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  1. I have just replied to your exercise question. You must be nervous and excited with 2 days to go. I had the same operation, plus a thigh lift. I was given 4 weeks off work, and then had 2 weeks school holidays. I actually felt a bit guilty because I felt well enough to go back to work well before the 4 weeks were up. I was in hospital for 5 days. I could have gone home on the third day, but still had both drains in and was not sure about showering and caring for the drains by myself. One drain was removed 2 days later and I was fine to go home. I was able to walk around the day after surgery, slowly and hunched over, but was walking upright by the time I went home. The hospital had me on morphine the first night, then a combination of endone and panadol. I was right with just the panadol by the time I went home. By then the pain wasn't too bad, i felt tight and the a but uncomfortable due to the binding garments that I had to wear for 6 weeks. Good luck, I hope all goes well.
  2. I'm not a PT or instructor but was very active at the gym before my TT, Abdominplasty with muscle repair, thigh lift and BA. I was encouraged to go for walks after 10 days, back to the gym to go on an exercise bike or similar after 4 weeks and cleared to do whatever I felt comfortable with after 6 weeks. My PT had me on a program with light weights and cardio to ease me back into exercise and to build up to where I was before the surgery. I was lucky in that my recovery went very well - I could walk around easily albeit slowly after two days and was on panadol for pain relief after 5. I know from other stories on here that sometimes people are in more pain and take longer to get back to normal. I think it depends on how fit and active you are before surgery, combined with how the surgery itself goes. Hope this helps
  3. I used Dr Anand Deva in Miranda for TT, thigh lift and BA last year. He wasn't cheap, but felt very comfortable with him and I was very happy with the results.
  4. I was quite lucky that I recovered quite quickly. I went into the vivid light festival in Sydney after 10 days - probably not a smart move given the crowds traffic nightmares. By 6 weeks I was back at the gym with the personal trainer on a reduced program. I was driving and would have been fine for a night/weekend away.
  5. I had a TT and BA and was going for walks around the block after 10 days, my PS said I could go on the exercise bike after 4 weeks and could do anything after 6 weeks. I was back at the personal trainer at the 6 week mark, she slowly built me back to where I was before. I was lucky to have a quick recovery and was doing laps of the ward in the hospital slowly but without too much difficulty. Trust what your doctor recommends and what your body tells you - you know when you're overdoing it, and the last thing you want is to make it even longer to recover.
  6. I had some a TT, thigh lipectomy (excess skins taken off my thighs) and BA in the one operation. It took 6 hours but everything went really well. I was in hospital for 5 nights and recovery went really well. Maybe get a third opinion. Do you get a better feel from one of the surgeons? My first consult recommended a body lift, going all the way around, and I was quite happy with what he recommended, then went to my second consult, who does not perform body lifts and recommended slightly different surgeries. I had such a better feeling and confidence in the second surgeon, so he is who I went with. Maybe talk to your GP. DId they refer you to the surgeons? Have they had patients who have been to them and have had good results. Good luck!
  7. Have you already joined ahm? Not 100% sure how it works, but you may have to join before you see a doctor as you don't want it to be a pre-existing condition.
  8. I had a TT and BA mid last year and was out of pocket quite a bit due to the BA and the fact that my surgeon was expensive, but I liked him and he was who I wanted to go with. I haven't had children but was overweight for many years so don't know if I had muscle separation. Lipectomy/abdominoplasty has a medicare code as does hernia repair which my surgeon used for me. Have you spoken to a doctor? Given that you have had kids and c sections there are probably medical grounds for surgery beyond the self esteem reasons that are not covered by your health fund. You will still have some out of pocket expenses - medicare covers about $900 for a TT, then your health fund will pay a small percentage but the health fund will pay the hospital costs. Do you have a good GP? My GP is fantastic and was supportive the whole way. She recommended plastic surgeons that had proven good results with other patients. Given that a GP referral will strengthen the medical need for surgery, maybe you should go and talk to them and see what they suggest. They might be able to give you some answers and relieve some of your anxiety. Good luck!
