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  1. I had mine done 5wks ago through cosmeditour. So happy with results and couldn't fault The Breast Academy at all and I'm a nurse so extra picky lol. I had Dr Alini a female Brazilian plastic surgeon and she is amazing!!! Dr Stradwick was at my consult and Dr Layt was there for surgery, both are fantastic and know their stuff. I got the warranty and Keller funnel technique and highly recommended getting both. Keller funnel improved my healing time, I had no bruising at all and it's a no touch technique so reduced rate of infection plus you get a scar cream. I had my surgeons personal mobile so
  2. If you don't mind the extra hour to goldy can't recommend The Breast Academy with Dr Craig Layt and Dr Luke Stradwick enough. I paid $7000 for my BA with a plastic surgeon and the service from start to finish was amazing, that price includes follow up appts 5days post op, 3,6,9 & 12 months. Check out their Insta page. Cosmeditour also use The Breast Academy so a lot of their Insta posts are from them too.
  3. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    I got 450cc rounds, LOVE them lol. Would have been disappointed if they were any smaller ?
  4. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Good to read everyone is doing well!! Now to get to the 6wk mark lol. Im 3wks po, been back at work 1wk. Pretty much back to doing everything except heavy lifting and reaching up high (milking it as much as possible and getting hubby to hang washing hehehe). The twins are great, still taping my incisions but scabs are all off just a lovely neat line right on breast fold very happy with that. Got a bit of boob acne happening which is annoying. Totally over sleeping on my back OMG worst part of this whole process by far is back sleeping for 6wks ???. Still feel a bit stiff in the mor
  5. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Yeah I bought an extender but it still isn't sitting quite right. It's ok I have a few sports bras now I can wear
  6. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi ladies thought I'd post an update. Returned to work yesterday after 2wks off. Was ok, very heavy feeling at end of shift, nipples super sensitive and my scrubs seam sits on them lol and incision was a bit sore but nothing panadol, hot shower and a good nights sleep didn't fix. Had to get some more sports bras as surgical one was too tight. Best and less have a super cute zip up front one for $12 that is really supportive. Photo uploaded is pre-op and 5 days post op. Hubby is over the moon with results too hehehe cant wait to sleep on side and get back int
  7. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Woohoo another one of us done ? It's very surreal isn't it, I'm the same been wanting them since I was a little girl lol. I've cut back pain relief to just panadol today and feeling good. Hubby took me out to lunch which was nice but didn't realise how slow I've been walking ? Can feel air bubbles type fluttery sensation in my left breast which feels weird think I've read it's normal will double check with surgeon Wednesday. Who is next?
  8. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Glad you are recovering well ? I can't stop perving and touching mine ? Love them so much already! Had a shower tonight, hubby helped and I just dried the tape with hair dryer. So good to freshen up. Doing my stretches and getting up and walking around the house regularly. How is your pain? Are you happy with your size so far? Sounds like you're doing really well! Yay for no more pain killers it's just another step closer to being healed isn't it. Yours look great!! You must be happy ? Feels like breastfeeding engorgement to me so pain isn't too bad at the moment.
  9. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Such a fantastic day yesterday, arrived at 7:20 for 8:30 surgery, didn't have to wait long was walking into theatre at 8:45. Everyone was so lovely couldnt fault them at all ?. Surgery went well, hubby had flowers and a scented candle waiting for me in the car, so adorable ?. Got home at 2:20pm (we had to drive 1.5hrs) just before kids so was perfect. So happy I chose 450cc they are perfect!! Didn't sleep well just couldn't drift off? hoping to snooze lots today lol. Did you ladies have trouble sleeping the first night? looking forward to a shower today. Good luck!!
  10. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Thank you ladies for thinking of me. All done woohoo!! Very happy with size, everyone was absolutely fantastic couldn't fault them at all. So happy with size so far and I know they'll get bigger as they fluff and drop. Yay all done ? Who is next?
  11. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Omg love reading your post surgery posts it makes me all excited!!! 1 day 12hrs till my surgery Friday at 8:30am hehehehehehe been keeping busy cleaning house, yoga, bushwalk and lunch with girlfriends so this week is flying by. I spoke to surgeon today and she said for me to get the 450cc they would have to lower my breast fold less than 1cm so I'm going with them!! Finally made my decision and am happy with it, it's the biggest I can go so will have no regrets. So freaking excited!! Doing well so far ladies who've had them done and wishing everyone else all the best to
  12. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Yes was very frustrating had some tears but you get over it. I'm 67kg and 173cm. From what I've read go the biggest you can safely go as you'll get boob greed ? I've been taking magnesium, zinc and vit c as recommended by my surgeon for 1month prior to surgery and will continue for at least a month after.
  13. Bonny6

    Boobs in July ?

    Hi Ladies I was scheduled for 23rd June for my BA but got a UTI so had to reschedule to 14th July. Still trying to decide between 385cc round or 445cc round with lowered breast fold. Having dual plane and going through Cosmeditour who use Breast Academy on the Gold Coast. I have 3 kids: 5,7,9 and have told them Mummy needs a boobie operation to fix my boobies lol they are totally fine and don't even care, my youngest said "I will have to cuddle you gently Mummy won't I" hehehe Love reading everyones posts and can't wait to share this experience with you all!
  14. So I know there is usually a monthly topic where we can share our experience together but I can't find July 2017? Is there one that I'm missing?
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