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  1. no no , you are spot on and that is exactly what I am thinking with PS no 2. i have to wait longer to have the surgery but the outcome will be better. It was strange because he was very definite in his approach and almost arrogant (as only PS can be...all Dr really) in saying essentially " if you come to me, this what I know from 25 years of work and this is the best option". he doesn't do revisions on women with round implants wanting teardrops as there is too much cc risk and it was a relief to stop trying to fix these problems. I think i got very "geed up" by PS 1 and now I realise I haven't got all the answers...and I really don't want to have to revise my surgery earlier than 20 years if I can help it. I also have to try and see the big picture and stop thinking in terms of my short term work (I am on mat leave from my main occupation and my fitness work has always been on the side, part time) so that shouldn't dictate what i am doing.I'll sleep on it...thanks.