  9. Don't feel defeated or defensive. Everyone is different and the right combination is going to be different for everyone. I have lost almost 50 kg over the past few years after being overweight for over 20 years. I tried lots of different things - weight watchers, seeing a psychologist and many different diets. In the end, it took an upcoming trip to New York and being in the right frame of mind for it to stick this time. I started seeing a personal trainer that I really liked and saw my gp once a month for support during the process. It took me 2 years to loose the weight and I had a TT/BA in May, so it's been almost 3 years since the journey began. I can't see myself going back to old habits, I've come too far. Keep seeing your doctor, try a psychologist, keep trying until you find the right combination/strategies for you. Good luck! I am happy to give more information about what worked for me, but I'm no expert - this worked me after many failed attempts, at this time in my life because my motivation, determination and other life factors all worked together for me to finally succeed.
  10. I exercised right up to my BA/TT. I went to PT and circuit classes up to the week before and fit-boxing on the Monday, two days before my operation. Would have gone the day before, but Tuesday is usually a rest day and my operation was on a Wednesday. I think the fitter and healthier you are, the better recovery you have.
  11. Definitely inappropriate at that stage. My opinion of the appropriate time is when you have brought it up or after you have been naked together. I have been thinking how I would deal with that question with a new partner and have not yet decided when would be the best time/situation to bring it up or how I would feel if they brought it up. Not sure how you feel about him other than over this issue, he may be fantastic in every other way, but if it is making you uncomfortable then maybe he is not the right match for you.
  12. I use bio oil and cica care gel sheets on my scars. They are still red after 4 months but they are fading and breaking up. You won't need them straight away as your wound needs to close first. I think I got the all clear to start massaging after about 3 weeks. The info sheet my surgeon gave me recommended either bio oil or vitamin e cream, and said that it didn't really matter which you use as it's the massage of the scars that makes the difference, not the cream itself. The cica care was optional and is quite expensive, but the surgeon and the chemists I spoke to said it helped with the scarring. I figured that I'd spent thousands on my surgery, what was a couple of hundred more to get the best result possible. I ended up finding the cica care cheaper online. I've accepted your friend request, so feel free to ask any other questions that occur to you.
  13. I had a TT, BA and also excess skin removal on my inner thighs at the end of May and was back at the gym after 5 weeks. I am one of the lucky ones that recovered pretty quickly overall but would have found those first few days very difficult had I not been in hospital. I wasn't in very much pain since I am quite fit and healthy and the painkillers were managed well. I ended up staying in hospital for 5 nights (would have been 3 or 4 except for the weekend). I could have gone home after 2, but was not confident in looking after the wounds and drains by myself. I was particularly concerned about showering. I was staying with my mum, not sure how you will feel about that staying with your dad. Definitely be prepared to stay overnight if you need to - my operation was 6 hours and there is no way that I would have been able to have gone home same day, even though the next day I was able to walk around quite easily (albeit very slowly). 3 weeks after I was driving, going for hour long walks and having to remind myself to take it easy because I felt well enough to do whatever I wanted to. If all goes well, you should be fine for your exams.
  14. I had my TT and BA at the end of May and recovered much faster than I expected. I was going for walks around the block after about 10 days (as instructed by my PS) and could do every day things like cook dinner within a day or two of coming home. I had to keep reminding myself that I couldn't do things like lifting/hanging the clothes on the line even though I felt well enough to do so. It's been 3 and a half months now and I am back at the gym doing all things I could do before. Go with what your body tells you and what your surgeon has said. Lying around if you are well enough to walk about and do minor chores is not good for you either. Hope everything continues to go well.
  15. I was going for a walk after about 10 days, just slower than usual. My PS said I could go on the treadmill/exercise bike after 3 weeks, light weights after 4 but no ab work until 6 weeks. I went back to my personal trainer after 5 weeks and have been gradually building my fitness back up. I am at 9 weeks now, and can do pretty much everything, but using lighter weights, push ups on knees instead of toes.
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