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  1. Haha oh yeh at the start I thought I was going to sleep propped up on a billion pillows for the rest of my life! ....I also thought I would never poop again ....ever!! Thank god that's all over!! Would def do it all again though....boosted my body confidence...never knew how much my small boobs effected me! X
  2. Hey there I am over 4 months post op and most mornings I find myself sleeping flat on my stomach! I got 300cc so don't know if that has anything to do with it. My boobs have felt like a part of me since I got them. I used to freak out that I would hate them/ they would feel foreign when I walked around etc but they don't! Best thing I ever did! Good luck with it all! ) x
  3. My bwd was 11 cm and I got 300cc. I didn't want bigger though so not sure what size I could have gone!! Love my boobies soo much! They have felt like they were always a part of me since I got them! <3 xx
  4. Oh Inde I couldn't believe the backlash you got today! I signed in quickly before work to kill time and I was shocked! You and all the others girls have been nothing but fantastic! Soo much support and advice both pre and post op! Your comment had nothing nasty in it! Anyway my break is over just thought I would swing by to share my disgust and let you know how fab you are!! ) xx
  5. Omg I think my right boob is badly misbehaving! I am 3months post op and my right boob is sitting Lower and the nipple is def not central- kinda pointing to side. It looks like instead of boob flopping over crease it's just all moved down!! Gahhh. :s has this happened to anyone? I will ring my surgeon 2moz if he not away for x-mas :s
  6. I went to Dr Mark Lee too! He is awesome! I love my boobs! All his staff are awesome too!! All the best! )
  7. Hi there ...I got 300cc hp under muscle. My bwd was 11cm. I absolutely love my boobs. Can wear absolutely anything I want. I go through stages where I want massive in your face boobs....but to be honest I know I would look ridiculous!! Just bought two new pairs of bathers. My boobs look massive! Any bigger and I would be super self conscious! My bra size is a 10DD from a 10A. I have soo much more body confidence. Constantly get compliments on how awesome my boobies look. If you want them to look bigger can always chuck on a padded bra..,,but I haven't needed to do that! Love my boobs. Soo happy. All the best! Def listen to your dr....if he is reluctant to go a certain size there is a reason. Xx
  8. Hey cupcake...I initially felt guilty for spending soo much money on getting my boobs. I thought about all the holidays I could be going on or adding that money to my deposit for a house etc. Truth is there is always something that you could be spending your money on. As much as I can't stand the saying 'yolo'- it's true....you do only live once. Why not do something that makes you happy. Looking back I'm soo glad the price of implants didn't hold me back. I have soo much more body confidence now! I feel 'sexy'- haha never thought I would say that with all my chicken fillets, love buying new bras and just feel generally happier in myself. Love going out now. Def can't put a price on your self esteem/ happiness! All the best chiki!! Btw Mark Lee is awesome!! ) x
  9. Haha. I am almost 7 weeks post op. the only time I'm not talking about them is when I'm eating or sleeping- but doesn't mean I'm not still thinking about them!! Haha xx
  10. Big red your boobies look great! Before I went in for mine, your pics put my mind at ease that I had chosen the right size for me!! haha oh it's soo nice not to buy a padded bra...the chicken fillets would cut into my skin and I bought some silly seafolly fillets for my bathers which earlier this year traumatised me at the beach when they kept popping out haha! first 6 weeks def not a write off!! I was back at work at day 14! I have a very fast paced job. Constantly running around lifting things etc! I remember at my 1 week follow up saying there was no way I was going to be able to go back to work and then all of a sudden the next day started to feel I could do normal things. My boobies have felt like a part of my from the start! I was expecting to feel the silicone or for them to feel foreign but they don't!! This sounds stupid but think its the happiest/most confident I have ever been! Clothes fit like they should, people randomly compliment how good my boobs look- this is awkward, but I'll take it! Hehe and it's just all a bit exciting! Think all my mates want theirs done now! Yay girls soo many exciting times ahead for all of us!! ) xx
  11. Hi all...just thought I would share my exciting news! Today I am just over 6 weeks post having 300cc hp mentor implants under the muscle! Okay so they haven't fully dropped yet....but I am in love! Tops fit me amazingly...and I have gone bra less a couple of times in a little cami which I love! Hehe ....I have had nothing but compliments on my new boobies! Today I bought my first 2 underwire bras...oh and the sexy matching knickers (have been living in my sexy Kmart crop tops- which are amazing and I love them and will continue to wear them!! ) anyways.....I am a 10DD!! They look even more amazing in a bra!! The bras are super gorgeous and it's nice not to have 3 lots of cream filled chicken fillets in each cup!! ( was a 10aa but could wear a 10 c with all my padding! Hehe) I loved them from the start..up untl last week. I decided I wanted massive boobs as I have got used to having some now! Haha. Today after trying on bras and bathers I am in love again! Any bigger in a bather top on me and I would have been self conscious! Plus ...my clothes look amazing now! Soo happy. Didn't realise how badly I wanted boobs! You girls have all been soo fantastic!! )) xx
  12. Omg how awful!! Do you know what bleeding disorder your grandma has?? Ask your mum if it's Von willibrands! You may need to be started on prophylactic meds called tranexamic acid which helps with clotting! Ask your mum if you grandma is given meds before having an op and post op as a precaution, then you can work out what it is. Wishing you all the best! Sending my love xxxx
  13. Hi there. I'm 173cm, 56kg and barely an a cup pre op! My bwd was 11cm. I got 300cc hp mentor! They are def big enough for me. I'm sure my frame could have held more but I wanted more natural boobs. I don't really have curves or anything. I love them! I have photos up if you want to see them! X
  14. Omg what a nutter!! - I would never show any of my mates boyfriends/husbands etc!! - what kind of friend does that? my mates on the other hand have all seen my boobs!! They all came to visit and were sooo excited for me!! They asked to see them and I was more then happy/ excited to show them!! I wouldn't show any random that asked and I wouldn't just take them out and show someone if they weren't interested hahah. i love them too much and am too excited to keep my new boobies to myself!!
  15. Haha I wonder that too! Kara and I were in the bed next to each other! ... Never crossed paths though!!
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