it all day everyday. Working with my friend who is booked with me helps though as we don't get tired of hearing each other go on and on about boobs all day as I'm sure my other friends are. Mind if I FR you?
  7. I'm also wanting so see more mod girls pics as I'm liking the idea of a lower projection and SIDEBOOB! Hope you girls don't mind if I send you a friend request
  8. Just waiting to hear back about my deposit going through then I will hopefully be all booked in with Dr. Tang for the 21st of November so exciting. Also decided to stay at the Meriton apartments
  9. Thats exciting! I'v heard there are some serviced appartments near-by that they reccomend, I think they are the Meriton serviced appartments in Parramatta? give them a google I was hoping Id be able to get a date before the end of october but I guess I've left it a bit late as I was very set on going to Thailand for a BA untill I came across TCI
  10. I'm so excited for you! I'm also in the process of booking at TCI;)
  11. Hi, mind if i send a FR aswell?
  12. Thank you ladies! Im definitely a fan of all of the surgeons before and after photos so I guess its just who is available on what dates. Hopefully I can get in soon, have just sent them pictures of my itty bitty titties to assess and then on with booking in, it feels so real now I'm getting increasingly excited!!
  13. I've been hearing such great thing about Dr.Tang, Dr.Val and Dr.Ali how did you girls decide on who to go with?! And has anyone gone with Dr.Dona? I know going with him is more expensive but cost wont be my deciding factor. Feeling rather lost and hoping someone can help me out. Also what was the wait list when you booked in? I'm currently waiting to hear back from my enquiry to them
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