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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Eddy Dona 12th of August
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    173cm 79 kgs a/b cup

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  1. Thank you so much ladies I just ate more chocolates and it helped I finally went to the bathroom last night
  2. Hello to all my booby sisters out there! I must start this thread on a positive and say how amazing are Boobs? Honestly over the moon and if any ladies are contemplating getting it just do it u won't regret it! Ladies I had my surgery on Monday I went for 620cc under the muscle and have been in Alot of pain, so I've been taking my medication when needed. So it's day 4 and still haven't been able to go to the bathroom which is driving me mad as I usually go twice a day! Sorry if too much info but I'm over this lol My stomach is bloated and has sharp pains because of this I took laxettes it's chocolate that relieves constipation last night and hasn't done anything! For those who had this problem what did u take or what did u do to help the pain?? Thank you xoxoxo
  3. I had my augmentation done on Monday and I must say I've been in tears from the agonising pain! I went for 620cc under the muscle! So if your planning on going big prepare for very strong pains! Every night I wake up at 12am then 4am from the pain! Other than that just make sure you ice the hell out of the Boobs and get up a few times for gently walks around the house. Beauty is pain!
  4. Today is day 3 and it's getting better I've been taking my medication and have had ice on all day too! Thanks for the advice hope you girls are doing well too
  5. Hey Hun! Congrats on the girls I went for 620cc also on Monday and I'm in so much pain right now it's unbearable! I have a lot of bruising now too that's coming through as well. Glad to see it all went well I'm going be putting up photos! Yay hooray for boobies lok
  6. You girls are so lucky! I got my Boobs done on Monday with Dr Dona and hav been in sooo much pain. I went for 620cc and feel like I've got a massive weight weighing me down at the moment. I've been putting ice but do you ladies recommend anything more that I could do to ease the pain?
  7. 21 days for me!!! 12th of August here i come!! i cant wait to burn my bras and do a rain dance and thank the God boobies out there!
  8. im exactly your height but weigh 79kgs and im going for 620cc!! your surgeon knows best and alot of these woman who have gottem them done are different heights, weight different build!! So dont stress hooray for big boobies
  9. So I had my consult last Thursday and it went extremely well I'm so excited for everyone yay! My surgery date got pushed forward so it's now on the 12th of august and he will be taking 560cc and 620cc high profile so will choose on the day! Very exciting and also I was concerned because my first consult with Dr tang he mentioned I'd had to get a lollipop scar because I have tuberous breast I think and dona said no lollipop scar all done through the nipple and only 1 surgery which is great! 27 sleeps for me yay! Congrats everyone I can't wait!
  10. I'm struggling too I've got 26 days left and it's soo hard! Good luck to you and hope we can both kick this habit for good!
  11. Ella I'm thinking of 560 cc. I'm 173cm and 76 kgs I'm south American curvy everywhere else but completely flat chested like an a/b lol so I'm thinking of going that size everyone has said it's too big but I tried it on when I went to my first consult with Dr tang and I thought it was just right so did my mum lol see how we go. I'm going for another consult with Dr Dona tomorrow and My surgery is on the 5th of august at Parramatta. What about yourself?
  12. Hey Big red! I'm getting my breast augmentation on the 5th of august with Dr dona at Parramatta! Having a consult tomorrow to confirm size! I'm thinking of 560 cc! What about yourself how long to go?
  13. HIIIII ladies! My first post I'm so excited I've got a countdown app on my phone lol I'm on August 5th yay to new boobies!
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